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Everton News, Season 2011-12

Moyes confirms desire to keep Pienaar

27/04/2012 |  42 Comments: First  |  Last
David Moyes says that he is hopeful that Everton can sort out a deal to make Steven Pienaar's loan move from Tottenham permanent.

Speaking in his pre-match press conference, the manager agreed that the South African has "found somewhere he is happy", something clearly evident given his form since returning to Goodison in January.

"It would be great to keep him," Moyes said, " hopefully we will be able to do it.

"I will talk to the Chairman at the end of the season so I don't think there will be anything done before then."

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James Ennis
034   Posted 27/04/2012 at 16:11:13

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This assessment from Moyes would seem to fit with the following article published in South Africa yesterday regarding the Pienaar situation, that has now been picked up by other news outlets, and basically repeats what his agent was saying earlier this month:

Pienaar's future still in the balance
25 April 2012, 15:34

Despite finding form since returning to Everton on loan from Tottenham Hotspur, the future of Bafana Bafana captain and midfield kingpin Steven Pienaar remains in the balance.

Pienaar's agent and business manager, Rob Moore, said there had been no discussions at all with Everton or any other club regarding a permanent transfer of the Westbury-born and bred player.

Moore, however, made no bones about concealing the fact that he believed Pienaar's interests would be best served by remaining at Everton "where his style of play is ideally suited and he is highly appreciated."

But a boomeranging return on a permanent basis back to the Merseyside club is not without problems and complications ? not least of which concern a transfer fee for any possible deal.

Spurs paid Everton approximately R30-million for Pienaar, signing him on a three-year deal at a time when the Bafana captain's contract was approaching finality and he would have become a free agent within a period of six months.

Despite the aura and a renown that extends internationally, Everton are not a wealthy organisation and acquiring Pienaar is not something the Merseyside club can undertake without a degree of caution ? despite manager David Moyes making it clear they wanted the diminutive South African to stay on at the club.

It is not even quite as clear-cut as that, though, with Spurs feeling the current market value of Pienaar is a lot higher than R30-million because he is on a long-term contract ? and they are quite entitled to place a much higher transfer fee on his head.

Ironically and coincidentally, perhaps, because Pienaar was not called up by Harry Redknapp to make a single Premiership start during the present season, Spurs have sunk into an increasing slump since the South African's departure at the end of January.

"There were three clubs keen on signing Steven on a loan deal," Moore told kickoff, "but he wanted to go to Everton because he could fit into the scheme of things there immediately.

"At Stoke or Queens Park Rangers he would have been required to make a fresh start and this could have been more difficult.

"It has undoubtedly proved to be the right decision, with Steven able to demonstrate his talents to the full, while regaining his zest and enthusiasm.

"What is most important to him is that he keeps playing on a continual basis. Playing is what makes him happy."
James Martin
043   Posted 27/04/2012 at 16:32:08

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Would be nice to see Pienaar bring his transfer value down by expressing his desire to move to Everton rather than anyone else, that way the club can avoid all this ridiculous other parties are itnerested stuff that pushes his price up. I'm sure his agent thinks differently but if Pienaar doesn't realise that he belongs at Everton by now then he really is more mercenary than we all thought. I think he's by far and away our best player and if him and Jealvic could line up in the same team at the start of next year I really can't see a slow start happening. Hopefully he'll make the move happen.
Sam Hoare
044   Posted 27/04/2012 at 16:40:58

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The only thing that bugs me about this is his age. I'm just not sure we can afford to spend over 3m for a player with no re-sale value.

Have a feeling that Spurs may have a new manager too which may mix things up...
Mark Tanton
048   Posted 27/04/2012 at 17:09:09

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Sam I am not sure we can afford not to buy him. He is absolutely vital, a far more pressing case than Donovan. We simply have to bring him back; we are different club with him.

