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Mike Fisher 25/02/2018 38comments  |  Jump to last
In recent weeks, I have started to write an article several times then just given up. In each, I started out to vent my frustration, bring closure to another frustrating weekend, and hope that somewhere in the club hierarchy someone would read, consider, and hopefully act! In the end, I deleted because it just wasn't worth my time or effort.

This time I will try real hard to finish my article and submit because staying up is not good enough if the heartbeat of your club gives you no reason to think that it will get better next season without a radical rethink and restructure throughout the club.

I have supported Everton for over 50 years so I have known great teams and some pretty poor ones. What I barely recall is one with so much potential that simply fails to deliver. Where is the heart of this team, the player that can drive the others on, the manager who installs confidence in his team through tactical and strategic clarity, or the owners who can help build a team worthy of those who support it? Sadly, all are missing despite the millions invested in players and our recent managers.

Who, in all honesty, would not trade what we have today for when we were still looking for a billionaire owner, a new ground, and the ability to compete in the transfer market at the upper end? We may all have become a little impatient at the time, but we had optimism that one day it could happen, and a pride in our team and our club that we have now lost.

I think I was one of the minority who thought that an owner with money was not the catalyst for success, but I would agree it certainly helps. In this respect, my only criticism of Mr Moshiri is that money alone does not always buy what you need. I believe he has been poorly advised and the club has acted like a foolish lottery winner with more money than sense. We have bought wilfully and badly and questions need to be asked?

I remember in the Moyes days that we often bought in the bargain basement quite successfully, built a team that could hold its own, and whilst not perfect it often exceeded expectations. Now we have bought some far better players and seen, with the odd exception, them totally disappoint. Can anyone remember a time in history when even the bargain basement players we bought misfired like this? There has to be a reason why because the majority of these players were doing very well with their previous clubs.

The answer probably lies with a club whose financial shackles have been removed, suddenly chasing any player that briefly shines rather than building quality into the team. Enough said already about our three number tens, but no forward to replace Lukaku. The only position we have truly improved is goalkeeper. Recruitment has been clearly poor and unprofessionally misbalanced. We have many more players, but less than half the team. Walsh needs to take responsibility for this and depart.

Koeman was never my choice, and in the end it was clear he had to go, but the time taken to replace him was too long. Did we not have a plan for the future because it looked like we simply ran out of names before turning to Allardyce. Big Sam is not the future and nor it would seem is he the present. I was prepared to give him a chance with his legendary solid defensive line and his ability to get more out of his players, but now I only see him as an embarrassingly poor manager out of his depth and adding more doubt to the soulless team he inherited.

I am not a football manager, but I am a people manager and, at the end of the day, football is a people game. My advice to Big Sam would be: pick your best eleven by position and for the balance of the team. Stick with it and let the players gel and become a team. Let them learn from mistakes rather than using their mistakes as the excuse for poor results. Like all managers, you are ultimately responsible for the performance of your team. Let them build their confidence and deliver what they have delivered before with other clubs. Then, regardless of our final position, pack your bags and graciously retire from football management.

The players are not blameless and some will have to work hard to regain the respect of supporters and their own reputations; but, if they are not proud to pull on the shirt and give one hundred percent every game, then they need to move on. Let's just hope that Coleman and Baines come back quickly, Rooney shows the passion of his words in his play, and that Tosun gets a chance to show what kind of player he is.

Vent over, not feeling any better, but I did get it off my chest that it is simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

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Brian Porter
1 Posted 26/02/2018 at 06:34:27
Well said, Mike. I find it difficult to disagree with anything you say. Like you, I have been a supporter for over 50 years, 59 this year in fact. So, together we have spent over 100 years following this once great club.

For the first time in all those years, I no longer expect us to win or at least try to win, every game. I now fully expect us to lose every time the players step out onto the pitch.

There is no heart, no spirit, no collective sense of responsibility amongst the players, but what else can we expect when our management blames the players for every defeat, whilst refusing to accept any personal responsibility for the state we are in due to his appalling selections and tactics?

