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“Nothing will be the same” is the promise of Everton’s latest marketing slogan. By happy accident rather than clairvoyant design, it has turned out to be remarkably prescient as the promise of the Farhad Moshiri era begins to flower with the arrival of Ronald Koeman.

Lyndon Lloyd 15/06/2016 53comments  |  Jump to last

“Nothing will be the same” is the promise of Everton’s latest marketing slogan. It’s the latest twist on popular catchphrases evoking the Blues’ past or themes embraced by Evertonians, an abbreviation of Alan Ball’s famous quote about how the club gets into your blood but, by happy accident rather than clairvoyant design, it has turned out to be remarkably prescient.

Rewind to that uninspiring spell of Premier League games that followed the home defeat to West Ham and the FA Cup quarter final win over Chelsea in March — a five-game winless sequence before the nadir at Anfield — and recall that gathering sense of futility that many Toffees fans felt towards Roberto Martinez’s reign. Back then, hovering in that void between the near-certainty of the Catalan’s departure that was eventually realised by season’s end and the fear that his tenure might be prolonged beyond the summer, was the gnawing feeling that the club felt like it was just spinning its wheels.

Despite the quiet assuredness exuded by the billionaire and the stealth of his near-takeover in February, the promise of a new era ushered in by Farhad Moshiri was still unfulfilled; his control over the boardroom and power to steer it in his direction was not yet apparent.

Either oblivious to the huge flaws in his methods or unable to admit to them, Martinez himself appeared to be clinging to the hope that he could get to the close season and spend his way to better results in 2016-17. In that atmosphere of simply not knowing what might happen, it was hard as fans to muster up much enthusiasm for the short-term future.

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Fast forward a few weeks and the whole outlook at Everton has been transformed. Spurred on by the nightmare that unfolded against Liverpool and the huge missed opportunity at Wembley three days later, Moshiri’s mind was made up that the curtain would be brought down on the Martinez era after the last match of the season. Events would dictate that he move the timetable up a few days to the 12th of May but Everton’s de facto new owner was already making plans, with Ronald Koeman the man he had selected to spearhead them on the footballing side.

Only true club insiders will know how warm or otherwise the Dutchman was to the initial approach from Everton. On the face of it, the Toffees’ rich history and dormant potential aside, there would have been little to tempt Koeman away from Southampton where his initial three-year plan was well on course for success.

A seventh place finish in his first season on the south coast was bettered this past campaign with a sixth-place berth and repeat qualification for the Europa League and, with promises presumably in place from Saints board that he would not have the rug pulled from underneath him again in terms of that club selling its best players, the ingredients were there for another good season at the St Mary’s Stadium.

That Koeman elected to leave Southampton, however, at a time when they are out-performing Everton is testament to Moshiri and the ambitions that he has for his new club. It would not have been wholly surprising, given the experience of Robert Earl’s unproductive spell on the board, had the Iranian-born businessman simply come in to gobble shares in a top flight club and wait for the valuation to rise before selling on.

Instead, Moshiri has come in with purpose and vigour, wasting no time in putting his plans for Everton into action with what could turn out to be a truly transformational managerial appointment. And Koeman has clearly been sold on a blue-sky vision for a club massive upside potential and latent support just waiting to be re-energised. Where David Moyes and Roberto Martinez were safe-ish choices, predicated on youthful potential rather than proven success, Koeman has a trophy-laden career behind him as both a player and manager.

The 53-year-old has either won silverware or guided his team to Europe at each of the clubs he has managed to date and now has a proven track record in England. If he gets the kind of financial backing that is being talked about in the press, he will have the conditions with which to make those dreams of one day managing Arsenal redundant. He could have Everton back among the elite as the Gunners’ peers once more.

Nothing is guaranteed, of course, but, as that slogan goes, nothing will be quite the same at Goodison again, particularly if Moshiri does reshape the management structure along more Continental lines in the coming weeks with a Director of Football to work alongside the new manager.

Furthermore, if there is any substance to the reports that a waterfront stadium is back on the table as a viable option, then the club would appear to have the means to make a reality what would truly be a game-changing development for the club, its standing in the city of Liverpool and its long-term future. No longer shackled by an inferiority complex born of two scrapes with relegation and 21 trophy-less years, Everton are thinking and acting like a big club again.

Unless Moshiri is planning on lavishing the historic levels of transfer funds on rebuilding the Toffees’ squad that are consistently reported as being in the offing this summer, the Monaco- and London-based businessman’s arrival probably won’t translate to instant success on the pitch in the form of sudden qualification for the Champions League. Any progress, however, would be a step forward from the stasis of Martinez’s third season in charge and more than many supporters could have hoped for just a couple of months ago.