Re-sale is not everything, even to Everton.
Jimmy Sørheim
049   Posted 27/04/2012 at 17:10:32

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Funny thing Sam nr.44.
I was thinking the same thing!
Tony J Williams
051   Posted 27/04/2012 at 17:14:15

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What kind of wages will he want? He knows how important he is to us at the moment, so could it be another stand off like last time when it all went to shit?

Also when we sell Baines, will he be as effective as he has been? - that was printed with a Zippy voice in my head.
Chris Smith
052   Posted 27/04/2012 at 17:15:14

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We have to keep him. He has been magnificent since his return.
Ian Glassey
058   Posted 27/04/2012 at 17:25:20

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Agree with Chris by far our best player. We are a different team when he plays, got to keep him...
Jimmy Sørheim
059   Posted 27/04/2012 at 17:12:23

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It all depends on Moyes, if he stays or goes, and if he will get the money he needs.

I would feel more comfortable if we got Drenthe if it is possible, as I fear Spurs will not want to hand Pienaar over for less then 5 million.

We would not be in this situation had Moyes signed him on a longer contract or given him what he wanted when he asked for it.

After 10 years with Moyes I now feel sick and tired, I want to not care but I find myself being addicted to following this club.

I wish I could just do what 5-10000 others have done and just stay away until Moyes and/or Kenwright is gone.

Watching Everton is as predictable as a soap opera these days, you know what will happen before it does.
The poor start to the season followed by a good end.
The pre-season tour to either Austrailia or US is useless.

I really hope Moyes leaves this summer, because if he does sign a new contract I think I will go mad.
Nothing personal against Moyes, I would like a frwesh change, a new face, a happy face that prefers to play attacking football!!!!
Tony J Williams
061   Posted 27/04/2012 at 17:36:44

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Jimmy, too late fella, you are already away with the fairies.

Whether Pienaar stays will have nothing to do with Moyes, it will do with whether we can afford him and whether his snake of an agent will try and buttfuck us for silly money.

Moyes has already said he wants him to stay so that's the end of his involvement.

Drenthe can go and kiss my fucking hoop, turning up pissed in the most important week of the season... ta ra fella.

"I wish I could just do what 5-10,000 others have done and just stay away until Moyes and/or Kenwright is gone." ? It's easy, just turn your computer off.
Ian Glassey
062   Posted 27/04/2012 at 17:37:35

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Nothing personal Jimmy but it has to be Pienaar over Drenthe every time mate.
Tony Rice
063   Posted 27/04/2012 at 17:58:28

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Nothing has changed for us.....
We have no money.....
No money = No Pienaar
The only way he will be back will be on another loan.....
Peter Thistle
070   Posted 27/04/2012 at 18:09:51

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Drenthe had us all on his side until the last few months. He managed to wear out his welcome and not many of us give a toss that he won't be here next season.

Pienaar on the other hand is a breath of fresh air to the team and fans ( as long as we forget his dopey spurs transfer ). I'd sign him but who knows what Spurs will ask for, cheeky bunch that lot.
Jim Knightley
071   Posted 27/04/2012 at 18:22:23

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Pienarr over Drenthe anyday, but we will need to find 2million from somewhere. Our best bet is if Spurs want Jagielka, which given the recent relationship between the sides and Spurs' need for a central defender (King is being widely criticised...Nielsen is short term) may facilitate a move. Pienarr plus 8mil for Jags?
Ben Jones
073   Posted 27/04/2012 at 18:21:42

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I dont think just getting Pienaar will be enough. We need him and somebody else. It is obvious that our wings is the weakest of our team, and we cannot keep relying on a central creative midfielder (Osman) to fill a wing spot.

Obviously with money, I even doubt we can get Pienaar, or this other player.

If we can get Pienaar, I would either try to pay massive wages on Hoilett, or gamble on a foreigner/lower league player.