Moshiri? Well, being as kind as I can be, I will just say he is extremely naive when it comes to anything pertaining to running a football club.

He is however the man who brought Allardyce to the club, a man who makes Koeman look like Pep Guardiola!

Until Allardyce is gone we are going nowhere. For me, the worst manager we have ever employed, bar none.

Steve Alderson
2 Posted 26/02/2018 at 08:42:09
I believe that Allardyce, and Koeman before him, is not the problem as such, just the consequence of the general incompetence and shortcomings prevalent throughout the club.

From the top to the bottom, there seems to be a lack of the ability, confidence and organisation required to make the club able to compete at the level it expects and has been known for.

It would be easy to say that the club is rudderless but that might give the impression that we've just lost our way only recently. The fact is it's been like this for a while and it will take a better crew than the current one to get us back on track.

Noleen Daya
3 Posted 26/02/2018 at 08:45:36
Wow Mike! I really do hope some hierarchy person reads this article. You have said it all very aptly. There is no excuse for Moshiri to be ill advised if that's the case.

Kenwright has been around for decades, and if nothing else, he should be able to step in and make Moshiri see the light. After all, he employed David Moyes and that wasn't so bad was it now?

This is part of what frustrates me. What is Kenwright's job now? This is the man who owned and ran our club for decades. Are you telling me he can't lean in and nudge Moshiri in the right, or at last a better direction?

Even though most ToffeeWebbers have been unhappy with him for so long, his heart at least is as blue as can be. I do not for one moment believe that a man who loves this club so much can be happy with Walsh and Slimy Sam and his gang?

I do not believe that he would have employed these blobs were he still the owner of our club. Does he no longer have any influence? Week after week we watch our team wither into nothingness. Slimy Sam's interviews are a disgrace.

I wish pundits et al would stop talking about the great club saviour that he apparently is, thereby puffing up his already bloated ego. Desperation is one thing, but what Moshiri and company have actually done is... they've sold the soul of our club. They've made us cheap and grimy.

As supporters, if we want to see change, we have two ways of doing this...Martinez Out type posters and fewer bums on seats! Slimy Sam out! Walsh, little Sam, Shakespeare out, out, out! Moshiri, get wise, get wise, get wise!

Paul Birmingham
4 Posted 26/02/2018 at 08:48:39
Brian, likewise, I echo your views and Mikes. All the write-ups in the world show how much the fans care, but does the club really care.?

I won't lose my religion ever but this era is capping off the most stagnant time in terms of winning trophies and in review whilst Moyes was cautious and never took risk, he had an eye for a gem, he unearthed a few and a few duds but more good gems than bad.

At the boardroom level something must change soon. This style –- no style and no manner of play, is killing the air that we breathe as Everton fans.

I don't expect the next win, like I don't expect a good performance. That's the way it is now.

The thimble of hope is as good as empty now. The club has sapped the belief and I'm just being honest.

Miracles can happen, but we need an overhaul and start fresh and remember the last 30 years has been abysmal. New history to be made and try and win a trophy before and (perhaps a big if) if we leave Goodison Park.

Hope eternal, blind hope for now.

Alan McGuffog
5 Posted 26/02/2018 at 09:22:22
The powers that be at the club have accepted mediocrity for over 30 years. We were, once, a big club. This is no longer the case but there seems now to be absolutely no ambition or desire for us to compete.

I don't like Allardyce particularly but I don't lay the blame at his door totally. The hierarchy is the root of the problem.

My only consolation is the hope that once Bramley Moore hits the skids this board might finally be run out of town on a rail. Fingers crossed...

John Raftery
6 Posted 26/02/2018 at 09:29:39
The only point I would take issue on is that this is a team 'with so much potential'. The players may have done well at their previous clubs but, by-and-large, their clubs were in the lower half of the table. That is where most of our players belong.
Dave Abrahams
7 Posted 26/02/2018 at 09:30:46
Very good post, Mike, loads of us feel your pain and can only hope for a better future, and pray that it comes sooner rather than later.

Noleen, with friends like Kenwright, we don't need enemies.