In just a few short weeks, Evertonians have gone from the despair of an uncertain future to bewilderment at the speed of change at Goodison Park and the sky-high limits of what could possibly be achieved under new ownership and a top-level manager. By luring Koeman to Merseyside, the rest of the Premier League have now got the first indication that the sleeping giant could be awakening and with the galaxy of managerial talent that is coalescing in the northwest, 2016-17 promises to be a fascinating season.

Again, there have been enough false dawns to check any Blue’s unbridled enthusiasm but the ability to just dare to dream again is enough for now.

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Chris Williams
1 Posted 15/06/2016 at 06:31:03
Lyndon, it is difficult not to have a strange feeling about all this. I think it must be optimism!

The last time anything like this happened it was the start of something big. John Moores took over and all of a sudden Roy Vernon, Alex Young, George Thomson, Gordon West, Jimmy Gabriel, Micky Lill, Tommy Ring were joining us in fairly short order followed by Harry Catterick, Tony Kay and Dennis Stevens.

I was only 11 then and now I'm well stricken in years but I can't help getting a bit of the same vibe.

I realise the shape and structure of football has been changed by the influx of private wealth and TV cash but it would be nice eventually to eat at the top table and fish in the same pool and this appointment could be as much the catalyst for this as it is a statement of intent.

An interesting summer awaits.

Andy Osborne
2 Posted 15/06/2016 at 06:50:42
Farhad Moshiri has made a statement with this appointment. Koeman is a disciplinarian, a tactician and a proven winner, and whilst he may not (yet) be seen as one of the worlds top managers, his stock is certainly rising in that area. Another reason this appointment makes sense, given Koemans recent record in the transfer market with Southampton, is that it takes the immediate pressure off appointing a Director of Football. In the grander scheme of things, getting the right person as DoF is a more important decision for the long term future of Everton, as it will bring stability to player recruitment and youth development. It seems these days that managers only want to stick around for a few years before they move on, but a DoF will deliver a long term strategy for the club. Given Koemans successful builds and rebuilds at Southampton, I am sure Moshiri feels he has more time to get the right person as DoF, knowing that the next couple of transfer windows would appear to be in safe hands.
David Pearl
3 Posted 15/06/2016 at 06:56:34
Great stuff.
What I want is the same kind of high profile signing that City did by getting Robinho. He might of been hit and miss but it made everyone take note that their ambitions were serious, and from then on others followed. Moshiri and Bill convinced Koeman and he now has to do the same and attract the right players. The difference of course being how competitive the league is now. Even West Ham have got up to £30m to spend on a striker apparently. If I was playing FM2016/17 I'd start by going for Toni Kroos. I'd also slap Romelu across the face and tell him to behave himself.
Kieran Fitzgerald
4 Posted 15/06/2016 at 07:34:45
It has been the timing of the new manager coming on board that has impressed me the most. Koeman has a couple of weeks before the start of pre-season to become familiar with the everyday workings of the club. He will then have a full pre-season to get to know his players and impress what he wants to upon them. He will also have the full summer to figure out his transfer targets.

There are two other things in particular for me that Koeman will get a proper chance to become familiar with. The first is Finch Farm. In fairness to Martinez, he has developed further what was already a very good training facility. It is now top class and Koeman will get the full summer to make the most of it. The second thing is the Academy. We have high hopes for some of the recent graduates and Koeman will get to see how some of the players recently promoted to the senior squad are like.

David Chait
5 Posted 15/06/2016 at 08:40:53
I get excited by what's to come, by that I mean ok we have Koeman now what?

This is definitely only the first piece in Moshiris puzzle, well I hope. For me it's undeniably the most important piece and it's clear clubs have realised investing in the manager is just if not more important than the players that follow. £5m for a world class player would be considered a bargain.

I do believe the salary was the key influencer in getting Koeman, but men of calibre will forget about that as soon as the contract is signed and get on with doing their best job of being successful.

Now that he has joined I'm now watching his moves closely and hope to see him absorb and realise the cultural significance of our club that he might not have been aware of as an outsider. Hopefully his heart will follow soon as at least we have his head.

I expect nothing less than improving the team structure and effectiveness. I hope that he sees talent in the players we are itching to see more of. No matter what happens I will be very disappointed if I don't get to see more of Galloway, Davies, Dowell and Ledson next season.