Again, all seems quite unrealistic to me though
Shaun Brennan
074   Posted 27/04/2012 at 18:24:35

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Without ever meeting Drenthe, so really I am not qualified to judge his character. I think the lad is a utter tool and maybe that's not too far from the truth. I bet it's down to the fact that he has a tiny cock.

Jimmy Sørheim I echo your sentiments about it going stale under Moyes, but I do believe alot of it isn't down to him. I've been one to slag him off loads on these pages and elsewhere. But whoever we have it still be the same.

Say a new manager came in, thing's remained the same. Well no change there.

New manager came in we qualified for Europe, thus buying Kenwright more time.

There's a bigger problem than Moyes at the club and I understand how frustrating it is. I'm abroad this year, but had my season ticket renewed for next year and to be honest I've dreaded going the game for a few years now. But theres the bigger problem at this club is "our dear leader".
Jem Traynor
079   Posted 27/04/2012 at 18:56:23

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We do need him back permanently for next season but he needs to express his desire to play at Everton and nowhere else which will bring his valuation down. I certainly hope it happens and we get a good run going at the Start of the season, look at the Barcodes! we could do what they have done, We've done it before! COYB!!!!
Richard Dodd
081   Posted 27/04/2012 at 18:57:33

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Perhaps I`ve lost the plot but did Everton not do a loan swop in January involving Saha for Pienaar?
If that was the case-and I`m by no means certain it was-why not make the arrangement permanent although such a deal would need our club to match his not inconsiderable wage demands.
If Moyes does so he may be blowing the whole of his summer window budget!
Phil Walling
083   Posted 27/04/2012 at 19:15:38

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I suspect Kenwright is directing this drama so that when Moyes signs up the South African,the two can claim to have `done their business early`. If truth be told it`s probably in the bag already.
Pardon my cynicism!
Jamie Tulacz
084   Posted 27/04/2012 at 19:23:52

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Doddy- think Saha actually went to Spurs permanently rather than on loan?
Richard Dodd
085   Posted 27/04/2012 at 19:11:44

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If so,I hope we got a decent fee for him-any info on what it might have been?
Jamie Tulacz
086   Posted 27/04/2012 at 19:30:54

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Free as far as I'm aware. Think Moyes was just keen to get rid!
Jimmy Sørheim
089   Posted 27/04/2012 at 18:51:39

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I remember when I first started supporting Everton. Duncan Ferguson was in a sports paper where a picture of him was shown.
The headbutting story made me smile.
So I started watching Everton because of Duncan Ferguson alone, I have never felt so happy as when I watched Duncan score against liverpool or united.

His passion and determination was just fantastic.
I have been searching for that feeling since Ferguson quit.
The only player that have exited me since then was Yakubu.
Now, I find myself being almost alone in thinking that Drenthe gives this team the little extra spark that every team needs.

Moyes has won over the fans by turning Drenthe into a scapegoat, when in truth Moyes could and should have dealt with Drenthe in a more proper way that fit the "crime".

It must be clear that Moyes had a choice to include him at the semi final but chose not to.
Since we were without Pienaar Drenthe was the only real alternative to replace him.
The mistake was made to exclude Drenthe, and we lost a match we probably could have won if we had Drenthe.

I am still angry after we lost that game, and to me Moyes is to blame for losing.

I like Drenthe as a player and I feel he will turn into a great player, but to show up late for training because of personal problems is not good.

The time and place of it makes me wonder if he has become depressed.

SO given his personal problems and his leave to Holland, I just think that Moyes could have handled Drenthe in a better way.

I remember Jo coming back late from Brazil, he was sent back to Man.City.
In Jo Moyes did the right thing.

I am certain Drenthe will come back to haunt us if we do not sign him.
Time will tell, but if it is true that he has signed a pre-contract for Liverpool then that will be a constant nightmare of what could be.

Drenthe should get to play before the season ends, if only to give him a last chance to atone for his sins.

