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Everton Reserves, 1997-98

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A complete record of Everton's Reserve Team in the Pontins League Premier Division


Club                  P     W    D    L    GF    GA   Pts    GD    
Leeds United         24    15    3    6    50    27    48    23    
Manchester United    24    14    4    6    55    29    46    26    
Blackburn Rovers     24    11    7    6    41    33    40     8    
Aston Villa          24    10    7    7    34    24    37    10    
Birmingham City      24     9    7    8    33    29    34     4    
Stoke City           24    10    4   10    35    41    34    -6    
Everton              24     9    6    9    33    32    33     1    
Derby County         24    10    3   11    34    36    33    -2    
Preston North End    24    10    3   11    32    48    33   -16    
Liverpool            24     8    5   11    32    43    29   -11    
Nottingham Forest    24     7    5   12    37    51    26   -14    
Tranmere Rovers      24     4    9   11    38    48    21   -10    
Sheffield Wednesday  24     4    7   13    27    40    19   -13    


Date    Ven Opponents           Result  Pos   Scorers                             

August 1997 

Tue 12  (h) Nottingham Forest   W 5-0   1st   Branch 2, Barmby, Grant, O'Connor
Mon 18  (a) Stoke City          L 0-1   2nd  


Thu  4  (h) Tranmere Rovers     D 0-0   7th  
Tue  9  (a) Derby County        D 1-1   8th   Jevons
Thu 18  (h) Birmingham City     W 2-1   4th   Quayle, O'Brien


Tue  7  (h) Manchester United   W 3-2   3rd   McCann, Barmby, Ferguson
Thu 16  (a) Sheffield Wednesday W 4-1   3rd   Jevons, O'Connor, Dunne, McCann
Thu 23  (h) Liverpool           W 4-3   2nd   Branch 2, Barmby 2 
Wed 29  (a) Blackburn Rovers    L 0-2   4th


Tue 11  (h) Leeds United        L 0-1   4th
Thu 27  (a) Aston Villa         D 1-1   6th   Jevons (pen)

December 1997

Wed  3  (a) Preston North End   L 1-2   7th   Cadamarteri
Tue  9  (h) Stoke City          D 1-1   8th   Oster

January 1998

Thu 15  (a) Liverpool           D 1-1  (aet)  Oster  Liverpool Senior Cup Semi-Final
Wed 28  (a) Liverpool           L 0-4                Liverpool Senior Cup Semi-Final Replay


Tue 10  (h) Derby County        W 1-0   7th   Eaton
Wed 25  (a) Tranmere Rovers     W 3-1   6th   Thomas, Dunne, Oster


Thu  5  (a) Birmingham City     L 1-2   7th   Drew
Tue 24  (h) Blackburn Rovers    D 0-0   8th
Mon 30  (h) Aston Villa         L 0-2   8th


Mon  6  (a) Liverpool           W 3-0   7th   Oster, Spencer, McLeod
Wed 15  (a) Nottingham Forest   W 3-2   6th   Spencer 2, Jevons
Wed 22  (a) Manchester United   L 0-7   7th  
Tue 28  (h) Sheffield Wednesday D 0-0   7th
Thu 30  (h) Preston North End   L 0-1   7th

May 1998

May  5  (a) Leeds United        L 0-1   7th

 Friendlies and Other Reserve-Team Matches

Pre-Season Friendlies, 1997
Fri 19 Jul  (a) Burscough       W 6-0  Quayle 2, McCann, Allen, Jevons, Drew
Wed 23 Jul  (a) Congleton Town  W 3-2  Quayle 2, Hills
Mon 28 Jul  (a) Llandudno       W 2-1  Quayle, Milligan
Sat  2 Aug  (a) Southport       L 2-3  Jevons, Cadamarteri


The section below contains team details, scorers, and brief match reports for Everton Reserve games during the 1997-98 Season.

 Everton Res 5 Nottingham Forest Res 0

Goodison Park, Tuesday, 12 August 1997

Everton: Gerrard, Thomas, Short (Ball 46), Dunne, Barrett, O'Connor, Allen, McCann, Grant, Branch, Barmby.
Subs not used: Jevons, Quayle. Scorers: Barmby (11), Branch (pen:26, 44), Grant, O'Connor.

