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Fan Articles

Contributions from ToffeeWeb readers

Scapegoat Sam and Santa Moshiri

Mike Owen
"Sam Allardyce is not the People’s Choice. He is the Accountants’ Choice. That's the state we are in." Arguing that Everton's major shareholder and de facto owner may hedge this summer with the longer-term goal of the stadium in mind.

Too Nice to Be Winners

Rodger Armstrong
Taken from his blog, Rodger asks why Evertonians don't hold the club hierarchy to account.

Old Memories

Eric Owen
A fan comes across a note he wrote himself when his dad passed away

New Year's Eve musings

Dave Williams
I was pleased with Sam's appointment, us being in the bottom three, whilst having reservations as to whether he could produce the type of football we want and I am guessing that the board had similar reservations with the short contract they gave him.

The 3 ‘D’s - Deluded – Dinosaur – Destructive

James Hourigan
A depressingly desperate decomposition of our current managerial situation under Sam Allardyce.

A Love Affair

David Brown
In recent years we have been stuck; our ‘love’ puts on some new makeup and we all shout with joy thinking that the glory years are just around the corner... only the corner never comes

Confessions of an Evertonian

Dave  Wraggs
It’s time to hold my hands up. I unashamedly supported the appointment of Sam Allardyce as our Manager. I was even prepared to see how this season went with a view to retaining him.

The Case for Koeman, M'Lord

David Cooper
I think Koeman is the "fall guy" for those who are pulling the strings – mostly Bill Kenwright but Farhad Moshiri cannot be exempt from blame.

Everton's lost identity

Paul Derby
What happens on the pitch matters most of all so there is an important question the club needs to address before making its next managerial appointment – what is our identity? In other words, how do we want to play? What should an Everton team be all about?

Koeman's Legacy Will Damage Us For a Long Time

Steve Hogan
History will show that Ronald Koeman was an absolute disaster for Everton, and that, conservatively, he's probably put the club back at least two years

Favourites aren't always the best, Part 1

John McFarlane, Sr
Remembering Gordon West, Everton's larger-than-life goalkeeping legend of the 1960s and early 1970s

Giving Up On the Premier League

Simon Kenneally
The Premier League title is ultimately decided these days by how the top 6 teams perform against each other. And that position will continue to be entrenched. So, what is the future for Everton? I'm genuinely interested in what it is the best Evertonians really hope for any more.

Time for a big reality check

Laurie Hartley
The case for appointing Sam Allardyce, a manager who has seen it all and done a lot of it in the Premier League for many years

Poor Business = Poor Football

Mike Fisher
Business is about confidence and we have none that I can see. To all concerned: please start living up to the high expectations of your loyal fans and stop the nonsense before it is too late.

Allardyce – Not Mentally Up To It

Ian Burns
The point of this article is in response to the two threads this weekend. One with regards to Allardyce blaming the players' mentality for yet another miserable performance on Saturday against west Brom.

We've never had it so... bad?

David Booth
Apart from a freak 4-0 win against Manchester City last season and November's 4-0 victory against West Ham, can any of you truthfully remember any other notable game in the whole of the last two seasons?

Disjointed Blues like a flashback to the Smith era

Jon Sellick
Add everything up and, under Koeman, it seems to total something nearing what my Grandad, who rarely wasted words, used to say during matches in the Smith era: a “load of shite”.

Well, this all feels very Everton doesn’t it?

Tom Daly
We have an unbalanced squad with a risk averse manager and a hierarchy that haven’t covered themselves in glory over the past couple of years. At the moment, there aren’t a huge number of reasons to be positive. This coming summer will be no more important than any other in terms of the development of the club.

To manage, or not to manage, that is the question.

Don Alexander
The club since Mr Moshiri effectively took over has been an object lesson in the mis-management of people.

Koeman or Walsh, the confusion over who signs whom

Clive Rogers
Does the director-of-football model cause more problems than it solves?

