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Match Reports

Accounts from matches by our editorial team and featured correspondents

From My Seat: Norwich (H)

Ken Buckley : 15/05/2016

There was a difference in the mood of fans. It was as though a weight had been lifted and replaced by hope and expectation. The chat was upbeat as we considered when things may start moving. I can only hope our club makes the right moves.

From my seat: Sunderland (A)

Ken Buckley : 12/05/2016

Another embarrassing display where our team folds like a deck of cards after conceeding a goal with comic cuts defending of a free kick with a shambolic wall and a keeper who jumped the wrong way. Had he stood his ground the ball would have hit him. Unbelievable!!

From My Seat: Bournemouth (H)

Ken Buckley : 30/04/2016

An end-of-season affair where neither team was much to write home about but Everton ended a run of seven Premier League games without a win.

From My Seat: Southampton (H)

Ken Buckley : 16/04/2016

Overall it was a day out and the chance to see fringe players and academy hopefuls. The disconnect between manager and many fans is growing but there was no organised protest today.

From my seat: Man Utd (A)

Ken Buckley : 03/04/2016

Overall it was an unspectacular game that I am sure I was not alone in thinking that with a bit more of a joined up team effort we could have got the points with a bit to spare. We have the players to do it as we have witnessed it on a few occasions but never with a consistency that should get the rewards. Game after game we wonder which Everton will turn up. Game after game we seem semi prepared for a loss. And we all end up where we started Game after game we ask what the manager is doing about it.

From My Seat: Arsenal (H)

Ken Buckley : 19/03/2016

Something is wrong. Will the new owner notice we are going backwards with such talent and perhaps determine to find out why?

From My Seat: West Ham (H)

Ken Buckley : 06/03/2016

Goodison was not a happy place at the end with voices of anger raised. Out of the ground and down Spellow lane the anger and animosity toward our present manager reached levels I have not heard before and it seemed unanimous. This is not a good situation with the FA Cup game at home looming. The faithful are turning.

From My Seat: Bournemouth (5th Rnd)

Ken Buckley : 21/02/2016

Overall, we did what we had to do and I thought we had some decent performances on show. Barkley seems to be growing game by game, if he could get a bit more confident in himself and have that edge that says ‘I am the go to man’ then what a player we will have.

From my seat: West Bromwich Albion (H)

Ken Buckley : 13/02/2016

Although it is not nice to hear boos at your home ground you have to concede that match-going fans paying out for season tickets and others matchday tickets but only seeing draws and losses after being told by many that this is our best squad since we last won the league can be forgiven for showing their discontent.

From My Seat: Stoke City (A)

Ken Buckley : 06/02/2016

Overall a decent day out with a result that ensures both fans and players have a spring in their step for the WBA game. From the last three games we have scored nine goals, none against, without Howard or Stones. Can anything be read into that?

From My Seat: Carlisle (A)

Ken Buckley : 31/01/2016

The gulf between the sides was evident and our players were playing with an intensity that suggested someone is at last starting to take notice that fans only grumble and groan when the fare on show is both tepid and weak. Today was up and at ‘em, with the travelling faithful responding in kind.

From My Seat: Swansea (H)

Ken Buckley : 24/01/2016

So many good players under-performing and, worse still, showing little fight or intensity. Let’s hope they get it together for Wednesday. Today they were all expensive Fur Coat but no knickers!

From My Seat: Chelsea (A)

Ken Buckley : 17/01/2016

We are playing some of the best joined-up footy I have seen for many a year and have some of the most coveted young players in the league, which is a complement to our present manager. But on the flip side we are unable to handle high pressure moments to see games out.

From My Seat: Dagenham & Redbridge (H)

Ken Buckley : 10/01/2016

Playing against a team as limited as Dagenham, who came only to frustrate, it would be hard to find much we learned football-wise except Kone is off the boil in the conversion stakes.