The reserves kicked off their season in impressive style at Goodison with a 5-0 victory over Notts Forest. The stars of the show were Barmby who had a hand in 4 of the goals and Tony Grant who ran the midfield and looked fully fit. The goals were scored by Branch (2), Barmby, Grant and O'Connor. It was a strong Everton side; looks like there are a few who are making compelling arguments for a first team berth.

The Evertonian: TWO goals from Michael Branch and a terrific performance by Nick Barmby ensured a strong Everton an easy 5-0 win against Forest in the Pontin's League clash at Goodison. Barmby, who was superb throughout, put the Blues on their way to victory with a goal after 11 minutes, finishing at the far post from Branch's cross.

Branch himself converted a penalty after he had been pulled down on 26 minutes and then made it 3-0 at the break from a terrific flick from Barmby which delighted the fans. The record signing was again involved in Everton's fourth, laying on a superb volley from the returning Grant, who looked in good form in his first game back after a pre-season injury.

Jon O'Connor wrapped up the game with a powerful header from Barmby's corner.

 Stoke City Res 1 Everton Res 0

Newcastle Town, Monday, 18 Aug 1997

Everton: Gerrard, Lane, Hills, Allen, Dunne, O'Connor, Holmes (46 Poppleton), O'Brien, Jevons, Quayle (77 Jeffers), Milligan.
Subs not used: McDermott. Scorers: None.

Elizabeth Wyman: I went to watch the Reserves at Stoke last night... or more accurately at Newcastle Town.  O'Connor started in the centre of midfield, but the whole team were very young and completely ineffectual in the first half.  Crowe scored for Stoke in the 22nd minute after a delightful piece of Dunne ball-watching (unless he was just too fat to move...).

Second Half saw David Poppleton come on and a few tactical changes including O'Connor moving to right back.  The whole thing looked a lot more cheerful, but didn't result in any goals.

It seemed to me that we played pretty much like our first team hoof it up blindly as often as possible with a gaping midfield vacuum. There were a few nice moves, mainly between Hills and Jevons. O'Brien is about 4 ft 3!

A few last thoughts: The grass was so long you couldn't see the players boots perhaps this destroyed our natural passing game?  O'Connor is the dead spit of Tim Henman.  Our kit close up is a nightmare. But the ToffeeNet Sweat Test came in very handy by the end of the game Jevons and Allen were actually wearing royal blue!

 Everton Res 0 Tranmere Rovers Res 0

Goodison Park, Thursday 4 September 1997

Everton: Gerrard, Barrett, O'Connor, Dunne, Hinchcliffe, Grant, Thomsen, McCann, Jevons (65 Quayle), Branch (45 Cadamarteri), Ball.
Subs not used: Lane. Scorers: None.

Teamtalk: The poor standard of the current Blues squad was highlighted again last night when a reserve side including 10 players with first team experience only managed a 0-0 draw with Tranmere Rovers.

Andy Hinchcliffe was given a game but the only real Everton effort on goal was Phil Jevons' shot that just shaved a post. At the other end, Kevin McIntyre hit the bar from 25 yards out.

 Derby County Res 1 Everton Res 1

Baseball Ground, Tuesday 9 September 1997

Everton: Gerrard, Lane, Eton, O'Connor, Dunne, Thomsen, Quayle, McCann, Jevons, Cadamarteri, Grant.
Subs not used:  Milligan, Regan, O'Brien. Scorers: Jevons (67).

Late strike denies Blues

The Evertonian: A PAUL SIMPSON free-kick two minutes into injury time saved Derby and denied Everton all three points. Phil Jevons had given the Blues the lead after 67 minutes and they looked to be coasting to victory.

However, after spurning numerous chances, especially the impressive Danny Cadamarteri who had at least two golden opportunities to increase Everton's lead the visitors allowed Derby back into it.

John O'Connor was unfortunate to be penalised for handling the ball on the edge of the area but once the kick had been given, there was no other outcome from Simpson's strike.

 Everton Res 2 Birmingham City Res 1

Goodison Park, Thursday 18 September 1997

Everton: O'Toole, Lane, Ball, Barrett, O'Connor, Thomsen, Quayle, McCann, Jevons, Barmby (62 O'Brien), Grant.
Subs not used: Regan, Eaton. Scorers: Quayle (69), O'Brien (87)

Nick Barmby started the game but was withdrawn on the hour with the scoreline goalless. The visitors went in front on 64 minutes when Michael Ball brought down Howard Forinton in the box and Gerry Gill scored from the penalty. The Blues were quickly back on level terms though, Mark Quayle firing home from close range five minutes later after some sloppy defending from the Brummies.