Being an Evertonian , still cautiously optimistic.

Ian Burns
6 Posted 15/06/2016 at 08:57:04
Great summing up Evertonians' expectations and feelings Lyndon - you have got this old guy's juices flowing this morning!

Chris - 1 - we are of the same era and an excellent post - I couldn't agree more.

Just reading the gossip columns and seeing Everton's name being linked with quality players will do me nicely for the summer months!

Just praying for a waterfront stadium now so I can go back to the days when Anfield was the inferior ground in Liverpool!

John Louis Jones
7 Posted 15/06/2016 at 09:06:42
Great Read Lyndon, I would also like to add I have had great fun on Twatter reminding Southampton fans that they have Delusions Of Grandeur. however I suppose next set of fans to attack Everton will be the teams we are buying players from.

DoF is next and there rumours about that we are meeting with Monchi Tomorrow. This would be great news. I really hope it doesn't end up like the RS though, 5 man comity signing overpriced crap. anyways excited.

This summer is going to the craziest I have seen possibility in my life time as a Blue.

With Howard, Hibbo, Ossie and Peanut gone it will be really interesting to see who else goes in regards to deadwood.
McGeady, Kone, Ovideo are looking like dead certs That would be for arguments sake if they were all on £40k a week £14.5 Million off the wage bill. This would pay the wages of 3 truly world class players.

As it has been pointed out there is a sense of ruthlessness about so maybe Barry , McCarthy, Lennon etc could be on the chopping board.

Regards GK we see names getting thrown around Krul, Forester etc, But we should go for a big name Like Bernd Leno, Jesus this guy is good and only 24 he could be in that position for 10 years.

Oh well exciting times to be a blue. COYBB

Brin Williams
8 Posted 15/06/2016 at 09:15:55
I know this article is about the rising of a new day and Lyndon mentioned 'Nothing will be the same' and I will most probably be slated here for what I am going to say, but here goes.

What has brought about the near euphoria in the fan base is down to one man - Bill. OK, I have heard all the arguments about how he has held us back over the years, his lack of investment, his poor choice of Martinez and his lovvy dovvy attitude and placations etc etc.

But I go back to the fact that he was/is an Evertonian through and through. I believe he only wanted the best for the club, I do think he got in with a useless crowd but that at least kept us afloat in some pretty rough seas. But as we Welsh like to point out 'Da ni yma o hyd'

- 'We are still here'!! Not only are we still here under/after his stewardship, we are very apparently still here and in very very good shape thanks to his continual search for the 'right' man to steer the ship.

How that all came about I do not know - was it because of his ill health being a problem that he decided to cash in his chips or did his co-directors thinks that Martinez was about to take us down and jumped ship taking with them all the family silver leaving him to hold the baby

No, I think Bill has been true to his word, altho' I have cursed him many times, he has delivered and after the fiascos of King's Dock, Kirby etc it certainly looks as if he eventually got it right, call it luck? Who knows.

Nothing will be the same - bloody right it won't in fact after a two year absence I have renewed my Season Ticket and look forward to retaking my seat in the Old Lady until she takes her place with Bill in Everton's Hall of Fame.

Noleen Daya
9 Posted 15/06/2016 at 09:36:55
Hey my fellow Toffees, since I live in South Africa and am therefore far away, I'm raising my mug of coffee at work this morning to toast all of us!
Matt Woods
10 Posted 15/06/2016 at 10:02:39
I am currently in Thailand relaxing after playing for New Zealand in the annual Seniors World Cup this year held in Chiang Mai.
This is an eight team tournament which includes England Scotland Australia Taiwan USA Thailand and Iran as well as New Zealand.
Of interest to Evertonians would be Peter Beagrie being in the England squad alongside some solid local ex pros Ged Brannan and Kenny Irons.
Aside from the actual playing I took the time to speak with the Iranian management to ask about a certain Mr. Moshiri.
Their endorsement of him was pleasing. They rubbed their hands to indicate money and said he has loads of it and is the real deal looking to spend big on Everton. They told me he has also been looking to buy one of the biggest clubs in Iran...this I found very interesting. There is unbelievable talent in Iran but it's political isolation has made movement of players difficult although not impossible. Perhaps Moshiri is looking to create a feeder club for the Blues in Iran?
Anyway the bottom line was that Moshiri means business and he will be great for Everton and that will do for me.
Damian Wilde
11 Posted 15/06/2016 at 10:37:44
"Koeman is a disciplinarian."

Says who? Another poster on a different thread said he is pretty relaxed (he said he knows a first teamer). So which is it?