From My Seat: Tottenham (H)

Ken Buckley : 03/01/2016

All in all a rocky journey but most I spoke to were happy with a point after that first half. A quirk of football is shown when you consider we have played Spurs twice and all square in both games yet they are 4th and we are 11th and they have drawn as many as us, maybe the word consistency covers it.

From My Seat: Stoke (H)

Ken Buckley : 28/12/2015

Overall quite a disappointing afternoon and made worse when you look back on other losses and remember our present manager telling us they must learn game management, correct defensive positions and not to be bullied after each one. If his milkman is reading this, give him a knock will you and ask him how he thinks it is going because we fans are just not seeing it.

From My Seat: Leicester (H)

Ken Buckley : 19/12/2015

Not the best way to start the festivities and made worse by the fact that we managed to gift the opposition their win with sheer sloppiness. I know Christmas is the time for giving gifts but not like that

From My Seat: Norwich (A)

Ken Buckley : 12/12/2015

From a first half of dominance, coming off I felt as though we were lucky to get a point. It was a crazy game but one the manager and players need to work on and eliminate the crazy.

From My Seat: Crystal Palace (H)

Ken Buckley : 08/12/2015

All in all a cracking night out, a thrilling game and some good performances from our lads.

From My Seat: Bournemouth (A)

Ken Buckley : 29/11/2015

A big disappointment today for me as it wasn’t so much the score as the lack of nous from players and manager for being unable to respond to the game plan of the home team in the second half. This also suggests we are not yet ready for Champions League

From My Seat: Aston Villa (H)

Ken Buckley : 21/11/2015

Overall a strange game to watch as it was so one-sided, however the standard of football from Everton was a joy to watch and there now seems to be partnerships forming throughout the team which is always a good sign.

From My Seat: West Ham (A)

Ken Buckley : 08/11/2015

Considering both teams' displays and a goal for each side that was worthy of winning a match, then I suppose you can say a draw was a fair result.

From My Seat: Sunderland (H)

Ken Buckley : 01/11/2015

After Tuesday this was a much better performance and although there were some excellent bits other bits need working on especially in the back four.

From My Seat: Norwich (League Cup)

Ken Buckley : 28/10/2015

A frustrating night out watching a poor Blues display but in the cup a win is a win and passage to the next round.

From My Seat: Arsenal (A)

Ken Buckley : 25/10/2015

We had a grandstand finish but a goal would not come for either side so once again we leave Arsenal without a win yet again.

From My Seat: Man Utd (H)

Ken Buckley : 17/10/2015

A lousy day all round with the news of Howard then that display that makes me think that after such performances fans should have the ticket price repaid!

From My Seat: Liverpool (H)

Ken Buckley : 04/10/2015

Well that’s this seasons home Derby out of the way with bragging rights shared from a game that was frustrating and lacking in craft and guile.

From My Seat: West Brom (A)

Ken Buckley : 29/09/2015

Ken reports from a rousing night in the Midlands as the Blues overturn West Brom's 2-0 lead to win 3-2.

From My Seat: Swansea City (A)

Ken Buckley : 19/09/2015

I think many who thought a point would be a result would have changed their minds after watching the game as we truly did create many, many chances and we could have expected at least one to be snapped up. It is no wonder that strikers who can consistently take one out of three chances go for the money they do.

From My Seat: Chelsea (H)

Ken Buckley : 12/09/2015

All told, a good day out. It was as good a display as I have witnessed for some time.

From My Seat: Man City (H)

Ken Buckley : 23/08/2015

Many of us were disappointed but, in the cold light of day, the better team had won but only with two goalkeeping errors.

From my seat: Southampton (A)

Ken Buckley : 15/08/2015

Four points from two games; so we are two better off than this stage last season. It was heartening the way we played today but of course to get where we would like to be we will need today’s attitude and level on a consistent basis. If we do get the two players and of the class that the manager is talking about, then our outlook for the season will surely seem brighter.

From My Seat: Watford (H)

Ken Buckley : 08/08/2015

It was like we had learned very little from the last campaign as, whilst watching, it was easy to think we were still in last season.


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