The winner came just three minutes from time when Michael Ball linked up well with Mick O'Brien. Mick O'Brien's pass found Ball whose cross was finished well by McCann. O'Brien, who had come on for Barmby, took his chance and secured the three points. Another young side so another encouraging performance especially after going behind relatively late in the game. Barry Horne played for them what a waste.

 Everton Res 3 Manchester United Res 2

Goodison Park, Tuesday 7 October 1997

Everton: Gerrard, Thomas, Hills, Barrett, Short, Thomsen, McCann, O'Connor, Ferguson (72 Carr), Barmby, Williamson.
Subs not used: Lane, Quayle. Scorers: McCann, Barmby, Ferguson.

Mike Rush: Everton opened with the ponderous, leaden footed, simple-ball-only type moves that drive me nuts.  They should have been crucifying the Mancs but "lacked penetration" (copyright EFC) again.  Gerrard decided to make it interesting by attempting to clear a backpass from the left side of his area out to the right while one of their forwards closed in.  Sure enough pop, right on his head: 0 - 1.  Gerrard just doesn't command confidence in any area, for me. He booted balls into touch when trying to find men, hacked a couple straight to their keeper, was unsure when advancing from his line it was poor judgement all round when I wanted him to dominate in such a low-level game.

While I've got my moaning head on, if Barrett ever plays as crap as this again, I want to be out of the country when it happens.  He took the easy option every time, no matter how much trouble he put the receiving player in.  Balls back to the keeper, balls sideways, and his own speciality balls 10 yards forward to the winger on the touchline after he has telegraphed to the opposition that it's coming using semaphore, an Aldis lamp and three carrier pigeons.

United's second came straight from such a ball when Thornley ran in (thinking "He can't be going to do that again..... Bloody Hell, he is!!") from the halfway line to shoot past the leaden footed Gerrard (Oh, sorry, I've done him already). Swap him for Rosler? I'd swap him for some Rizla's the way he played tonight.

Barmby scored and buzzed around in his usual almost-but-not-quite-effective way but added an air of "Well, I'll play with you kids now but my Dad's coming to pick me up in a big car later so you can piss off back to your unimportant little game then". I want him to be kissing the badge every time he plays not just when he's done a bit.  Thomas and Thomsen looked as if they've found their level and didn't embarrass themselves very much at all really.

On the plus side, Hills was busy and purposeful after a shaky start, Williamson bossed it in the middle and sprayed passes all over the place and McCann showed some great touches with both feet, scored a belting goal and looked probably the most inventive player on the park. O'Connor played well too and Glory, Glory, Allelujah Dunc had the ball at his feet 95% of the time he got it, playing the ball beautifully time after time. In one run, he took the ball 30 yards towards goal with four Mancs trying to get back with him, and was only denied by a diving save when he shot from an acute angle on the 6 yard box. He took his goal well too from wide on the left, shooting low into the bottom right hand corner. Short looked comfortable all evening and looked like a first teamer (pity he doesn't when he's in the bloody thing).

All in all, quite a reasonable night - I was feeling quite cheery until my Dad asked me who the first team were playing next. The light at the end of the tunnel went that little bit dimmer with the realisation that it was Liverpool.

 Sheffield Wednesday Res 1 Everton Res 4

Hillsborough, Thursday 16 October 1997

Everton:  Southall, Lane, Hills, O'Connor, Dunne, Thomsen, Jevons, McCann, Atkinson, Carr, Quayle.
Subs not used:  O'Brien, Milligan, Regan. Scorers: Jevons (38), O'Connor (52), Dunne (59), McCann (85)

The Echo: HOWARD KENDALL watched as his second string gave him something to smile about with a confident 4-1 victory over Sheffield Wednesday Reserves at Hillsborough.  Everton, who had Dalian Atkinson and Franz Carr in their line-up, came from behind with Phil Jevons's header after O'Neill Donaldson had opened the scoring.

