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Nathan Patterson was reportedly on the end of a playful slap from manager Sean Dyche that briefly caused tempers to flare at a team meal in Portugal

The Everton squad is back home this weekend following a week away in Portugal, although the club is having to play down reports that a trip intended to forge tighter team unity was almost undermined by a brief flare-up involving the manager and some of his players.

An incident involving Nathan Patterson and Sean Dyche, described as "jocular clip" to the back of the head by Matt Hughes of the Daily Mail, was said to have provoked a reaction from some members of the team during a team meal in the Algarve resort of Quinta do Lago on Wednesday.

The report suggests tempers flared to the point that James Tarkowski had to step in to play peacemaker and remove Dyche to allow the situation to simmer down.

Club insiders have been at pains to say, however, that there was no major bust-up, claiming that the incident was just a clumsy joke that backfired and that there is no lingering ill-feeling in the group. 

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Dyche quickly apologised to Patterson, who was said "to have been embarrassed to have been the centre of attention", and the squad trained as normal on Thursday and Friday before flying back to Merseyside where they will continue their preparations for their first fixture on the other side of a three-week break from action when they travel to Bournemouth.

The Blues are out of action for much of March due to the FA Cup Quarter-Finals which take place this weekend and the international break that follows where some of the players will be on duty for their countries.

It was hoped that the break would allow the players to rest and reset following a run of 11 games without a Premier League win during which they have struggled for goals and seen their renowned defensive solidity start to erode.

In the meantime, the club was expected to have gone before a second independent commission in the middle of this month, with the panel convening either late this past week or early next week following Nottingham Forest's own hearing after being charged by the Premier League for breaking Profitability and Sustainability Rules.

Forest are set to hear the outcome of their hearing on Monday while a verdict on Everton's is expected by the end of the first week of April.

A decision on any appeals must be delivered by 24 May, five days after the 2023-24 season concludes.


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Paul Smith
1 Posted 16/03/2024 at 07:32:56
Seems the Dychmeister has whacked Patterson around the head in a restaurant in the Algarve. Got heated before Tarkowski stepped in between Dyche and a few players.

Source: MailOnline.

David Bromwell
2 Posted 16/03/2024 at 08:17:47
All very graphic in the Mail, just what we don't need. Good news stories and Everton never seem to happen these days.

Seems like they all need time away from football. But whatever happened, it's embarrassing.

Ray Roche
3 Posted 16/03/2024 at 08:26:51
Not quite as big a deal if you look at the 'Star' in NewsNow. Storm in a teacup exaggerated to provide a story.
Jerome Shields
4 Posted 16/03/2024 at 08:29:20
Hope that what we are currently hearing is news filler over this 3-week break. With AI, they could be generated to fill a gap.

I have always thought that Everton for 30 years had an unfair share of incompetents amongst its management who were unfit for the job they should have been doing and, because of position got involved in team recruitment and management, with inevitable disastrous results.

Anthony Flack
5 Posted 16/03/2024 at 08:34:51
Apparently, the Mail got it all wrong.

As I understand it, Dyche asked Pickford to pass him the sprouts and, for some reason, he kicked them out of the restaurant, so Dyche asked Harrison to pass them over but Harrison didn't understand what 'pass' meant.

Finally, Patterson, being a bright and under-appreciated member of the team tried to help and Dyche gave him a slap for getting up before the full 90 minutes had finished.

In the end, Tarkowski calmed it down as Pickford tried to pick a fight with a couple of innocent by-standers and then started randomly screaming at anyone nearby.

Apparently, it didn't end there, an onlooker said a very tall and handsome black chap appeared that no one had really noticed before, and proceeded to walk around the restaurant applauding the puzzled onlookers.

Dyche was heard to say afterwards that it's down to the players to eat their veg as there is only so much he can do.

Charles Ward
6 Posted 16/03/2024 at 08:43:36

The Mail got it wrong as it was a woke illegal asylum seeker who insulted HM Charles III at which point RSM Dyche leapt to attention and promptly disciplined the cad.

The Mail – lying for a century.

Danny O’Neill
7 Posted 16/03/2024 at 08:57:54
Charles, Anthony, I don't take too much from the national media.

Perhaps the BBC, although I can't stand that Breakfast programme.

The Mail is like being lectured to by your least favourite Aunty.

The Express, which my Labour supporting Grandad read every day seems to have switched sides.

I don't mind both the Telegraph and the Guardian even though though they are polar opposites, they are both

I prefer open research these days.

