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Fan Articles

Contributions from ToffeeWeb readers

Everton under Friedkin

Robert  Tressell
It seems to me that, this summer, any Friedkin-led ownership will simply carry on with what has always looked likely – sales of Branthwaite and Onana and reinvestment of no more than about 50% of the sales proceeds back into the squad.

Jack Harrison: Yes or No?

Robert  Tressell
It looks as though the club is keen to retain Jack Harrison’s services after his loan 2023-24 season.

Billy Cook – The Original ‘Secret Footballer’ and his Peruvian Adventure

Rob Sawyer
A member of Everton's 1939 title-winning team that was broken up by WWII, Billy Cook went on an extraordinary coaching journey that took him around the world, including to South America where he took charge of the Peruvian national team

Role models: how other clubs do it

Robert  Tressell
A look at a handful of over-performing European cubs with a common theme where extremely good quality players can be sourced to fill problem positions at low cost.

My return trip back home

Bill Gall
In 1976, we emigrated to Canada, the idea was for a couple of years but the family are still here, nearly 50 years later! We have over the years returned for visits – the last time was in 2009.

Alf Milward – The Toffees’ First Great Left Winger of the League Era

Rob Sawyer
Everton's original great left-sided partnership was formed by the contrasting but complimentary attributes of Edgar Chadwick and Alf Milward, a huge factor in the Club landing its very first Football League title in 1891

Our Premier League Squad for next season

Mike Allison
We are facing a huge and difficult summer of yet more uncertainty, significant squad changes and a need to be both clever and realistic in what we can achieve in the transfer market

The Premier League: Fantastic success or death knell for competition?

Christine  Foster
The league is anti-competitive in its structure, it's rules and operation. Now, unashamedly even the sham of any financial fair play has dropped its own deceit in abandoning the joke that its title alludes to: fairness.

Bournemouth (A) – Don't Let History Repeat Itself

Jim Wilson
We need another good little run, maybe after the Bournemouth and Newcastle games, but maybe a couple of draws in these games could see the confidence growing again.

Alf Harland: The Irishman who became a Toffee and a Linnet

Rob Sawyer
Hailing from County Tyrone, he had the unenviable task of taking over from Everton's pre-WWI championship-winning goalkeeper, Tom Fern. He went on to make 70 appearances for the Blues

The Batistuta Factor

Stephen Vincent
A chance meeting in a hotel lobby ends with an Everton fan watching the Uefa Cup tie in Florence as the guest of a footballing legend.

1966 and All That

Tom Kelly
When the family of Tom Kelly were going through his things following his passing last December, they came across an essay he had written a decade ago recounting his life as an Evertonian, going back five decades. It’s a lovely, evocative piece of writing, worthy of a wider audience.

The Game I Love Has Been Taken From Me

Barry Metcalfe
I often ask myself what is the point of supporting a game where clubs aren’t allowed to compete because it doesn’t fit the Premier League and Sky business model? We now have many large clubs of potential who are disenfranchised.

Chosen by Everton

Ell Bretland
How a James Rodriguez mishap led a man from Texas to fly to Everton

Rooting for 777 Partners

Robert Tressell
I do worry about 777 Partners owning Everton, but I probably worry more that the takeover doesn’t go ahead.

The Deduction Reduction and What it Means for Everton’s Season

Matthew Parry
The little waft of positivity we’ve received today is no consolation. It remains a bitter pill to swallow after what has been a farcical few months from start to finish. Goodison needs to be the bearpit it can be on its best days to sustain our stand against those destroying our game.

John Lindsay’s Unlucky Break

Rob Sawyer
John Lindsay was a classy full-back who suffered injury misfortune that meant he never did get back to the level of fitness and sharpness required for a Blues first team comeback

Goodison Park Legacy Project

James Pankhurst
The majority of the project is superb but why has nothing been said about the complete demolition of such an historically important structure as Goodison Park which has been a part of my life for over 50 years and for hundreds of thousands of other people’s lives for nearly 150 years?

Be glad we’ve got Dyche

Robert  Tressell
With the present playing staff, he’s done a remarkable job in the time he’s been here – and though it won’t be pretty, he certainly gives us a very good chance of staying up despite the wildly disproportionate points deduction.