After the break Jon O'Connor doubled the lead with a left-foot drive from inside the area.  Richard Dunne made it 3-1 on the hour, Bruce Grobbelaar's poor clearance falling to the young Irishman, who volleyed it home superbly.  Everton dominated from then on and increased their lead with a fourth on 85 minutes, Gavin McCann firing home past former Kop favourite Bruce Grobbelaar after some good work by Claus Thomsen.

Keeper Neville Southall staked his claim for a return to first team action with a typical save late on to deny Donaldson a second.

 Everton Res 4 Liverpool Res 3

Goodison Park, Thursday 23 October 1997

Everton: Gerrard, Lane, Hills, Eaton, O'Connor, McCann, Jevons, Quayle, Branch (74 Jeffers), Atkinson, Barmby (62 Milligan).
Subs not used:  O'Brien.  Scorers:  Branch (12, 65), Barmby (14, 34).

The Everton second string looked like they would make mincemeat of Liverpool reserves in front of around 12,000 fans, but they squandered an early 3-0 lead through goalkeeping errors by Gerrard. The formation was 4-4-2, with a back four of: Lane, O'Connor, Eaton, and Hills; Barmby, McCann, Quayle, and  Jevons in midfield; Atkinson and Branch upfront.

Back from injury, it was Michael Branch who led the charge, as if he had a point to prove... Everton went into a two-goal lead inside the first 15 minutes with goals from Branch and Barmby. Barmby scored another later in the half but then Liverpool came back into it with goals from Thompson and Murphy, with Thompson getting another to level up the scores after half-time.  

Dalian Atkinson was , er, very unimpressive,  losing the ball frequently and contributing little or nothing to the game. Barmby was excellent, as was Branch who saved the day with his second goal, Everton's fourth, to give Everton the winning advantage.


  • Paul Gerrard was absolutely crap...looked shaky..nothing changed there much then!
  • John Hills looked his usual accomplished forward well and has a good left foot
  • Adam Eaton is rated as one of our brightest prospects..he certainly looked the part and made some excellent covering challenges
  • Jon O'Connor looked good and played at centre half alongside Eaton...coped well under pressure
  • Phil Jevons ... can't say to much.... didn't shine!
  • Gavin McCann had a reasonable game..nothing spectacular
  • Mark Quayle looked a little lost in midfield..this lad was released by Everton last season (by Royle) and stayed on to train (unpaid) and has won himself a 3month contract which is up very shortly... he normally plays up front and scores a few..but not tonight
  • Nick Barmby was excellent real class.
  • Chris Lane didn't do anything wrong really!!
  • Michael Branch was outstanding.... although he still keeps getting caught offside... but he scored twice and could have had more.
  • Jamie Milligan came on but didn't really make an impression.
  • Francis Jeffers came on also..and looked good but didn't really get any opportunities!!

Blackburn Rovers Res 2 Everton Res 0

Ewood Park, Wednesday 29 October 1997

Everton: Myhre, Lane, O'Connor, Dunne, Ball, Jevons, McCann, Thomsen, Hills, Barmby, Branch.
Subs not used: Eaton, Jeffers, OBrien.  Scorers:  None.

The Evertonian: NORWEGIAN trialist Thomas Myhre pulled off a number of good saves as he tried to impress watching Everton manager Howard Kendall, despite the Blues losing 2-0 in the Pontins League game at Blackburn.  Myhre clawed out one certain goal as Blackburn dominated the first half, going ahead through Brooms strike on the half hour.

Michael Branch had numerous opportunities to pull things level but the ball just wouldnt run for him.  Rovers took a deserved 2-0 lead midway through the second half when the unfortunate Richard Dunne steered home Jason Wilcoxs cross on 62 minutes.

Rovers should have scored a third when Thomas struck a post but despite the home sides dominance, Myhre will have been pleased with his first game in an Everton shirt.

 Everton Res 0 Leeds United Res 1

Halton Stadium, Widnes, Tuesday 11 November 1997

Everton:  O'Toole, Thomas, Hills, Dunne, Watson, O'Connor, Lane, Farrelly, Jevons, Branch (Eaton 20), Milligan.
Subs not used: Poppleton, O'Brien.  Scorers:  None.