Dave Richman
8 Posted 26/02/2018 at 10:05:12
At around 7:30 local time on Saturday evening I was faced with a choice: watching Watford v Everton, or watching something else (I live in South Africa, so going to the match is not an option).

For the very first time in my life, I opted to watch something else. Even 2 to 3 years ago this would have been unthinkable, as the Everton match always 'trumped' everything else, but on Saturday I just could not be bothered. So we watched a movie – which was quite good, and something I enjoyed – switched over to see that we had lost, said "meh" or something and got on with the weekend. I haven't seen the highlights (if there were any), and I feel all the better for it.

I think they have finally broken me. 46 years of fanatical, rabid support has been replaced with indifference.

Very sad.

Paul Randall
9 Posted 26/02/2018 at 10:44:04
I have supported our club for over 40 years now and my heart is breaking at some of the performances we are enduring.

Some on here have mentioned Moyes and some of the gems he unearthed for very little money. If I remember correctly, Moyes's transfer policy centred on one main thing (other than technical ability): is this player a good fit for the club?

By this, I always felt he meant does the player have the right attitude? Does he get Everton? Will he work hard and will he get on with the other players? These are the simple lines in the sand that Moyes employed and, whilst he was shopping in the bargain basement, he mostly got players in with the right attitude.

Move forward to the present and we have over-inflated price tags and egos, did some of the current crop simply come for the money? No real feel for our great club so they don't really care...

Ian Burns
10 Posted 26/02/2018 at 11:07:24
Great article, Mike, and like others I have also supported the team for too many years I care to even think about now – just on 60 of them in fact.

So many articles written on TW; so many supporting posts, the vast majority of which recognise what you are saying and it is heartbreaking. There's no spirit; no fight with a manager who blames everything and everybody but himself.

In fact the only shining light at the moment is John McFarlane's series of Favourites!

The only problem I have with your article Mike is if Allardyce took some of your "people" advice, it might work and he might stay! God forbid!

Ken Kneale
11 Posted 26/02/2018 at 11:27:21
Very good article – I do not recall a time where so much pain has been felt by so many of us – it is indeed a wide mix of anger, despair, frustration incredulity that those in charge cannot see what we can see.

I am afraid Steve Walsh has had an easy ride for his money but the incompetence on show now by those around him and higher beggars belief and, as the article suggests, none of us are football managers per se but many of us are business and people leaders in our own lives and with decision making and outcomes like we see at EFC would all be unemployed.

This Club needs a full overhaul to regain its treasured identify as a bastion of good football – John Moores advice to Harry Catterick in 1961 still holds true – aim for a place in the top six by playing good football. Such an approach would at least bring the fans around to a better frame of mind.

Ernie Baywood
12 Posted 26/02/2018 at 11:57:31
I feel more numb than angry. We're in a very strange situation.

Koeman had us in 7th last season but it was plainly obvious from about January that we weren't moving up or down, just playing out the season.

This season, we've lurched from dead man walking Koeman, to a criminally unsupported Unsworth, to a man we knew from the start wouldn't be sacked this season and won't be here for the next one.

Has there ever been a team as irrelevant as us?

About as exciting as this season got was when we sacked Koeman and had Unsworth remind us that some people do actually give a shit. That was it – the high point!

We're just sleepwalking to the end of the season. We won't sack him. We won't go down. There's no hope of a run of form that gives us any hope... we're not even aiming for that. The current performances are right on plan for this bloke.

I never look forward to derbies but it's the last thing of note in this season – and I honestly couldn't care less about it. There are no bragging rights when they're so much better than us. What's that game worth to us?

Wake me up in June.

Viv Sharma
13 Posted 26/02/2018 at 12:29:18
A very relatable article, Mike. To your point about our bargain-basement purchases, I believe we are victims of Moshiri's comparative mediocrity among Premier League owners. Man City, Chelsea and the old school Sky gang have the buying power to pay top dollar for top talent. The scrappers below us, like we once needed to, are buying on the cheap. Players with hunger, something to prove.