Sounds great, Matt, how did you get on? Who won it? Your an ex-pro? Beagrie had a good shot on him and GB & KI were decent players.

Thanks for the Moshiri information, though not sure about Iranian players!

Thomas Surgenor
12 Posted 15/06/2016 at 10:56:12
Damian - I was that poster.
The only reason I'm coy and didn't mention the player by name was because I don't think it's fair to attribute the comments to him. I think I've even been a bit lousy by just mentioning it on here.

The player is a pleasant lad, true professional.. So maybe just didn't want to say anything negative about his old manager?!

But the EXACT phrases he used were "simplifies things" and "creates a relaxed atmosphere". Make of that what you will.

Anyone who has read my posts on here and knows where I'm from would be able to know who it is anyway.

I think the disaplinaring think is fabricated on the basis that he dropped pelle to play Shane long. On those grounds we could say that Martinez was a tough one too cause of the subs he made at Barnsley in the cup.

Damian Wilde
13 Posted 15/06/2016 at 11:28:02
I'd never ecpect you to say who it was Thomas. I was just being 'curious'. Maybe there's a balance with him being tough when he needs to be, but also a nice fella?
Alasdair Mackay
14 Posted 15/06/2016 at 11:55:01
The difference between our situation and that of Chelsea 10 years ago or City 5 years ago is that we have not become the biggest fish in the pond over night.

Moshiri has given us the ability to compete in the transfer market with the top clubs in Europe (aside from stupid money clubs like City, PSG or the super-draws of Barca, Madrid, Bayern or Man United).

It is important that we spend the next 3 seasons building our brand and buying smart, so that by the time we move into our new stadium we are ready to compete as a top, top club at CL level.

Laurie Hartley
15 Posted 15/06/2016 at 12:29:38
Great article Lyndon but I read it after my "unbridled enthusiasm" had escaped from the bottle early this morning.

The last time that happened was when Deulofeu scored the equaliser at Arsenal 3 seasons ago, however I am not going to let what followed after that spoil this latest attack of "we will be great again".

The reason for my optimism is down to Farhad Moshiri. He seems to have the same steely determination as John Moores brought to the club in the early 60's. Chris Williams has eluded to this in post # 1.

I think the sleeping giant has been stirred. They better watch out.

Mike Allison
16 Posted 15/06/2016 at 12:31:30
Maybe I'm just a natural contrarian, but I'm slightly worried by the amount of optimism.

Koeman still has a lot to prove as far as I'm concerned. He certainly doesn't stack up against Guardiola and Mourinho achievement-wise. Everton needs to be the club where he takes his career to the next level, more of the same from him will only get us back to where we've got used to being over the last decade anyway.

The much bigger deal for me is the new stadium and overall structure of the club. A new stadium on the docks is the must-have. If they make genuine progress on that this season then I'll be as giddily excited as anyone.

The overall structure of the club isn't too bad, but it is currently very dependent on who the manager is at the time. Both Moyes and Martinez made, or facilitated, good progress on this and we have a strong academy producing players for the first team. The key part of a new Director of Football's job would be to keep this production line flowing, followed by recruitment of players developed elsewhere.

Steve Carse
17 Posted 15/06/2016 at 12:43:38
So long as the new pressure for success doesn't lead to RK bringing some good time, egotistical, continental Charlies in at the expense of the slow but progressive development of the exciting young talents coming through then we'll be alright.
Matt Woods
18 Posted 15/06/2016 at 14:37:19

England actually won the tournament but finished second to Iran in a group of four before winning a semi against Scotland 3-0 and the final against Thailand 1-0.

Iran beat England 2-1 in a group game and by all accounts looked the team to beat but lost to Thailand on penalties in the semi. It's always tough to beat Thailand as the local officials are quite poor to say the least.

New Zealand where in the same group as Thailand who beat us 3-0 in the opening game. We then drew with Aussie 2-2 with Eugene Dadi diving for a last minute penalty to deny us a deserved win. We beat Scotland 3-2 to finish 3rd in our group.

The bottom two teams from each group play off for a 'Plate' we beat USA 2-0 before losing to Australia 3-1. Overall we came 6th which is no disgrace for NZ.

I am not an ex pro just a fit lad who tries to keep it simple. That goes a long way in a humid country like Thailand.

Player of the tournament was Gareth Ainsworth who is currently managing Wycombe Wanderers. Cracking lad originally from Blackburn who played for Wimbledon in the premier League. Also playing for England was Barry Hayles ex Fulham and Andy Hessenhaller. So obviously England were very strong.