Mark Murphy
8 Posted 16/03/2024 at 09:52:54
Anthony, the Onana bit had me in tears! Bravo sir!
Alan J Thompson
9 Posted 16/03/2024 at 10:09:34
All the way to Portugal for this when Southport is just down the road.

Anyone know what sort of restaurant or was it just a curry after a few lagers and a couple of forwarded selfies? Bloody idiot.

Charles Ward
10 Posted 16/03/2024 at 10:10:13
Danny, the Mail sensationalises every story, whether it's one of their Royal diatribes, blowing up a trivial football story, or posting pictures of scantily clad pop ‘stars' about whom your Aunty would have muttered a string of tuts and sneers.

On the right side, I prefer the Times to the Telegraph.

Rob Halligan
11 Posted 16/03/2024 at 10:29:01
What a crock of shit. This allegedly happened on Wednesday yet it's taken the Daily Mail until three days later to report it.

A restaurant in The Algarve would have been quite busy and full of tourists, so surely someone would have seen it and taken photos on their phone to spread around the usual social media outlets.

As I say, “What a crock of shit”.

John Keating
12 Posted 16/03/2024 at 10:38:08
They all needed a good slapping months ago!

All the way to the Algarve for a bit of scran! Howard took all the lads for a Chinese and a hundred pints each to Chinatown.
No foreign muck!

Jump the bus, into town, good British grub and bevvy and Cups followed. Simple.

Andy Meighan
14 Posted 16/03/2024 at 11:16:48
A fella who sits in front of me in the Upper Gwladys said a few weeks back, "He strikes me as being a bit of a bully, Dyche."

How prophetic them words were… no wonder our club is in such a fucking mess – manager slapping a player, allegedly.

Sean Kelly
15 Posted 16/03/2024 at 11:19:32
Headline: Slap head slaps head.

Nothing to see here move on. Page filler.

John Raftery
16 Posted 16/03/2024 at 11:45:08
It may well be, probably is, a page filler in a quiet week but, in the long term, this story is damaging. It undermines the club and Dyche at a stage when we need total unity on and off the pitch.
Eddie Dunn
17 Posted 16/03/2024 at 11:52:07
Dyche gave Patterson a clip round the earhole because he was having trouble hearing with all of the "noise".

I want to know who grassed?

John Pickles
18 Posted 16/03/2024 at 12:02:51
Dyche was apparently upset because he had bought a round of shots, but no one in the squad knew what to do with them.
Raymond Fox
19 Posted 16/03/2024 at 12:26:59
Who cares? A bunch of young men together, there's bound to be joking about.

The media, who are a necessary pain in the backside, will report any minor happening nowadays.

I think all the players could do with a slap.

Jim Bennings
20 Posted 16/03/2024 at 13:19:31
Matt Hughes from the Daily Mail.

Enough said, I wouldn't even take it with a pinch of salt.

Fella hates Everton and can't go an article without mentioning another points deduction.

Julian Exshaw
21 Posted 16/03/2024 at 13:30:03
Mountain molehill. Daily Mail, go back to obsessing about Man Utd and leave us in peace!!
Christy Ring
22 Posted 16/03/2024 at 13:41:11
The Daily Mail love to put the boot in against us, enough said, total rag.
Iain Crawford
23 Posted 16/03/2024 at 14:07:19
Matt Hughes of the Daily Mail falling over himself to sow some discord over a storm in a teacup.

Joe Thomas of the Echo…

“Understand incident involving Sean Dyche + Nathan Patterson in Portugal was a misunderstanding that was swiftly resolved. Training the next day backs that up. Issue has not undermined overall view, internally, that trip was positive.”

Stephen Davies
24 Posted 16/03/2024 at 14:30:40
Matt Hughes has a history of axes to grind against EFC.
Habib Erkan Jr
25 Posted 16/03/2024 at 15:05:02
Either Patterson will retain his place on the bench next match… or the story has legs.
Paul Smith
26 Posted 16/03/2024 at 15:06:42
No smoke without a fire…

Maybe Nathan was humiliated by his boss. Sure they'll get over it.

Robert Tressell
27 Posted 16/03/2024 at 15:29:50
Even before this, it's pretty clear that Patterson is going to struggle now to ever be a first-team regular. He's now been here over 2 years and failed to get regular football under three different managers.

Shame, as he obviously has talent – but probably needs to prove himself at a lower level. And in fairness, he may have made more of an impact in a better-functioning team.

I suspect that a new right-back will be on the shopping list for the (very extensive) summer rebuild.