A LATE goal beat Everton Reserves last night as more than 5,000 fans watched the first game at their new Halton Stadium home.  The kick-off was delayed by half an hour to allow the large crowd in although they were not treated to the best of games as Everton were denied early chances, Dave Watson going closest with a volley in the area.

Michael Branch left the play on 20 minutes after pulling up sharply in a race with Molenaar.  Leeds eventually found the breakthrough with 10 minutes to go when Floyd Hasselbaink cut inside two defenders and curled his right foot shot past the dive of John O'Toole.

 Aston Villa Res 1 Everton Res 1

Villa Park, Thursday 27 November 1997

Everton: O'Toole, Lane, Hills, Barrett, O'Connor, Dunne, Quayle, Thomas, Jevons, Jeffers, Milligan.
Subs not used: O'Brien, Eaton, Regan.    Scorer:  Jevons (pen).

The reserves drew 1-1 at Villa with a "terrific" performance.  The young Blues side should have won after creating most of the games chances.  They took the lead just before 30 minutes through a Phil Jevons penalty, but they squared the match in the second half.  Francis Jeffers should have made it 2-1 but his shot was cleared off  the line, and there were late chances for Hills and O'Connor.

 Preston North End Res 2 Everton Res 1

The Vale, Wednesday 3 December 1997

Everton: O'Toole, Lane, Watson (45 Dunne), O'Connor, Hills, Ball, Barrett, Cadamarteri, Thomas, Jevons, Oster.
Subs not used: Jeffers, Milligan.   Scorer: Cadamarteri.

Everton opened the scoring when Danny Cadamarteri scored after being set up by John Oster. Preston equalised when John O'Toole spilled the ball to an opposing forward.  Then in the second half Preston got the winner.  Dave Watson played for 45 minutes to test his recovery from a hamstring injury and seems certain to be recalled for the Premiership clash against Leeds United at Elland Road on Saturday.

 Everton Res 1 Stoke City Res 1

Halton Community Stadium, Wednesday 10 December 1997

Everton: Gerrard, Lane, Ball, Barrett, O'Connor, Eaton, Aarsheim, Thomas, Jevons (60 Jeffers), Oster, Hills.
Subs not used: Milligan, Regan.  Scorer: Oster.

They lined up in a 5-4-1 formation with Thomas playing in central midfield and Oster having a "free role". Aarsheim was on trial from Viking Stravanger and for me was the pick of the midfield, producing the "defence splitting" through ball for Oster to score the equaliser, after Stoke had taken the lead. This was Oster's only real contribution to the game. He looked low on confidence and things just didn't come off for him on the night.

O'Connor had a good game at centre half and Gerrard looked assured in goal, making one excellent save late on.  Everton hit the post twice in the first half but didn't really trouble the Stoke goalkeeper in the second. Overall the defence looked comfortable but there was no inspiration or drive from the midfield.  Jeffers came on for Jevons in the second half but didn't make a significant impact.  Attendance 1,987.

 Liverpool Res 1 Everton Res 1  

Liverpool Senior Cup Semi-Final
Halton Community Stadium, Thursday 15 January 1998

Everton: Gerrard, Lane, O'Connor, Dunne, Phelan (45 Eaton) Allen, Milligan, Grant, (90 O'Brien), Thomsen, Oster, Cadamarteri.
Subs not used: Regan?  Scorer: Oster.

Everton's main tactic in the first half seemed to be the ball "over the top" for our Danny to run on to. However, after about 20 minutes, Liverpool went ahead.  To their credit, Everton responded well and 5 mins later were level.  Danny chased a through ball which was heading for the corner flag. He cut inside, left his man for dead and his cut back from the dead ball line was side-footed home by Oster. YES!

Everton then turned up the pressure and had several shots on goal but the score remained 1-1 at half time. Liverpool applied the early pressure but they never forced Gerrard to make a meaningful save. Our best chance came when Danny raced clear only to hit the side netting.

Tony Grant was spraying beautiful 40 yard passes around but only seemed to be jogging around in the middle and as for Claus Thomsen, I don't think he even broke sweat. Anyway, the clock ran down...

Extra time proved to be the most exiting period of the match. Everton pushed on looking for the winning goal and it almost arrived when Oster was put through on goal on the right. He checked, cut inside the defender who was desperately trying to get goalside, and brought a great save from Warner. Then with only minutes to go Thomsen was sent clear. He took the ball in to the penalty area but again Warner saved, this time with his legs. And that was it. The game would go to a replay.