Favourites aren't always the best, Part 8

John  McFarlane
Continuing the theme of my favourite players, my selection for the inside right position is Bobby Collins.

4-3-2-1? Just Say No!

David Hallwood
Koeman comes across as a stubborn man, but surely he’s not stupid; he must change. It must change or the club will change him.

The Key Steps

Mike Oates
With Sam Allardyce leaving, it's for Farhad Moshiri to put the necessary pieces in place from the top down to deliver success to Everton


Andre James
Always an avid fan of all sports, I got on the train at Euston to head North last Saturday ready to watch my first match of Dyceball.

The Glorious Revolution

Adam McCulloch
As the second attempt at a Dutch revolution at Everton, Marcel Brands promises to bring a slicker Continental approach to a Director of Football role that failed to function as billed under his predecessor.

Favourites aren't always the best, Part 2

John McFarlane, Sr
Next in the series of the best Everton players he has seen, John McFarlane Snr describes right back, Alex Parker

From threatening Europe to Big Sam’s desperate rehabilitation: what went wrong?

Mike Kehoe
I am genuinely confused about how we have transformed from a successful powerful club on the verge of challenging the European elites into a shambolic enterprise that turns to Sam Allardyce for salvation.

Trip to Croatia

Rob Halligan
One fan's account of the visit to Split where Everton beat Hajduk in thew Europa League and the travelling fans largely avoided the trouble that was feared from local ultras

My disdain for Wayne on the wane

David Booth
It is looking increasingly like a done deal, but I really do not want him back. Here are not one but 15 reasons why we should not even be considering his return.

In Defence of Koeman

Dave Cooney
Koeman seems to be implementing a plan – focus on getting the defence sorted out first and then improve the attacking side of our game – but it takes time

What does Walsh do?

Paul Ferry
What does Steve Walsh do, what has he done this window, what is he doing today, what was the Italian jaunt for?

Financing Everton's New Stadium

Richard Knights
Liverpool City Council is proposing to loan Everton Football Club £280 million towards the £500 million it will cost to build a new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock.

Transfer Targets

Sam Hoare
"Time for my annual transfer piece. Look away now all those who roll their eyes at such speculative ‘football manager’ nonsense. Those who devour every piece of tabloid garbage, then look up the player and their stats and their videos; come on in."

A Case for the Defence – Looking Back to Move Forward

Mark Wild
"I believe in Evertonians. The passion and commitment is undoubtable and there is no shortage of opinion; but can we turn that enthusiasm and desire into something that will help us move the club forward?"

Trip to Cyprus

Rob Halligan
I've read Paul Traill's excellent report on his trip to Cyprus, but I thought I would give a report on my own experiences.

Reinflate the ball sack, rookie

John Daley
"This is just meant as a one off as I've spent the day utterly bored got a bee in my bonnet about something Everton related. Who else am I going to bang on about it to?"

Squad Analysis: Are we ready?

Fran Mitchell
Often we talk about what we need and first IXs, but football is a squad game nowadays, and hopefully this season will see us challenge for the top-4, while also making serious tilts to the 3 cup competitions. How is our squad prepared for this challenge?

Stick or Twist

Mike Fisher
Is it really that simple to put this down to stick with Koeman or twist and find someone new? Interesting to read forums and see the mixed opinions of those who feel Koeman's time is done and those prepared to stick a little longer.

Favourites aren't always the best, Part 3

John McFarlane, Sr
Third in the series of the favourite Everton players he has seen, John McFarlane Snr describes left back, Jock Lindsay

Favourites aren't always the best, Part 9

John  McFarlane
Continuing the theme of my favourite players, my selection for the centre forward position is Alex Young.

An Open Letter to Mr Kenwright

Ian Burns
I am writing this post on a Sunday morning after the 5-1 defeat at Arsenal and I am sitting here with a cup of tea wondering how many weekends have been ruined since your Chairmanship started at Everton.