How Did it Happen?

Ian Burns
How I became a blue and my memories of Goodison Park

My Blue Journey

Jonathan Oppenheimer
I was not born with Everton in my blood, but I’m now as Blue as they come

John Hurst (1947-2024) – A Tribute

Rob Sawyer
Brian Labone wasn't the only Everton stalwart of his era to embody the Corinthian spirit. "Gentleman Jack" leaves a legacy of being one of the School of Science’s most polished centre-backs and one of its finest men.

Albert Denaro – From Carter’s Boy to Everton’s Boardroom

David Kennedy
The Liverpool-born trade union leader was the founder of the Everton Shareholders Association which, in circumstances that will be feel very familiar in light of the recent protests against the Goodison Park hierarchy, grew out of vocal dissatisfaction with the running of the club in the 1920s and 1930s

Three More Trials for Sean Dyche

Robert  Tressell
A follow-up to an article over the summer, three more objectives for the manager for the second half of the 2023-24 season

Goodbye to 2023 – Happy Blue Year

Danny O’Neill
2023 has been a testing year for Evertonians, to say the least.

What do we want to be?

Rob Jones
The new stadium will provide an uplift in revenue but it won't be enough. Some suggest the only way forward for Everton is to be purchased by some nation state but the best we can hope for?

Back to the future

Rob Jones
I'm 35. I became an Everton fan in 1995 (too late, sadly, it was in the autumn). Apologies if this article is long-winded. In many respects, it's a form of therapy, if only for myself.

Book Review: Everything About Everton You Wanted To Know (But were Afraid To Ask)

Andrew Barlow
This would make an excellent present for anybody at Christmas and a wonderful read thereafter.

Big Spending January?

Robert Tressell
It's obviously not going to be a big spending January but we never have needed mega bucks to materially improve the squad. Here’s hoping that Thelwell will have enough wriggle room to do his magic.

View From the Other Side – Newcastle (H)

Ash (NUFC News)
Ash from NUFC News gives the opposition's thoughts ahead of Thursday's game

From Founder Member to Sacrificial Lamb. Should Everton's points penalty be reversed on appeal?

Peter Quinn
Retired lawyer Peter Quinn has been diligently following the case of Everton's PSR breach and provides this article as a comprehensive analysis of where we are after the club filed its appeal of the independent commission's decision to deduct 10 points as punishment in line with Premier League wishes.

The Fever – Becoming an Evertonian in the 1980s

Phil Hamer
An article I wrote for the excellent Blackwatch fanzine last year, about that unrelenting fever of childhood football passion. In my case, it coincided with the a very tough time for Everton, as we plummeted from Champions to mid-table obscurity.

The Dyche Conundrum

Steve Hogan
He's been dealt an awful hand in terms of finances and kept Everton up last season but there are elements of Sean Dyche's management style that are hard to get on board with

Everton Should Take The 10-Point Deduction, They Will Be Okay — Are You Joking??!!

Jim Wilson
The true reality is that our position is now perilous. The Premier League have deliberately put us in a position that could easily get out of control, and that includes financially too.

The Goodison Bugler’s Last Post – The Life of Francis Hamill

Rob Sawyer
Rob Sawyer recalls the man who provided the Toffees with their own musical soundtrack in the late 1920s and 1930s

“I Felt Like I Belonged There” – Nancy Young

Becky Tallentire
Taken from ‘Real Footballers’ Wives – the First Ladies of Everton’ 
by Becky Tallentire in 2004, Nancy Young, the wife of Everton legend Alex, recounts her story.

Nick Walsh and the First Biography of Dixie Dean

Rob Sawyer
It would be nearly 40 years before the supreme Everton marksman’s amazing life story was properly told. The person to thank for capturing Dean’s memories in book form was fellow Birkenhead man, Nick Walsh.

777 Partners and Genoa

Robert  Tressell
What have 777 Partners been doing at Genoa these past 2 years?

The Cautionary Tale of Metalist Kharkiv

Stephen Vincent
By 2014, their wage bill was crippling and they ceased operations in 2016 due to insolvency; they were expelled from the Ukrainian League and their owner had basically ‘done a runner’ and left Ukraine.