Everton right now are the soft middle. Would any of our purchases make a Premier League 11? Absolutely not. But they have their ‘big move' and now have nothing to prove.

These are not Evertonians. These are professionals who are now earning a relevant salary at a club with low demands. They are not going to get shipped out if we don't win the league and cup double.

We are no longer a stepping stone financially. We're the cushy high-paid low-pressure suckers. Schneiderlin is the embodiment of who we are now.

Sad times.

Anthony Hawkins
14 Posted 26/02/2018 at 12:34:33
Sadly I live a way away from the ground so I've opted to watch a handful of games this season and most have resulted in switching off the TV or watching something else.

The team lacks passion and direction. There's no impetus and no drive. Was Coleman that big a difference for the one game we looked like a team of stars?

Allardyce doesn't care as he has limited skin in the game. He came in knowing the media knew the transfers weren't working and we had no striker. January came and went with minimal changes in playing staff.

What has happened though is no significant change in player mindset. How is this possible? Allardyce knows he's safe. He knows he won't be sacked for lack of significant progress and knows all he needs to do is keep the team above the line. That's awful. He's not even making a proper effort.

The conspiracy theorist in me might say the board doesn't want the team to finish very high or don't feel like they can push Sam. I don't see why? What's missing?

We're still 3 points behind 7th place which is totally achievable in the last 10 games so that's still on. My view is the team should be gunning for 7th and we can get another manager in who's more likely to want to pick a team trying to improve on a top 4 - 6 rather a manager trying to break into it.

Maybe that's just it – Sam thinks he's making next season a bit easier as he knows he can push the team from there?

Ian Riley
15 Posted 26/02/2018 at 13:46:19
I hate being on the television. It shows the mess we are in to a wider audience. This has been going on too long.

Moyes tried with a limited budget and players who gave 100% in effort but lacked quality. Martinez tried to play the Barcelona way without the quality players needed. Koeman ran out of ideas and bought badly. Sam has been brought in to save us from relegation and is on course to do that. The board are not going anywhere so let's not waste energy on that. What next?

After this season, Sam will have one season left on his contract. What does that tell the players? Is Sam going to get 100% from the players? Are players going to sign if the manager has only one year left on his contract? The current management needs to go in the summer and I include the Director of Football in that.

I would go and get the ex-Watford manager, Silva. Give him a 3-year contract. I think, with a full pre-season and hunger for success, he could achieve big things with us. Managers being spoken about on here are unrealistic in our current situation.

Looking forward to the season being over.

Ray Roche
16 Posted 26/02/2018 at 14:16:05
Ian, Burnley are on a run of 6 games without a win and their next match is the televised game against us. So we all know what THAT means.
Dave Abrahams
17 Posted 26/02/2018 at 16:35:22
Ray, it doesn't matter how poor the team we are playing is, we are playing away, that's all anybody needs to know. Allardyce will play for a draw and will most probably come unstuck. He will then be allowed to carry on still in charge of the team for the rest of the season. Somehow (hopefully) the team will stay up.

Next season is what Mr Moshiri should be planning for without the present manager and his helpers. Maybe he is being advised from different people than other than the present crowd, who have ruined this season and about at least a dozen seasons before this disgraceful one.

Ray Roche
18 Posted 26/02/2018 at 16:46:56
Dave, true, the opposition could be bottom of the Zingari League and I still wouldn't fancy our chances. This season, after all the high hopes we had, has been as depressing as any I can think of. Even the so called "Dogs Of War" days under Joe Royle were better than this.

In fact in the seasons when we really flirted with relegation and endured last day survival we at least had a team, albeit of limited ability, who had the guts for a fight and didn't just bend over for a spanking from... whoever Watford, West Brom – I really don't want to think about the Derby or Man City games. Frightening.

Incidentally, I wasn't taking the pee out of the Zingari League, it used to be a good league when I was in still in Liverpool in the 60s & 70s. No idea what it's like now.

Derek Wadeson
19 Posted 26/02/2018 at 17:12:09
Great news, we can once again see a league trophy paraded around Goodison Park. Manchester City can actually lift the trophy here at the end of March if results for them and the others go to form.