Dan Davies
19 Posted 15/06/2016 at 15:08:31
Mike @16, Koeman to prove himself against the likes of the managers you mentioned has to win something. It doesn't seem Mr Moshiri is one to mess about.

For the cash he's pocketing he either needs to win a cup or two or get us competing in Europe consistently with Champions League being preferred over the Europa League.

If he wants the Barca job then he needs to win stuff and do so against quality managers, well with the history of Everton and our new financial might now is his time.

Koeman wasn't my first choice but the more I get used to it, it does make sense, Everton and Koeman currently have the same ambition and goals. To prove themselves amongst the best.

We could be the springboard for his dream job and if that is to happen he would have put us back amongst the 'big boys'. If he flops, I can't see Mr Moshiri being too sentimental, onto the next one.

We shouldn't expect this in his first season mind though a cup and decent league finish would be nice. Everton are on the up. Koeman has got balls for taking this job right now because it could make or break him.

Darryl Ritchie
21 Posted 15/06/2016 at 17:51:02
Is Koeman going to be the right fit to move Everton forward? I hope so. Moshiri definitely thinks so! There is so much that we don't know; transfers, style of play, fitness levels, etc,. What I do know, it's going to be almost impossible for him to do worse than Martinez.

There are always going to be positive fans and negative fans, that will never, ever, change. The "glass half full/half empty" argument. The difference now is the glass has gotten a lot bigger.

Personally, I will remain patient, and see what he does. It's way too early to make a judgement, one way or another.

Danny O'Neill
22 Posted 15/06/2016 at 19:35:10
I won't slate you Brin. Bill is far from perfect and those who criticise are welcome to do so. He took on the club when we were in dire straights and let's be honest no one would touch us with a barge pole for a long time afterwards.

Mistakes made; yes. Stagnation; yes. Fallen behind; yes. But maybe not as far as we could have. We somehow "stayed in the game" or at least stayed in touch and some of the credit for that should go to Bill Kenwright.

Many clubs over the years have jumped at offers of investment and it's all gone horribly wrong; ask Aston Villa or Newcastle. Ask Leeds.

I would agree that Bill's emotional connection to the club (compounded by his theatrical background and tendencies) has clouded his judgement and also agree he was never cut out to take his club; our club back to the heights. He did however step into and stay in the firing line when no one else would and as history will show, left us healthier than when he took over. Moshiri allegedly paid £200m for 49.9% of Everton. Aston Villa (who several years ago we were all envious of) have just been sold for £67m all in and £20m of that was covering an overdraft. I once got slated on here for saying "good things come to those who wait" (...'what the f@#K does that mean'). It means good things come to those who wait. Hopefully they just have.

Waited for the right man or forced sale because of health? I don't know but at least we appear to have got the right man and not a Cardiff "change the strip to red" type investor.

As always let's enjoy the ride ahead. Onward Evertonians.

Danny O'Neill
23 Posted 15/06/2016 at 19:38:36
Dan Davies; Perfect analysis almost reflects my view to a word
Ian Bennett
24 Posted 15/06/2016 at 20:09:20
Not taking no for an answer is the real change here. Koemen was my first choice, followed by Emery.

I was expecting De Boer, and so to see Moshiri get his man, despite pundits claiming he wouldn't is an exciting change. Baby steps, I hope it is one of many, and not false dawn Peter Johnson gave us.

Paul Ellam
25 Posted 15/06/2016 at 20:21:35
Koeman is a great appointment, however, what has truly got me excited and feeling optimistic about Everton is how Moshiri has got us acting like a big club again.
He has brought with him a touch of class and a steel minded attitude.
He doesn't say much (in public) but I can imagine he doesn't waste a word of what he says and will show little sentiment when it comes to bringing in success both on and off the pitch.
He has got the stadium debate back up and running and looks to be doing big things behind the scenes. Fingers crossed anyway!
I still have a gut feeling that he will persuade his friend Usmanov (the man with the REAL money) to join our Board in the next couple of years and really propel us to top dogs again!
Dave Ganley
26 Posted 15/06/2016 at 20:33:37
Good article Lyndon as ever and one I wholly agree with. For the first time in a long time I am excited for the coming season.

Koeman no doubt came for the money, but also for the chance to mould a good team that Southampton would never achieve in a month of Sundays. I don't really care if he considers this position a stepping stone to Barca or whatever he considers a better job. What's good for him will ultimately be good for us.