Ian Glassey
093   Posted 27/04/2012 at 19:44:08

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Jimmy are you Drenthe`s agent , if i turned up for week late and pissed i would be f****d off.
Joe Curtis
097   Posted 27/04/2012 at 20:05:31

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Long term reader, first time poster. Love the passion, respect the articulate criticism; hate the pessimism.

Jimmy, I had no choice about supporting Everton from the day I was born. Resented it for a while but I'm so grateful to my dad now. I have just hit 35 and, much as I enjoyed Ferguson, I think it's a bit of a shame that you are reminiscing about that stretch as some sort of golden era.

I think Moyes is wonderful. Could use an acronym like IMO or say something like "end of", but there is no end... that's surely part of the point of a forum. I appreciate the articulate and frustrated arguments against our manager; it would be lovely to acknowledge a few shades of grey rather than branding any poster as an out and out Moyes apologist or BU fanatic (if such a thing even exists).

Why am I finally posting? Partly because I am a bit pissed after a birthday night out but ? to aim for something a touch more profound ? because I love this club. This is the first website I go to (live in Malaysia nowadays) and the comments are so articulate, so well argued... but I think that a lot of the negative stuff is a bit of a dead end.

Anyway. IMO (we have to say that, as if we might be posting somebody else's opinion or, even worse, the objective truth) Stracq is a great guy but not good enough; Ste P is the priority; Anichebe has energy but surely has to go; Jelly is so good that his signing ALONE vindicates Moyes's approach to a massive club on a shoestring budget.

Even Baines (my personal favourite) disappeared at Wembley... it is an imprecise science but I still enjoy following this club, still got goose bumps for the 4-4, still sit up late into the night because there are few better feelings than seeing Everton win.

End of?
Richard Dodd
109   Posted 27/04/2012 at 21:28:53

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......and Drenthe could-and should-have handled himself better at Everton and at his previous clubs!
He`a waster and such people you can`t help as they are determined to squander their talent.
Mark Riding
112   Posted 27/04/2012 at 21:46:42

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Pienaar makes a difference.. of that there is no doubt, and I thank him for that.

Well Im obviously on my own here, but if he wasnt such a money grabbing, contract refusing sell-out.. he would still have been our player and played at Wembley.

If he / or his agent, plays hard ball over a transfer back to us, I would tell him to do one.
As for Drenthe, he is everything what is wrong with modern footballers. Royston, you aint Georgie Best.. grow up you clown.
Anthony Lamb
115   Posted 27/04/2012 at 21:30:33

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I am somewhat incredulous at the above comments (0890) regarding Drenthe. I am not sure if I understand Jimmy's point about what it was that brought him to support Everton - was it really Duncan Ferguson headbutting an opponent?? if so that seems a little bizarre to put it mildly! But it would somewhat bear out his "case" that the Drenthe issue is fundamentally David Moyes' fault. Could I ask Jimmy if he has ANY access to the actual facts relating to the issue other than local gossip or press rumour? In addition I think there is a need for REAL facts in order to start "diagnosing" people as "depressed". Only David Moyes and others close to the events at the club know what precisely it was that led the manager to have nothing more to do with him. Without knowledge of those facts of course we can all indulge in "might have beens" had he played etc. THE fact is that David Moyes left him out of a very important match, one that no doubt he very much wanted to win. Of course he had a choice to play him in the semi - that he didn't would suggest that the Drenthe situation had reached such a situation that it merited Mr Moyes" decision. Seeing as none of us know any of the facts would it not suggest that we trust the manager?
Ian Glassey
116   Posted 27/04/2012 at 22:01:29

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Does anyone think that the players might not want him in the team. A bad influence all round..
Paul David
117   Posted 27/04/2012 at 22:11:05

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Drenthe is a dead issue.Moyes will never play him and if Moyes leaves I still could not imagine him wanting to stay,regardless what supporters want or dont want.
John Crook
118   Posted 27/04/2012 at 22:12:53

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Everyone seems to have forgotten about Yobo! Surely the money we will/should (hopefully) receive this summer will cover the Pienaar transfer fee. I'm Goddamn sure EFC won't allow another season on loan for Yobo.
Eugene Ruane
119   Posted 27/04/2012 at 22:28:46

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"Despite the aura and a renown that extends internationally"

Hey we have an aura and a renown that extends internationally!