Sad really but how times have changed. I have been lucky enough to see Everton lift the league trophy four times in my lifetime. The young lads that sit around me in the Lower Bullens may never get to see it at Bramley-Moore Dock also, as they certainly won't at Goodison Park.

Brent Stephens
20 Posted 26/02/2018 at 17:19:45
Wow! Somebody has just voted on the TW poll for Sam to stay next season. Own up – who was it?!
Brent Stephens
21 Posted 26/02/2018 at 17:20:52
Ah, I can guess! His closet admirer – Darren Hind!
Michael Kenrick
22 Posted 26/02/2018 at 17:23:50
It's now 2 out of 18... not looking good for the clean sweep!
Barry Pearce
23 Posted 26/02/2018 at 17:36:57
Great article, Mike, sums up the feelings of most Evertonians.

Dermot Byrne
24 Posted 26/02/2018 at 17:38:25
I have posted a few times that my hope is the Club plan and this time we will really invest and attract as the new ground starts being built. Until then, we tread water.

I feel very alone with this hope and the last game made me think it probably is just my natural insane optimism.

As for Sam. Oh Christ, I hope my previous posts were right as otherwise the next years will make some of the crap ones in the past 58 years look joyful.

Alan Bodell
25 Posted 26/02/2018 at 17:56:37
From the 60s onwards, we have seen a mixture of excellence and dire but the dire was from when we had little money and expectation other than survival.

But I just cannot remember when we had the expensive, overpaid under achieving bunch of dolittles in Blue 'fighting' for us today, and that alone would be sickening, but to have this 'manager' just makes this time around the worst year in all my time since '62

Tony Abrahams
26 Posted 26/02/2018 at 18:23:31
I think you and Lyndon have got an incredible website, Michael, but there are obviously a few plants getting through!
John Keating
27 Posted 26/02/2018 at 18:28:52

hopefully, I think the pain you and most of us feel will be ending soon.

Allardyce was brought in for one thing and one thing only. Once that is officially achieved, I am sure a more long term plan will be identified, if it not already has.

The issue for me is has Moshiri learned from the mistakes he has contributed too since he has been here?

I just hope as this season ends he has a total clear out of the failures and deadwood at the top end of the Club and brings in an experienced CEO to pull us into the present. Kenwright has to be removed from any influence he has in any day-to-day matters of running the Club. He is good at the PR but that's about it. Elstone and Walsh should be paid off asap.

Regarding the manager, whoever it is, Moshiri has to get this right. We cannot continue these calamitous decisions the Club has made since Moyes left.

God only knows what anyone can do with these overpriced, overpaid players but, whatever it is, the new man in charge can't hang around too long making decisions about them as then it will be another season down the tubes.

Darren Hind
28 Posted 26/02/2018 at 18:42:56
He's searching for the memory of a lost paradise,
In his youth or a dream, he can't be precise,
He's chained forever to a world that departed,
It`s not enough, it`s not enough.
Paul Tran
29 Posted 26/02/2018 at 19:10:05
Darren, I want to see footage of you at a poetry open mic evening. Better still, we could put one on at Goodison instead of the next game!
Don Alexander
30 Posted 26/02/2018 at 19:12:35
Spot on Viv (#13). I've said the same thing for ages, but not as well as you do.

I really do think that a lot of our players accept that mid-table Everton is all that ensures their survival in the squad on mega-wages. Qualifying for the Champions League brings shedloads more money that'd enable better players to be signed and the ordinary ones already here to be disposed of.

They're that self-centred in my view, regardless of who's manager.

Alan Bodell
31 Posted 26/02/2018 at 19:56:14
In my alcohol-soft middle age, I'm looking at things through paranoid eyes, Darren. I'm gonna check in to the Fletcher Memorial if things don't get better under this show of shite, with a few exceptions.
Jack Convery
32 Posted 26/02/2018 at 23:35:32
Excellent article.

I feel we have been crap for years and years. I remember Colin Harvey being in charge and we were on the TV versus Villa away. We got absolutely stuffed – 5 I think they put past us. We were embarrassing and I knew after that game that the Kendall mentality to win had left the team.