Make no mistake this is down to Moshiri, not Bill. People have very short memories when they say he is an Evertonian through and through. Is he an Everton fan? Yes no doubt. Has he done what's best for the club? No not in my opinion. Others have rightly said that he was ill equipped to own a club like Everton. We have stabilised, but have we moved further forward since he became chairman? After witnessing the shambles that was last season, absolutely not. In fact it could be argued that the players at least gave more effort than what we witnessed our the last 2 years. It's anybodys guess why he finally found his buyer. Pressure, Ill health, skint, who knows, but imo if he could have kept hold of the reigns he would have done. The one major project that he couldn't afford to mess up, the King's Dock, he did so with aplomb and it cost us hugely. The ridiculous"what a manager" speech just typifies his desire to be right at any cost. Wonder how long he was waiting to say that? It was just embarrassing. No sorry, boys pen Bill doesn't deserve any credit for this upturn of events and positivity. In fact if rumours were to be believed, he would still have the idiot in charge for next season. It's not whats best for Everton, just a desire to be proved right even when it's painfully obvious that he's not.

So a new dawn. Onwards and upwards. This is potentially the most exciting time we have had for decades. Hopefully a new waterfront stadium and finally a team fit to wear the royal blue shirt. Am I bothered what other teams and their fans think of us? Couldn't give a monkeys. Who cares if they say players come for money, who cares if they say we bought trophies, think Mancs cockney sorry RS care what other fans think of them? No they just care what's in the trophy cabinet.

It's a nice feeling knowing that we maybe will gatecrash the top table and upset the establishment. A bonus of this is knowing this will really upset the idiots on sky sports and bbc too.

A new dawn indeed.

Danny O'Neill
27 Posted 15/06/2016 at 20:59:04
So where were the takers Dave? Lots of critics (justifiably...put yourself in the firing line and you will get it). Where were the alternatives when we needed them?
Tony Sullivan
28 Posted 15/06/2016 at 21:01:18
As a blue who started in the fifties I have seen much success and many false dawns.
I agree with much of what has been said about Lyndon's excellent analysis,but what excites me about the Moshiri era is thinking back to the open let from him and Usmanov to the Arsenal board.
In it they complained about the lack of financial support for the manager, rip off ticket prices and being satisfied with 'only' top four finishes.
For me the man means business and we are right to feel excited.
Jeff Armstrong
29 Posted 15/06/2016 at 21:13:06
Usmanov will soon get fed up with his lack of clout at Arsenal, if we start making waves in the Premier League and start pushing for top 4 I believe he will come on board with his mate. And then watch us go.
Dave Ganley
30 Posted 15/06/2016 at 21:16:15
Who knows who came to Bill with offers Danny. Bill only let's the fans know what Bill wants them to know. Do you have any concrete information that there were no offers to Bill?

Bill came to the board in 1989 when we still had credibility. He has overseen the worst trophy less run for eons. There is a whole generation who have never seen us win a trophy and celebrated us escaping relegation on the last day of the season. Hardly an enduring endorsement of his stewardship

John Daley
31 Posted 15/06/2016 at 21:17:23
"Moshiri allegedly paid £200m for 49.9% of Everton"

Where's that figure from?

£200m was what he sold his Arsenal shares for. His purchase of a 49.9% stake in Everton cost him £87m didn't it?

Brian Harrison
32 Posted 15/06/2016 at 21:32:16
Koeman is a winner as both player and manager. He has done better at Southampton than Pochettino and he hasnt made a bad job at Spurs. Unlike RM this guy is the real deal, no philosophy only a winning philosophy. Just like at Southampton he may have lost a few players before he arrives at Finch Farm, but it didnt deter him at Southampton and it wont when he gets here.
Yes obviously the salary increase must have been important but I think his desire to have the financial backing that will allow him to compete with the big boys was more important.
I have seen every manager from Carey onwards and I am as excited about this appointment more than most we have made in the last 50 years.
David Cromwell
33 Posted 15/06/2016 at 22:20:59
I'm still skeptical. Perhaps it's because of the clubs telling silence during both the belated end of Martinez and the belated unveiling of his replacement. The end of Martinez became an ugly affair, due in no small part to the clubs lack of comment at the time. Whilst I can appreciate the clubs discretion during the recruitment process, it's protracted nature raises more questions.
I'm also suspicious of Koeman. Just from the time taken to land him, I suspect he was not the clubs first choice at all. And whilst I am behind the guy and wish him well, his Southampton teams have never struck me as particularly exciting either. They did strike me as fit and very well organised, things Martinez Everton could never lay claim to. In that respect, this is a huge improvement. But organising a football team better than Bobby Martinez is not, you'd think, a quality in short supply.
Then he's also inherited - and I'm being brutallly realistic - a squad in major need of surgery. I'm happy that Koeman has experience at Soton integrating new faces, because he's clearly going to have to repeat the trick here.
It's baby steps I guess, and here's hoping things develop further. But yeah, I can see a few clouds to ruin the bright Blue dawn.
Martin Mason
34 Posted 15/06/2016 at 22:59:08
There is no guarantee of success even when funds are available. Koeman has a very good hand dealt to him him but it's still going to be very hard work on everybody's part at the club to get us to the top again. It's up to us to give them the support they need.
Francis Gibson
35 Posted 15/06/2016 at 23:32:28
Excellent piece, Lyndon. Optimistic, yet also realistic enough to acknowledge it's early days yet to Flip Your Wig. All told, the future looks considerably brighter than Candy Apple Grey; with all these good vibes around EFC, I'm beginning to feel like a kid in a Zen Arcade