Martin Reppion
28 Posted 16/03/2024 at 15:59:39
John #18,

Laugh at loud funny. (Sadly!)

Robert #27.

Extensive rebuild? More like an extensive trip round the bargain basement shops looking for cheap replacements for the ones who will leave.

Robert Tressell
29 Posted 16/03/2024 at 16:26:21
Martin #28, absolutely, the rebuild will involve rummaging around the bargain bin of free transfers, loans and players from cheap markets.

But then many of our best players over the years have been sourced in this way. It's been the higher-cost signings that have landed us in the shit, because we can only afford very average or deteriorating higher-cost players.

So no need to be too downbeat about bringing in more along the lines of Howard, Coleman, Tarkowski, Stones, Branthwaite, Pienaar, Barry, Arteta, Deulofeu, Donovan, Calvert-Lewin and Lukaku to the football club.

There will be a lot of good-quality players available in these categories this summer. Which is a good job because, if the 777 takeover goes ahead, I expect we'll sign up to around 11 new players for the first team squad (and more for the academy).

Tom Bowers
30 Posted 16/03/2024 at 16:26:46
The press will always blow things out of proportion for obvious reasons – especially for a troubled club like Everton are.

Patterson may be miffed at not getting much playing time under Dyche but the incident may have had nothing to do with that.

Hopefully they will all be fully focused by the time the Bournemouth game comes around.

Rob Jones
31 Posted 16/03/2024 at 16:58:06
"The Mail got it all wrong."

Imagine that...

Bear in mind that this was an article by Matt Hughes, whose wife I have to assume has been in bed with every Everton player, judging by the extent to which he constantly fucking lies about us.

Rick Tarleton
32 Posted 16/03/2024 at 17:02:26
There are possibly three people in the world who believe that Everton's two best right backs are Young and Godfrey. Two of them are the aforementioned players…

Unfortunately for Patterson, the third is Dyche. If Patterson is not frustrated, then it would be miraculous.

Andy Crooks
33 Posted 16/03/2024 at 17:09:20
True or not true, this is utterly shite for Dyche and our club. There is a mighty cloud over this squad. Dyche, rightly or wrongly, is two bad results from being "the beleaguered Sean Dyche".
Paul Greenly Jones
34 Posted 16/03/2024 at 17:13:49
Hopefully the reported passion shown for our players defending a perceived or reported slap or cuff around the back of the head will be shown in the next game!!

Obvious frustrations amongst our players being vented sounds like a problem, if true!!

Charles Ward
35 Posted 16/03/2024 at 17:14:04
Bit of an over-reaction, Andy. A squabble whilst away is nothing despite how much emphasis the shit stirring Mail puts on it.

Even the Premier League couldn't deduct points for this? Or could they?

[Only joking.]

Andy Crooks
36 Posted 16/03/2024 at 17:24:03
Probably, Charles, but I have spoken to a few guys today who said "Heard about Everton"?

We know it is shite but it is hugely influential shite.

Paul Kossoff
37 Posted 16/03/2024 at 17:41:12
Robert 29.

So you actually believe that we will bring in players of the calibre of Howard, Coleman, Tarkowski, Stones, Branthwaite, Pienaar, Barry, Arteta, Deulofeu, Donovan, Calvert-Lewin and Lukaku to the football club?

You actually believe that we will be in the Premier League next season?

You actually believe that 777 Partners will be allowed to take us over?

You actually believe that we won't have more points taken off us?

And you actually believe that we won't go into administration?

Tell me, what colour are the clouds where you live, and are the Cuckoos the same as on normal planets? Because you are definitely in cloud Cuckoo land with a big clock.

If we are still in the Premier League next season, and still a going concern, with no transfer ban and money to spend, I'll be over the Moon.

Rob Jones
38 Posted 16/03/2024 at 18:13:33
Paul, is there any need to speak to Robert that way? At all?
Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
39 Posted 16/03/2024 at 18:15:51
Just to inform those of you thinking "Why not Southport?" — Pontins closed the site 2 months ago.
Barry Rathbone
40 Posted 16/03/2024 at 18:43:43
If Dyche apologised along the lines of-

"Sorry, Patters, didn't mean to crack you – don't know my own strength sometimes." Fair enough, nothing to see or say.

If he apologised because of player pressure, that's an entirely different cake mix.

Not heard "that's all bollocks" from the protagonists – suggesting credibility to the cake mix version. A few bad results and "lost the dressing room" will soon get an airing.