 Everton Res 0 Liverpool Res 4  

Liverpool Senior Cup Semi-Final Replay
Halton Community Stadium, Wednesday 29 January 1998

Everton: Gerrard, Regan, McDermott, Farley, Eaton, O'Brien, Poppleton (Howarth 70), Hibbert, Jeffers, Jevons (Holmes 64), Milligan.
Subs not used:
Drew  Scorers: None.

An experienced Liverpool team ran rings around Everton's youthful reserves.  The match was all-ticket with an attendance of 5,400.

 Everton Res 1 Derby County Res 0

Halton Community Stadium, Tuesday 10 February 1998

Everton: Gerrard, O'Kane, Eaton, Thomsen, Tiler, Thomas, Lane, Allen, Jevons, Oster, Milligan.
Subs not used:
O'Brien, Poppleton, Regan.  Scorers: Eaton (pen)

A late penalty from Adam Eaton was enough to secure the points for the reserves after he had been pulled down in the area a foul which saw Derby keeper Russell Holt sent off. Until that point, Derby had much the better chances, hitting the woodwork a couple of times. Paul Gerrard was a surprise starter for the Blues after overcoming a virus which had threatened to lay him low for a week.

 Tranmere Rovers Res 1 Everton Res 3

Prenton Park, Thursday 25 February 1998

Everton: Assumed Line-Up:
Subs not used:
N/A. Scorers: Thomas, Dunne, Oster.

Report Not Available

 Birmingham City Res 2 Everton Res 1

Brum Park, Thursday 5 March 1998

Everton: Gerrard, Regan, McDermott, Farley, Eaton, O'Brien, Poppleton (McCleod 45), Hibbert, Jevons (Howarth 73), Drew, Milligan.
Subs not used:
Knowles. Scorers: Drew.

A young reserve side lost to a goal 5 minutes from time against Birmingham City. Everton fielded five players making their reserve debuts and only one, Paul Gerrard, with first team experience.

The Toffees went behind after 70 minutes but equalised through Padraig Drew. Birmingham got the winner on 85 minutes.

 Everton Res 0 Blackburn Rovers Res 0

Goodison Park, Tuesday 24 March 1998

Everton: Gerrard, Lane, Eaton, Allen, Bilic, Tiler (46 Reagan), Milligan, McKay, Jevons, McCann, O'Brien.
Subs not used: Poppleton, Farley. Scorers: None.

The Blues reserves fought out a goalless draw with table topping Blackburn Rovers last night. Unsettled goalkeeper Paul Gerrard was outstanding and made a couple of crucial saves to keep Everton in the game. Slaven Bilic and Carl Tiler both played the full game before starting suspensions. Young midfielder Gavin McCann also got the full 90 minutes under his belt as he continues.

Everton also used this match to try out Matt McKay, a 17-yr-old midfielder from Chester City who comes strongly recommended by Kevin Ratcliffe, and worked well with McCann in midfield. Eaton and O'Brien also had good games in a boring match.

 Everton Res 0 Aston Villa Res 2

Goodison Park, Monday 30 March 1998

Everton: Gerrard, Lane, McDermott, McCann, Knowles, Southern (MaCalpine 75), McKay, Poppleton, Howarth, Quayle, McLeod.
Subs not used: Wright, Drew. Scorers: None.

Everton's Lancashire League A/B stand-ins rarely threatened the Villa defence although Paul Gerrard was described as "impressive".  This was only Everton's second home defeat of the season.

 Liverpool Res 0 Everton Res 3

Anfield Road, Monday 6 April 1998

Everton: Gerrard, Lane, McDermott, Allen, Tiler (Knowles 45), McLeod, McKay, Farrelly, Beagrie, Spencer, Oster.
Subs not used: Howarth, Drew. Scorers: Oster, Spencer, McLeod.

Everton took the lead in the 15th minute when Spencer and Oster combined well in the penalty area before Oster lofted the ball over Warner into the top corner. Spencer scored on 33 minutes showing great pace and strength to hold off Bjornbye before scoring past Warner.

Spencer got sent off 11 minutes into the second half, we then extended our lead in the 64th minute when Oster's low centre was turned in by Kevin McLeod. Tiler was taken off at half time after being booked in the first half.