Danny O'Neill
36 Posted 15/06/2016 at 23:36:57
No I don't Dave. Do you have any concrete evidence that there were?

John Daley, from what I've read that's the figure I understood. If I'm wrong I'm happy to be proven so.

Gents, we can all have opinions. Mine is that whilst Kenwright isn't or was never perfect, he isn't the anti-Christ some make him out to be and deserves some credit for carrying the can when no one else would touch us.

And for some to suggest he isn't an Evertonian; well that's probably his biggest fault. Never mix business with family or pleasure as they say.

Danny O'Neill
37 Posted 15/06/2016 at 23:44:33
And the point is Dave, its who you sell to. We could probably have sold years ago (like Villa, like Newcastle, like Leeds etc). I think we have eventually sold to the right person. I could be wrong but hope I'm not. Truth is you never know, you can only "guess-timate".
Dan Davies
38 Posted 15/06/2016 at 23:59:43
I used to have a fair bit of respect for Kenwright when I was younger and duller but as the years have gone by slowly but surely that's changed.

In the end he's done very well out of Everton, people should not forget that. What capped it off for me was Kenwright and the 'what a manager' thing.

At the time when a lot of Everton fans were unhappy and voicing their feelings whichever way they did he seemed to get satisfaction by saying what he did. This was a poke in the eye and a middle finger in the face to those loyal fans.

When it gets to the point where you are that emotionally attached to start point scoring with your own loyal fan base something's wrong and its time to let go.

Anyway the dawn of a new day. A new era.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a shiny new stadium sat next to the Mersey, overlooking the City, pulsating Royal Blue into the evening sky on late kick offs.

The EVERTON badge floating above the stadium like something out of a batman movie, seen for miles around.

The roar when the fourth goal gets smashed in by the Blue Boys against the rs, Evertonians laughing at the reds shuffling back toward rickety Anfield with their tails between their legs!

Got to stop myself now! If only I was billionaire.....

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Wake up Dan......... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Ha!

Peter Morris
39 Posted 16/06/2016 at 04:51:25
We'll find out about Koeman's personality soon enough, and surely what matters is his judgement and man management skills in leading a bunch of 20 odd over paid individuals. I expect us to lose our sole major source of goals from last year, so he has a big call to make there.He'll also be up against the jack in the box across the park, who I think will eventually start to irritate that lot the way Martinez got under our skins in the end. Once the clown has done his job at your kid's birthday party, you just want him to leave don't you? A more sober approach on life will be an interesting comparison, and most welcomed in my book. Koeman does strikes me as quite a cold fish, but that said, after 3 years of Martinez flim-flam, which became embarrassing in the end, I'll be quite relieved at that prospect, and we can concentrate on our jobs, which is lifting and getting behind the team again.
Dave Ganley
40 Posted 16/06/2016 at 06:29:06
Danny, I don't think Kenwright is the anti christ or wish him any ill will. I just personally don't think he did the best he could possibly do for Everton and I'm glad he is no longer calling the shots.

His cv as chairman isn't exactly glittering and as you say, we will never know if anybody approached him earlier or not because he never told us anything that portrayed him in a negative light.

Like you, I think this guy Moshiri is the real deal and hope it's going to produce a long and sustained period of us going forward and maybe (hopefully) winning trophies. But as for congratulating Kenwright for eventually finding (after being in the board for 27 years and chairman for 17 years) the right man, well no, for me he has hung onto power far too long to the detriment of the club and not done what the club needs just what Kenwright wanted.