Favourites aren't always the best, Part 4

John  McFarlane Snr
My selection for the right-half position in my "Favourite Team" is Peter Farrell. I have no standout memory of Peter other than that momentous night in Oldham, when Everton won promotion in 1954. What I can remember is, an inspirational captain who always gave 100% for the cause.

Assessing the squad and our options

Steve Ferns
Now the transfer window has shut and the dust has settled, somewhat, it is time to focus on things as they are and look at the season ahead.

Recruitment Blues

Sam Hoare
A closer look at the players we have bought in over the last couple of years, especially the ones we have paid decent money for, and maybe even consider one or two alternatives that we might have opted for.

West Country Blues

Dave Williams
What can make a 550-mile round trip to Goodison worthwhile for a long-time Blue? Some simple entertainment, some goals and an Everton win, of course!

Favourites aren't always the best, Part 10

John McFarlane
Continuing the theme of my favourite players, my selection for inside left is Roy Vernon.

Grand Old Team to Support?

Lawrence Green
As this horrible season comes to a close and with Everton set to play it's 1000th Premier League game at West Ham in May, it is as good a time as any to assess where we are as a football club and what direction we may take in the coming years.

Marco Silva – A Potted Tactical History in 7 Matches

Steve Ferns
Silva is a pragmatist and he's not scared to experiment tactically. But he's not predictable.

A 17 hour day – but worth it!

Dave Williams
Making the trip from Devon, an account of Everton 3 - 1 Palace

Favourites aren't always the best, Part 5

John  McFarlane Snr
In his fifth installment, John McFarlane Sr names Brian Labone as the centre-half in his team of all-time favourites

Signings must be starters

Gareth Clark
If we are going to sign someone, they should be better than what we have – which hasn’t always been the case. So there possess the question: Where can we improve? We desperately need a left-back, a centre-back, a dominating, mobile box-to-box midfielder & last in-line, a winger that would make the starting line up.

Mission Creep – From Top Six to Forty Points

Dave Wraggs
It is often said that our off-field leadership leaves a lot to be desired, but now, more than ever, that leadership needs to show a level of decisiveness that has previously been conspicuous in its absence. This one’s yours, Farhad. Our future depends on it.

The Second Year of the Project

Steve Ferns
Koeman’s project is not clearly defined. We assume it’s about winning something, but really it is just another way of saying we will pay him a lot of money to achieve a goal, and that goal appears to be Champions League football.

Can you remember who scored goals before Lukaku?

David Cooper
I know my memory is fading fast, but I had to look up the results and stats of seasons before Lukaku started his journey to becoming a goal scoring power house.

Something had better change

Darren Hind
We are not facing a relegation fight; we will not qualify for Champions League football, and we will not win the FA Cup playing like this, so why on earth do we play the way we do?

Time for Koeman to follow De Boer out of the door?

David Booth
This is no Kendall-esque evolution and it cannot be allowed to continue. Time for Ronald to shape up, or be shipped out.

The Geriatric Ward

Kevin Crean
A few weeks ago my Dad, a true Blue of '95, was recovering from illness in the geriatric ward at one of our hospitals...

Trip to Lyon

Rob Halligan
So the trip to the third largest city in France panned out pretty much as we all expected it to.

The Clock is Ticking

Dave Wraggs
Much of the criticism aimed at Ronald Koeman over the past few weeks has centred on his perceived negativity and intransigence in terms of sticking with the same slow possession-based football that fails to yield any real attacking threat and is a throwback to the Martinezesque style of a few seasons ago, but without the odd gung-ho attacking foray.

Please just go now, Sam Allardyce

Michael Denson
Congrats, Sam — you have killed our enjoyment of Football. You have killed our hope, our ambition, our pride. The restoration of these cannot begin until you have gone.

Favourites aren't always the best part 11

John McFarlane [Senior]
Time to return to the present, and to continue the theme of my favourite players. My choice for the outside left position is Tommy Eglington.