 Nottingham Forest Res 2 Everton Res 3

The City Ground, Wednesday 15 April 1998

Everton: Gerrard, Lane, Eaton, Allen, Dunne, Bilic, Milligan, O'Brien, Jevons, Spencer, Oster.
Subs not used: Poppleton, Regan, Farley.  Scorers: Spencer (2), Jevons.

Everton took the lead when Slaven Bilic headed towards goal and John Spencer diverted the ball past their keeper, but Forest scored twice to lead at half time. Spencer then struck his third goal in successive reserve games to level the scores and a goal from teenage striker Phil Jevons secured the win.

 Manchester United Res 7 Everton Res 0

Old Trafford, Wednesday 22 April 1998

Everton: O'Toole, Lane, Eaton, Dunne, Watson, O'Brien, Regan, Poppleton, Jevons, McCloud, Milligan (45 Jeffers).
Subs not used: Farley, Drew.  Scorers: None.

Everton's second string were tied in knots by a rampant Manchester United, gaining ample revenge for their earlier defeat at Goodison Park back in October. With only Dave Watson and Richard Dunne providing real Premiership experience at a rain-swept Old Trafford, the Blues were torn apart at times by a strong United side.

Brian McClair, Ole Gunnar Solskajaer and  Jordi Cruyff did most of the damage, scoring 6 of the 7 goals past Everton's inexperienced O'Toole in goal.

 Everton Res 0 Sheffield Wednesday Res 0

Goodison Park, Monday 27 April 1998

Everton: O'Toole, Lane, McAlpine, Knowles, Dunne, Farrelly, Drew (Wright 77), Hibbert, Cadamarteri (Howarth 62), Jeffers, McCloud.
Subs not used: Logan. Scorers: None.

Francis Jeffers was sent off for an alleged head butt. Jeffers came closest to giving the Blues an early advantage when his second-minute header went narrowly wide but, apart from a Danny Cadamarteri shot that hit the woodwork, there was very little goalmouth action.

 Everton Res 0 Preston North End Res 1

Goodison Park, Thursday 30 April 1998

Everton: O'Toole, J Wright, McAlpine, Jones, O'Brien, Southern, Logan (M Phillips 71), Holmes, Howarth, T Wright, Drew (P Phillips 71).
Subs not used: Williams. Scorers: None.

EVERTON'S severely weakened reserve side were defeated in their final home game of the season thanks to a first half goal.

The Blues looked comfortable for most of the game, although it was the visitors who found the vital breakthrough on the half-hour when substitute Mark Beesley latched on to the end of Tony Lormor's cross to side-footed home. John O'Toole in the Everton goal put in a solid performance keeping out a number of late North End chances.

 Leeds United Res 1 Everton Res 0

Shay Stadium, Halifax, Tuesday 5 May 1998

Everton: Gerrard, Lane, Holmes, Allen, Jones, McKay (4 Southern), Prior, McCann, Logan, Howarth, Drew.
Subs not used: Knowles, O'Brien.  Scorers: None.

The reserves completed their season with a 1-0 defeat away at Leeds, the eventual Pontin's League Champions. Everton fielded  yet another very young side, with only McCann and Gerrard having any first team experience. They were facing a Leeds side including Hopkin and Rod Wallace who needed to win their remaining two games to clinch the Pontin's League Championship.

Everton conceded a goal in the 8th minute and thereafter played well to restrict the Leeds side but the Blues had few chances themselves.