Danny O'Neill
41 Posted 16/06/2016 at 09:35:26
I think we're broadly in agreement Dave, probably just differ on how we view Kenwright's motives and reasoning for remaining. One left of centre, one being right of centre so to speak!

Anyway, after the long seemingly endless wait, a new positive era seems to be genuinely here. Lets grasp it and move on.

Alan J Thompson
42 Posted 16/06/2016 at 11:52:26
No evidence and no proof but I still blame Kenwright for engineering the sale of Rooney. With any foresight the value of Rooney, and his marketing, should have been obvious and I still don't buy that his sale was the salvation of Everton.
Terry Underwood
43 Posted 16/06/2016 at 11:52:28
JLJ... seriously? get shot of Lennon? Hard worker, clever player, can pick a pass and has the occasional goal in him. Even if we do get some top players, we still need squad players to step in when needed
Jim Burns
44 Posted 16/06/2016 at 12:11:22
Wake up Dan @38 - its happening lad.
Peter Mills
45 Posted 16/06/2016 at 12:21:30
For me, the chief criterion when we were seeking a new manager was that he should have been a good player. I know that does not guarantee he will be a good coach or manager, but I just feel that players look at their boss and think "What has he done? What does he know?". Well, now we've got someone who has done quite a bit. When he speaks, we should all listen.

This is an excellent start to the new regime. The next big matter is the new stadium, possibly the most important thing in the last 120-odd years of our Club's history. I love Goodison but recognise its dilapidation. Given the way Mr Moshiri goes about his business I doubt we will hear much about his plans until they can genuinely come to fruition, but surely he must be looking at a major statement stadium at the docks?

John Daley
46 Posted 16/06/2016 at 12:37:09
"John Daley, from what I've read that's the figure I understood. If I'm wrong I'm happy to be proven so."

Guess it depends what you read then...

"The Iranian billionaire, whose 49.9% share purchase at a reported cost of £85m was ratified by the Premier League this week..."


"Farhad Moshiri has secured the right to increase his stake in Everton , the ECHO can reveal.

Last February, Mr Moshiri announced that he had bought a 49.9% stake in the Goodison Park club for a reported £87.5m, but this was not enough to give him a majority stake, a fact that has puzzled many fans and financial experts."


Danny O'Neill
47 Posted 16/06/2016 at 13:17:34
Cheers John
Dave Abrahams
48 Posted 16/06/2016 at 16:46:15
Dave ( 26 ) good article Dave, you go too easy on Billy Liar though. Quicker he's left Everton the better, full of utter shite.
Kevin Day
49 Posted 16/06/2016 at 17:35:07
Great read Lyndon....

I think the best part of this "new dawn" will be the ability to buy in January, how many times in the past under Moyes were we in and around top 4/5/6 going into January, and had an opportunity to add to the squad for the final push, just to be let down by lack of funds, when those around us bolstered and pushed on, not now though guys n girls....

Danny O'Neill
50 Posted 16/06/2016 at 17:49:47
Once more going off instinct rather than doing the research (I like the debate!), my fading memory sees it different Kevin. Bar the odd season or 2, wasn't Moyes' reign by and large characterised by many dire starts, salvaged only by strong surges after Christmas? Ironically one of the exceptions I remember was the year we qualified for the qualifiers of the Champion's League!

Anyway. That's the past and as Lyndon's title says, a new day is ahead. Hopefully a bright and prosperous one

Kevin Day
51 Posted 16/06/2016 at 21:39:38
We did indeed have poor starts Danny, but we would be around 8th leading up to Xmas and then towards end of Jan start getting results, but the lack of additions in January constantly had us "best of the rest".
Michael Polley
52 Posted 17/06/2016 at 03:22:06
New era awaits us. Feeling optimistic and excited for our great club, but change may take some time to be reflected on the pitch. One thing is for sure the cloud of gloom and doom has been lifted from Goodison. A better and improved season awaits us. COYB
Dave Abrahams
53 Posted 17/06/2016 at 09:28:16
Danny (50) yes your memory is correct concerning the season we finished fourth, I think we won only seven of the last twenty games or so.

One of the main reasons we finished fourth was Liverpool were concentrating on the champions league cup and Middlesboro were doing likewise in the Europa cup.

Danny O'Neill
54 Posted 17/06/2016 at 17:04:40
One of lowest points tallies ever to qualify as well I think Dave; not many more than we achieved this season!!

Yeah, it seemed every time we slipped up, for once Liverpool collaborated and returned the compliment!

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