Yes, we've had our moment since then, the 1995 FA Cup win with Joe Royle, but as a team competing for the glory and the league title, we have been sadly lacking. We have become just another team in the Premier League.

Our record against the top sides away is astonishing – other teams manage to beat them once in a while, but we never can – never. If I didn't know better I'd think it was fixed but as we know it isn't – it's just that we as a club and a team don't care enough and have no respect for what Everton FC stands for.

A brand of attacking, skilful football with that bit of iron every great team needs. We as fans haven't forgotten that but the club we support sure has. Fat Sam as manager!! Harry and Howard must be spinning 24/7.

Bobby Mallon
33 Posted 27/02/2018 at 14:16:11
27 February 2016 – Moshiri bought Everton. In his time, he has sold Stones, Barkley and Lukaku and there lies the problem. All the teams above us have kept their best players but we have sold ours to the highest bidder. Until we can keep players like Lukaku, we won't do anything.
Bobby Mallon
34 Posted 27/02/2018 at 14:31:08
Please let's stop with the "Silva for manager" rants. It's the same as someone wrote above: we are buying lower-team players that are not good enough for Everton.

Silva has done nothing in the Premier League – he is not good enough for Everton. If we can't get a top manager, I would go for Manuel Pelligrini or Roberto Mancini.

Brian Harrison
35 Posted 27/02/2018 at 14:49:37
Lyndon & Michael,

I think it's time you took down your fake poll about should Allardyce be here next season. Sam was quite equivocal when asked about fans' unrest – he clearly stated it's about 15 guys on the internet who don't want him next season.

So how you come up with 1200 is a complete fantasy, how can anybody not want an ex-England manager to carry on his excellent work in dragging this team from 13th to 9th? Absolutely heroic!

Phil Parker
36 Posted 28/02/2018 at 13:49:07
We have followed the Newcastle model, buying players not good enough for the top six, with 2 notable exceptions, but will come here because we pay ridiculous money. Not got sufficient mental strength, pride in their own performance, or ability at the level we need.

They don't care when we struggle, knowing their agent will get them another move if we were to be relegated. Which we will not be, but Newcastle have gone down twice in recent times through employing players like these.

So we pay too much in fee and wages, and they don't perform well enough in the team. Triple rip-off. We are being taken for suckers.

William Gall
37 Posted 28/02/2018 at 14:57:43
I have been a supporter of Everton since 1952 when as a schoolboy I played on Goodison Park and changed in the home teams dressing room.

24 years later, after watching from the boys pen to standing at the Gladys Street end to finally as a season ticket holder and part time steward I emigrated to Canada. The amount of money I have spent going back home, always during the football season, and using travel agency's for cup games is ridiculous but at times rewarding .

My ambitions in my working career have turned out satisfactory but, since retiring in 1965 one of the other ambitions was to see Everton win the league and cup final. there was always an outside possibility of this happening.

I am now 77 years old and after major heart operation having 2 valves replaced I now have a bucket list and unless a miracle happens I can't see Everton fulfilling any of that apart from the outside chance I watch them play at the new ground at the docks

In all the years I have seen Everton play, I have yet to see a poorer team in both selection, tactics ,or encouragement to players as this regime, and especially the manager.

During my career, I was the senior supervisor in a large mining company with the responsibility of 6 foremen and over 100 union employees; during that period I had disciplinary meetings with numerous people and normally they would say what this manager says, it was not their fault, it was someone else's, and to me, this is the coward's way out to not accept responsibility for your own actions.

This manager does not deserve to be manager of this club as he does not have a record of any note at all, apart from being able to help teams avoid relegation. He has now led Everton into the poorest team in the Premier League who are definitely in the wrong position, and he should be kicked out the door as soon as possible. You don't wait to get rid of bad managers – you act promptly to stop the rot.

Paul Ellam
38 Posted 03/03/2018 at 14:54:00
I am sick of this club right now.
Sick of it.
I don't have one positive thing to say about it.

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