 Reserve Team Appearances and Goals, 1997-98

Includes assumed line-up v Tranmere Rovers (SNU = Sub Not Used)
               Apps  Subs   SNU  Goals   Comments                        
Lane            19     0     2     0          
Jevons          17     0     1     4          
Gerrard         15     0     0     0          
O'Connor        13     0     0     2     (Transferred to Sheffield United)     
Dunne           12     2     0     2          
McCann          11     0     0     2          
Milligan         9     2     3     0          
Eaton            9     1     3     0          
Hills            9     0     0     0     (Transferred to Blackpool)     
Thomas           8     0     0     1          
O'Brien          7     1     8     1          
Quayle           7     1     2     1     (Released)     
Allen            7     1     0     0          
Barrett          7     0     0     0     (Transferred to Sheffield United)     
Thomsen          7     0     0     0     (Transferred to AB Copenhagen)     
O'Toole          7     0     0     0          
Oster            6     0     0     3          
Ball             5     1     0     0          
Barmby           5     0     0     4          
Branch           5     0     0     4          
Poppleton        4     1     4     0          
McCleod          4     1     0     1          
Drew             4     0     3     1          
Grant            4     0     0     1          
McKay            4     0     0     0          
Howarth          3     2     1     0          
McDermott        3     1     1     0          
Cadamarteri      3     1     0     1          
Watson           3     0     0     0          
Farrelly         3     0     0     0          
Tiler            3     0     0     0          
Holmes           3     0     0     0          
Jeffers          2     4     2     0          
Regan            2     2     6     0          
Knowles          2     1     2     0          
Southern         2     1     0     0          
McAlpine         2     1     0     0          
Logan            2     0     1     0          
Spencer          2     0     0     3          
Short            2     0     0     0          
Bilic            2     0     0     0          
Hibbert          2     0     0     0          
Jones            2     0     0     0          
Atkinson         2     0     0     0     (On trial; returned to Galatasary)     
Wright J         1     1     1     0          
Carr             1     1     0     0     (On Trial; went to Bolton)     
Farley           1     0     3     0          
Southall         1     0     0     0     (Transferred to Stoke City)     
Hinchcliffe      1     0     0     0     (Transferred to Sheffield Wednesday)     
Williamson       1     0     0     0          
Ferguson         1     0     0     1          
Hutchison        1     0     0     0          
Beagrie          1     0     0     0     (On loan from Bradford City)     
Myhre            1     0     0     0          
O'Kane           1     0     0     0          
Wright T         1     0     0     0          
Prior            1     0     0     0          
Arsheim          1     0     0     0     (On trial from Viking Stavanger)     
Phillips M       0     1     0     0          
Phillips P       0     1     0     0          
Williams         0     0     1     0   



 Reserve Review

Until Season 95-96, Dave Whiteside of St Helens was publishing a mini-programme and news-sheet focusing on the progress of Everton Reserves.  Unfortunately, Dave is no longer pursuing this venture, mainly due to the reduced Pontin's Central League programme, with the new Premier Division, and the partial relocation of home matches away from Goodison Park.


 Burscough 0 Everton Res 6

Friday 19 July 1997

Everton: Gerrard, Lane, O'Connor, Allen (58 Regan), Ball, Milligan, Drew, McCann (58 Williams), Hills (58 Cadamarteri), Quayle, Jevons.

Scorers:  Quayle 2, McCann, Allen, Jevons, Drew.

 Congleton Town 2 Everton Res 3

Wednesday 23 July 1997

Everton: O'Toole, Lane, (75 Reagan), Allen, O'Connor, Ball, Poppleton (43 O'Brien), Drew, Milligan, Jevons (75 Cadamarteri), Quayle, Hills.

Scorers: Quayle 2, Hills.

Llandudno 1 Everton Res 2

Monday 28 July 1997

Everton: O'Toole, Regan, Lane, Eaton, Ball, O'Brien, Drew, Milligan, Jevons, Quayle, Hills (Holmes)

Scorers: Quayle, Milligan.

 Southport 3 Everton Res 2

Haig Avenue, Saturday 2 August 1997

Everton: O'Toole, Lane, Ball, O'Connor, Eaton, O'Brien, Holmes (Quayle), Milligan (Drew), Jevons (Osman), Cadamarteri, McDermott (Jevons).

Scorers: Jevons, Cadamarteri.

Jonny Sharps:  Southport sent out their full and mighty GM Vauxhall Conference team against a very young Everton Team.  The Everton line-up included O'Connor and Eaton as the centre-backs and Ball the left-back. Cadamarteri and Jevons played up front.

Everton were very poor, even O'Connor who had played so well in the first team previously. The one good performance was from Danny Cadamarteri who linked up well with the tall Jevons and scored one goal. Jevons scored the other with a simple header from about 6 yards.

The Everton goalkeeper (O'Toole) was awful, I hope this was just a one-off or we have found a keeper who's worse than Gerrard?

Considering a lot of the team had first team experience, it was disappointing to see them get beaten by a non-league team although, to Southport's credit, they did work very hard and probably deserved the victory.


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