Mike Green
174   Posted 28/04/2012 at 08:59:17

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I was a huge critic of Pienaars when he left, not because he left but he way he ran down his contract. Blame should probably be held shared by the club though. Every negotiation with Pienaar has memories of being dragged out.

However, he's been awesome since he got back. I'd like to think he's learnt that the grass isn't greener on the other side and we are the right fit for him. I've always liked him as a player, he's quality, so for me Id be tempted to offer him a long term deal that kept him here for good.
Bobby Thomas
179   Posted 28/04/2012 at 09:13:19

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Piennar is playing boss as he is just made up to be back here and loves it to bits. Im sure to a reasonable extent he does.

He is also playing for a new deal from any club that will pay him the highest wages. Its a possibilty this may have something to do with it!!

And, fuck me, his agent is a gobshite.
Paul Mackie
457   Posted 29/04/2012 at 10:47:46

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If the club had just put their hands in their pockets and admitted he was worth as much to the club as Arteta we wouldn't even be in this situation.

I can't see Spurs letting him go for less that £5m.
Ray Roche
530   Posted 29/04/2012 at 16:06:51

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I believe Spurs are heading for a rebuilding job of their own. If, as he has stated, Bale bales out and goes to a CL qualified club, and Modric finally leaves too as he tried to pre-season, as well as some of their older players being eased out while they still have some value, Pienaar will be wanted back at WHL and will get a regular game. It would be nice if he stayed and his agent has said he would be better off here, but I can't see it happening. Hope I'm wrong, though.
Trevor Lynes
686   Posted 30/04/2012 at 14:34:30

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Why didn't we give him parity with Arteta?? He probably would have stayed and, let's face it, Arteta has gone and we were left with neither! We have squandered money on Hahnemann, Weir and McFadden, none of which were worth a tenth of the money it would have taken to keep him.

Why are we even talking about a situation that never would have happened if the board had paid the man his true value? He has always given 100% and even when he was in the pay dispute he did not let it affect his efforts on the field. He was worth at least as much as anybody else at the club.
Michael Kenrick
734   Posted 30/04/2012 at 20:09:52

Report abuse

Trevor, there's this song going around in my head. It's not a very memorable one but the title seems to fit:

"If You Could Turn Back Time"

Thing is... you can't.
Simon Harris
741   Posted 30/04/2012 at 20:58:40

Report abuse

Trevor, I had the same debate with my old man on the way to the match on Saturday.

His argument was "it's all ifs buts and maybes, maybe Pienaar wanted more than Arteta and Everton rightly didn't want to break their wage ceiling"

We agreed to disagree, as neither of knew the circumstances of his transfer.

One thing we did agree on, we should make him our number 1 priority this summer - cost permitting.
James Flynn
768   Posted 30/04/2012 at 22:35:07

Report abuse

Trevor - The manager wasn't given the money.
James Flynn
769   Posted 30/04/2012 at 22:35:46

Report abuse

Bobby (179) - Piennar is earning the highest wages he'll get.

I believe he didn't want to go and Moyes wanted to keep him. Just like he wants back in and Moyes wants him to stay.

The money wasn't there for Moyes to pull the trigger on a new deal. So Stevie left for a higher wage. God knows how many mouths he's feeding back in South Africa.
Jason Lam
058   Posted 02/05/2012 at 04:51:43

Report abuse

If Modric and Bale leave spuds then it could be the opportunity Pienaar is looking for in establishing himself at spuds. Moyes should've rested more players against spurs helping them get champions league.

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