Paul Kossoff
41 Posted 16/03/2024 at 19:03:04
Rob 38,

Yes, we really are in deep shit, and we have to face reality sometimes. I am scared shitless that we are on the brink, and no hero is coming to save us this time. So now and again, I get a bit annoyed with all this over-the-top positivity and people ignoring what's going on.

If we had all taken up arms against Kenwright years ago instead of false positives, we may not have been in this state now.

Forgive me for being negative, after all, I'm an Everton supporter.

Brian Williams
42 Posted 16/03/2024 at 19:07:47
There's a difference in facing reality and doing it to fucking death.

We all know we're in deep shit. Thing is, some of us don't see the need to wallow in it. It all gets a bit woe, woe and thrice woe.

Mark Taylor
43 Posted 16/03/2024 at 19:28:07
I wonder if this was at the Bovino steak house in Quinta do Lago? I saw Dyche there in January.

I was going to approach his table and wish him luck but I suddenly thought if the 2 guys he was with were his agents and would not be appreciative of a blue approaching, if they were proposing to press the ejector seat out the club? Instead, maybe it was a recce.

Nice restaurant but eye-wateringly expensive, unless you stuck with the cheaper items as I did. Wonder if the budget stretched to Wagyu steaks at several hundred euros a go…?

Neil Lawson
44 Posted 16/03/2024 at 19:40:25
The general view expressed above suggests a minor incident, not newsworthy and blown out of all proportion.

However, if a number of players did jump up as suggested in response to the "clip", then that suggests there is some unease, tension, disquiet towards Dyche amongst at least some of the squad.

That conclusion depends upon the accuracy of the report of events but adults or colleagues don't respond and react in that manner unless there is something simmering under the surface.

Who truly knows?

Jay Harris
45 Posted 16/03/2024 at 19:41:32
I think Everton should do a Shankly and ban the Daily Mail from Goodison.

I am sick to death of the nonesense they publish. I seem too remember they were the ones promoting a 12-point deduction.

David West
46 Posted 16/03/2024 at 21:01:50
I've heard Sean Dyche is ripped like Stone cold Steve Austin under that "shit coat" he wears. I wouldn't like a slap off him! Sounds like someone else has got a bit more offended than the guy taking the slap.

Patterson is Scottish isn't he? He was probably thinking Dyche was flirting with him, that's where the real offence was taken.

Peter Mills
47 Posted 16/03/2024 at 21:21:53
I have visited Scotland many times, and hitting one of the natives around the head is something I have always avoided.

As P G Wodehouse once wrote, “It is never difficult to tell the difference between a Scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine.”

Ian Riley
48 Posted 16/03/2024 at 21:31:36
Who actually cares?? I'm just loving Everton not playing!
Laurie Hartley
49 Posted 16/03/2024 at 21:33:26
I don't like the sound of this at all. The fact that the club has had to play it down suggests to me that there was a problem. If that is the case, it will be very difficult to brush this under the carpet.

Our club has been put under siege by the Premier League – we are fighting for survival. The last thing we need is internal strife between the manager and playing squad.

Mark Murphy
50 Posted 16/03/2024 at 21:38:10
Ian, I “kinda sorta” agree… but today we would've beaten the shite and reignited our season!
Robert Tressell
51 Posted 16/03/2024 at 21:43:36
Rob #38,

Don't worry. I enjoy Paul's posts. ToffeeWeb is much the richer for a few wild outbursts.

Keep up the good work, Paul K.

Pat Kelly
52 Posted 16/03/2024 at 22:03:07
Sounds like the press are making a meal of it…
Mike Gaynes
53 Posted 17/03/2024 at 02:28:32
Pete #47, loved that.

Robert #27, yeah, and it's been an ongoing mystery for me. Patterson has great pace, he's sharp in the tackle, and gets forward with greater menace than our other right-backs. And I struggle to recall any major defensive mistakes.

Yet he ranks today behind not only Coleman but Young and Godfrey. Something's obviously missing, but I don't know what it is.

Ernie Baywood
54 Posted 17/03/2024 at 02:52:55
Mike, and he's the one in that group who could actually develop as a player and appreciate in value.

I agree it's a mystery.

As for slap-gate it doesn't sound like it was much. It also doesn't sound like it was nothing. What's a grown man doing slapping anyone on the back of the head?

I just think Dyche is a bit of a weirdo.

Kieran Kinsella
55 Posted 17/03/2024 at 03:26:12
Paul Kossoff,

I think what Robert is hoping is that we work some magic and bring in a Seamus, a Paul Power veteran type who might have a short shelf life but can do a job.