Cambridge University Nil Satis Federation

Dave Rusk
The organization was formed on a train journey from Birmingham to Cambridge – after a football tournament. The name NSF was agreed – slight reference to NLF – National Liberation Front – from the Vietnam War. I don’t recall that we ever added the CU in our day. Meetings were then held in Trinity College bar and were surprisingly formal – minutes from the previous meeting, motions passed etc.

The Honeymoon Is Over – But No Need to Panic

Steve Ferns
Allardyce is what he is. A discussion of where Everton are under the new manager.

The Madness must End!

Jim Wilson
Since Bill Kenwright took over, we have had nothing but at best a frustrating time. Every managerial appointment has been sub-standard and possibly worse each time. And I haven't forgotten our two or three skirmishes with relegation under Moyes and all the depressing Anfield defeats, other hammerings and abysmal cup exits.

Living with the Enemy

Mark Cuddy
"When I think back to growing up, and my life living with the enemy, I smile. It was great living with them, I wouldn’t have changed it for all the world."

Favourites aren't always the best, Part 6

John  McFarlane Sr.
Continuing the theme of my favourite players, my selection for the left-half position is Brian Harris

The Everton Manager's Job Description

David Johson
Although we can never really know what is discussed behind closed doors, it seems to me that the last three managerial appointments have all been a good fit for the job description as it stood at that moment in time.

Everton: Still a sell-to-buy club?

David Booth
Despite the fact that we got a lot of our transfer business done amazingly early, any optimism that was generated is now dissipating and it looks as though we are in danger of leaving things too late... yet again.

Everton: Rebooting the Project with a new manager

Steve Ferns
Assuming I’m the new manager, I have convinced Moshiri to give me the job, and in doing so I promised I did not need more than £50m transfer kitty.

Favourites aren't always the best – Part 12

John McFarlane [Senior]
The 1960-61 season saw Everton finishing in 5th position, and playing the best football that we of that generation had witnessed. Johnny Carey had lain the foundations of a highly attractive and effective team and Harry Catterick, with a couple of adjustments, led them to the League title in 1962-63.

Not Good Enough!

Mike Fisher
Staying up is not good enough if the heartbeat of your club gives you no reason to think that it will get better next season without a radical rethink and restructure throughout the club.

Karma Never Comes

Jay Wood
Everton last beat Liverpool at Anfield back in 1999. In fact, with the FA Cup 3rd Round loss at Anfield, the dismal record is 16 games without a single win against them.

Everton 2018-19

Alasdair Mackay
It might all seem like we are in the midst of a stark winter, but one or two rose-buds are already showing, and spring is around the corner

To the end & beyond...

Gareth Clark
Between now and the end of the season, there is little to play for so, the likes of Klaassen, Vlasic, Funes Mori and Niasse should be given a chance. Beyond the end of the season, it is difficult to know what we need in terms of transfers in and out for next season.

The Cull

Martin O'Connor
In my opinion, more than 12 players need to go and the sooner this process begins, the better.

The day Wally signed for me

John McFarlane [Senior]
A fan reminisces his childhood devotion to Wally Fielding who represented Everton for over a decade between 1946 and 1958

The Bard and the Blues

Kevin Crean
Unsworth deserves his chance. Will he be the one to deliver us, in keeping with heroes in the great bard’s rousingly penned victories? Will he make sure, eventually, that all’s well that ends well?

The Missing Left

Mark Dunford
There is a missing left side to the squad and the worry is that the erratic Moshiri may be unwilling to rebuild this.

The Legend That Never Was

Mark Cuddy
Wayne Rooney walked away twice from his boyhood club and the supporters who loved him and were desperate to see him succeed. What would you have done to pull on that royal blue jersey?

Favourites aren't always the best, Part 7

John McFarlane Snr
Continuing the theme of my favourite players, my selection for the outside right position is Alex Scott.

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