Mr Dyche, You Drive Me Mad — Play the Winning Team!

Jim Wilson
Assessing the best options in midfield. Spoiler alert: It involves James Garner

I Don't Want to Simply Exist Anymore

Stuart Green
As a club, we are "happy" surviving. Being in the Premier League is success, we are told. Well, why doesn't it feel like success? I was raised believing the point was winning things. Not simply existing...

How this horrible Everton chapter ends…

Jacques Sandtonian
I see administration now as a foregone conclusion. I therefore would like to see it happen while we are still a Premier League club. Even if we don’t go into administration, we’re likely facing relegation anyway.

The Three Trials of Sean Dyche

Robert Tressell
The main challenge for Sean Dyche this season is to accrue enough points to keep out of trouble. Having added greater strength to the wings and attack this summer, we should be able to do that.

Everton Village and the Birth of Everton Football Club

Everton Heritage Society
Hot on the heels of recent features about Everton’s first biographer, Thomas Keates, the Everton FC Heritage Society has released a new documentary film about the links between Everton village and the football club which adopted its name in 1879

Transfer Window Ratings

Sam Hoare
Sam Hoare runs his rule over the individual incomings and outgoings, and then provides a collective appraisal.

Transfer window: how did we do?

Robert Tressell
The transfer window has closed, and we now (more or less) know the squad that will compete in the 2023-24 season under Sean Dyche

The Fish Rots from the Head

Steve Shave
The old Chinese proverb is very apt to what has gone on at Everton over the past few years

Is Our Man Just a Gofer?

John Hall
I wasn’t the gofer, but he had a relative who knew what the life of a gofer was all about. Dodgy dealings, enormous bank loans, tax evasion, false accountancy, bribery and underhand profit transfer theft was often carried out at his behest.

Taking the shirt off fans' backs? Someone is.

Charlie Martin
Should fans be dealing with these incredible hikes in kit prices? The answer is no.

The (Thick and) Thin Blue Line: Part Two

John Daley
John Daley's latest Epistle to The Evertonians traces football, family and fatherhood through three generations of Goodison faith and godly misfortune, Part Two

Champagne at Highbury

John McFarlane [Senior]
Tommy Lawton recalls in his own words the Arsenal v Everton game at Highbury in September 1938

Everton’s Recruitment – Shrewd and Structured or Same Old, Same Old?

Matthew Parry
It was clear years ago that serious change was required to make relegation battles a thing of the past but one shining light from the depths of despair may well just be the appointments of Sean Dyche and Kevin Thelwell

What’s Left on the Shelf?

Robert  Tressell
There's still time and there are still options out there to improve the playing squad before the transfer window deadline

The (Thick and) Thin Blue Line

John Daley
John Daley's latest Epistle to The Evertonians traces football, family and fatherhood through three generations of Goodison faith and godly misfortune.

The Story of The Bullens

Rob Sawyer
Now giving faithful service into its 97th year, the Bullens Road stand and its Archibald Leitch-designed cross-braced panels has provided Goodison Park its key motif since 1926 and the days of Dixie Dean

The Impetuous Dr Whitford

David Kennedy
Everton director and chairman Dr William Whitford was an outspoken character who often found himself in the public eye – and, on occasion, in hot water.

Peter Corr: Winning in Blue — and Green — at Goodison Park

Rob Sawyer
Four decades before The Corrs made their musical breakthrough in the British and Irish pop charts, their uncle was an Irish international and Everton footballer. Less appreciated is his role in bringing Howard Kendall to the Toffees.

The Greatest Living Evertonian

Dr David France
A tribute to the surviving member of Everton's famous Holy Trinity, a club legend who has served Everton as a brilliant player, an outstanding coach and as manager.

Gordon Watson… One of Us

Dr David France
Something of a raconteur, Gwladys Street Hall of Famer Gordon Watson loved to share tales of his life at Goodison and he once spoke passionately about his team-mates from the side he regarded as ‘The Forgotten Champions of 1939’

Becoming a big club again

Robert  Tressell
The initial building blocks are absolutely vital in our journey to becoming a big club again. There are no shortcuts; we cannot simply wait our turn for a sugar daddy who will probably never arrive.

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