It's not easy but if you think back to our erstwhile manager, Allardyce, when he was at Bolton, he did a great job of combining journeymen and faded greats on a budget to produce a decent team.

Derek Knox
56 Posted 17/03/2024 at 04:11:30
David @ 2,

"Seems like they all need time away from football. But whatever happened, it's embarrassing."

I thought they already had that before the Portuguese Trip, judging by the performances. Maybe a good slapping will bring them all back to reality, and the well paid job in hand. :-)

Steve Brown
57 Posted 17/03/2024 at 04:30:45
Now Dyche has whacked Patterson, he might actually start picking him. He probably got some frustration out of his system.

Mike G, I think Patterson had a difficult few games at the start of the season in terms of defensive positioning, tracking runners and concentration. But, having watched 3 games with Godfrey at right back, he cannot be anything other than an improvement.

Matt Traynor
58 Posted 17/03/2024 at 04:33:00
We can't even do pre/mid season camp drama anymore.

Beagrie riding a motorcycle through a hotel patio window, topped only by Colin Harvey taking the squad for a Chinese in Southport, leaving early and telling the lads to bond over a few bevvies, only for Keown to kick Sheedy's head in after he called him a donkey

Everton that.

Steve Brown
59 Posted 17/03/2024 at 04:33:36
On this story, I think we not keep from of mind that Matt Hughes is full to shit.

If there is no story, he invents one.

Steve Brown
60 Posted 17/03/2024 at 04:34:52
Let me repeat that in English!

I think we should keep front of mind that Matt Hughes is full to shit.

If there is no story, he invents one.

Duncan McDine
61 Posted 17/03/2024 at 07:18:07
Taken from The Mail on Sunday:-

Following Dyche's slap, the young Scot stormed away from their exclusive beachside restaurant. The Everton manager was heard shouting "Baby come back", alluding to the benched fullback's childish behaviour. Dyche later confirmed to stunned onlookers that it was meerly "Patto Banter".

Jerome Shields
62 Posted 17/03/2024 at 07:45:55
Pete #47,

Never truer words said.

Gerry Quinn
63 Posted 17/03/2024 at 08:01:37
Apparently they said that Patterson is one of the most active comedians in the dressing room and at Finch Farm...

It would not surprise me, then, that he may have passed some kind of comment or joke about Dyche, ending up being slapped for it in fun.

Who cares anyway — slap everyone of the fuckers, Sean!

Danny O’Neill
64 Posted 17/03/2024 at 08:05:35
This smacks of nothing to see here.

I am convinced most of these so-called journalists must not have played the game. On the pitch, off the pitch, on the training ground, there is always conflict, especially when it's not going well.

After a particularly by our standards, poor performance and result, all hell broke loose in the changing room, including a fight. We then all went for the post-match meal and a glass of lime and soda!! All friends again!

I don't know what's gone on but I doubt it's as serious as being made out. Time will tell.

I standby for ridicule, but surely the club will make a statement alongside the player?

Sean Kelly
65 Posted 17/03/2024 at 09:02:27
Whatever Dyche has done has been blown up by the poxy Mail.

I like to think of it from Patterson's viewpoint. He's behind Benn "Forest Gump" Godfrey, a not-so-young Young and a crocked Seamus. That's not a good read. If he wasn't pissed-off beforehand then he should have been. I wish Dyche would knock the block off Godfrey because he's a dozey sod.

Patterson should be knocking on Dyche's door now demanding to be played or else let him move on. This whole story might be a page filler for the daily rags but Dyche needs to behave like a manager and develop the player – not slap him around the ears.

Anthony A Hughes
66 Posted 17/03/2024 at 09:53:14
At least Dyche's xG is is good.

One strike one hit.

Mal van Schaick
67 Posted 17/03/2024 at 09:59:34
Just another one on target for the stat lovers. They could have trialed the blue card. Nothing to see here move on.
Oliver Molloy
68 Posted 17/03/2024 at 10:18:20
Dyche doesn't like Scottish players.
Brian Harrison
69 Posted 17/03/2024 at 10:40:57
I would doubt that Everton would have allowed any journalists anywhere near the players, so it's quite surprising that such a story should even come to light.

I am sure if you visit any training ground any day of the week, you would see squabbles between players, and players and manager and coaches, but most of these things are never reported on. Having said that, at this moment in time, you don't want anything that makes it look like there is disharmony in the group.

I see some are suggesting Patterson is our best right back, while he may be on a par with Godfrey and Young Everton's best right back is still Coleman. Maybe the question we as fans should be asking is why has our best right back been on the bench for the last 2 games???

Colin Malone
71 Posted 17/03/2024 at 10:54:33
I was told:

All the squad were all settled, ready to eat… someone noticed Doucoure was missing.

He was seen, cooking, being a waiter, doing the dishes, mopping the floor at the same time. Calvert-Lewin was annoyed. Dyche said, "That's my Douke."

Paul Birmingham
72 Posted 17/03/2024 at 11:04:28
The rodent media have nothing better to do than over-inflate and add bullshit to put the poker into Everton at every opportunity.

Fuck them all, we don't need them.

Kevin Edward
74 Posted 17/03/2024 at 11:13:14
We only get this kind of coverage because the media see us as still circling the drain and unwanted in the Premier League.
They can't wait….

Then they will move on to the new stadium and administration. But the only way to get a shift in perspective is to win games and move up the table to comfortable safety.
This is where we fail time and time again except for 4 games before Christmas.

To be honest I'm not confident that we will get anything at Bournemouth, we may be a better side this time around but a lot of football is played out in the heads of the players, and so far they cannot cope with the expectation.

It's a big test and Bournemouth will fancy their chances after last years ‘effort'.

Sean Mitchell
75 Posted 17/03/2024 at 12:06:58
Everton must surely be the most cursed football club on the planet.

Nothing ever goes right.

Will it ever change?

Nicholas Ryan
76 Posted 17/03/2024 at 13:07:13
What really happened was: Dyche has been having some gastric difficulties, and said to Tarkowski: "I'm having a problem with my Number Twos" – which prompted Patterson to get up and hit him!
Dane Townsend
77 Posted 17/03/2024 at 23:08:48
Dyche humiliates Patterson most weekends when he plays Young or Godfrey ahead of him.

Young must have some photos he's blackmailing Dyche with…

Michael Penley
78 Posted 18/03/2024 at 12:41:12
Sounds more "underblown" given that the facts as stated could be legally actionable against Dyche.

Not sure how slapping someone without their consent could ever be overblown the way people are making it out to be.

By the same line of thinking, wouldn't Spain's football president non-consensually kissing a female player be something to be ignored and swept under the carpet, silencing the media and all those annoying people calling for his resignation?

Bobby Mallon
79 Posted 18/03/2024 at 13:59:44
4 points to forest what a fucking joke
Neil Lawson
80 Posted 18/03/2024 at 14:35:09
6 points the minimum according to our appeal. Laughable.
Nigel Munford
81 Posted 18/03/2024 at 20:03:16
Neil, they owe us another 2 points then.
Will Mabon
82 Posted 18/03/2024 at 20:11:11
Forest apparently suitably contrite and helpful in the case so received a 2-point pat on the head.

I imagine this will stop the embarrassment of them also making an appeal.

Bill Gall
83 Posted 19/03/2024 at 03:55:42
Just read about this and as usual press trying to make out it was worse than what it was, still think if some of these players had a kick up the arse it may liven them up more than a slap across the head, as where there is no sense there is no feelings.
Just Joking of course.
Si Cooper
84 Posted 20/03/2024 at 23:43:13
“Sounds more "underblown" given that the facts as stated could be legally actionable against Dyche.

Not sure how slapping someone without their consent could ever be overblown the way people are making it out to be.”

Michael, you appear to have accidentally stumbled onto a football website. Perhaps you were browsing the internet for some confectionery?

Football. You know... a contact sport where professional players consistently use their physicality against the opposition. Where they don't sue people despite the weaponising of parts of the body.

My purely objective stance on the Rubiales / Hermoso matter is that she showed absolutely no negative reaction to him as he was doing his over-excited little boy routine. At some point, she came to a decision to present it as something far more offensive than she seemed to find it live.

Is it entirely improbable that, in a squad potentially simmering with lots of petty rivalries and prejudices, the golden girl wasn't made to feel awkward about the over-the-top attention she had just received from the ‘boss' and rushed to make it clear it wasn't something she had sought out?

In today's world, you often have to judge the way the prevailing wind is blowing very quickly and many people will jump to ‘get in line'. Once you've publically voiced your ‘concern' over potentially ‘toxic' behaviour, you will find it extremely difficult to backtrack to the sanity of ‘it was something and nothing'.

I know there are bad people and bad things happen, but I honestly think there will be plenty of major accusations that start off with someone telling a ‘little white lie' to distance themselves from a source of embarrassment.

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