Besic to miss opener against Watford

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Gibson and McGeady could return by end of August
Muhamed Besic has been ruled out of the first match of the new Premier League season with the hamstring injury he picked up prior to Everton's trip to Singapore.

The Bosnian is expected to be back in action before the end of August, however, a similar timescale to Aiden McGeady and Darron Gibson. McGeady was also a casualty of the Blues' hamstring curse when he picked up a soft-tissue injury on international duty earlier in the summer, while Gibson is reaching the end of his recovery from a fractured metatarsal.

Roberto Martinez expects both players to be ready around the end of next month but admitted in an update on that the club's medical staff need more time to assess Tony Hibbert.

The veteran spent much of last season on the sidelines though injury and he picked up a fresh complaint in the Asia Trophy a fortnight ago.

"Mo ... is recovering really, really well," the manager said. "He is a player with a lot of power and a player who I expect to be fit just after the start of the campaign. I think he will miss the opening game but after that he will be close to a return.

Aiden was carrying the little hamstring problem that affected him from the international game... We are quite confident that in the next two to three weeks he will show a good reaction to the treatment hes been having.

Those players, plus Darron Gibson have progressed well and I think they will be there or thereabouts by the end of August.

"Tony... will be out a little bit longer, I think we will have a better idea once the start of the season gets under way - probably Tony will be out for a few weeks still.


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Zac Farbrother
3 Posted 30/07/2015 at 18:33:51
Please, please, Bobby... play McCarthy and Cleverley. If Barry starts I am going to be very frustrated.
Derek Knox
4 Posted 30/07/2015 at 18:34:17
What is happening in the preparation and training with all these hamstring injuries and pulls?

While I appreciate that the modern game is about athleticism and control, I have noted that we seem to sustain more of these injuries than any other of our opponents. Or is it that My imagination?

Steve Guy
5 Posted 30/07/2015 at 18:35:47
I sincerely hope RM and his team are being scrutinised for this within Goodison’s corridors. Last season was blighted by hamstring issues and this season threatens to be similar affected. It can’t be a coincidence and increasingly looks like poor fitness regimes...
Mike Oates
6 Posted 30/07/2015 at 18:38:40
We are already top of the PL injuries this preseason and 75% are hamstring, whereas elsewhere it seems to be knees, with very few hamstrings in the list.

Dear Bobby... look deeper.

Ian Bennett
7 Posted 30/07/2015 at 18:39:15
I read somewhere Henen has a hamstring injury... WTF is going on?
Shane Corcoran
8 Posted 30/07/2015 at 18:46:28
How is McGeady's so bad? He was touch and go for the Scotland match in June and now he's out for a further three months.

As for Hibbert, it seems the club don't bother telling us what's wrong with Tony any more. He's just "out".

I suppose they're could be worse (better) players out.

Rick Pattinson
11 Posted 30/07/2015 at 19:07:54
Have we got witch doctors doing the physio at the club nowadays? Absolute joke!
Arran Leyland
12 Posted 30/07/2015 at 19:24:20
It is a joke isn’t it. I agree completely about Barry. Truth is we should never have given him a permenant deal. Last season and this we may as well have just stood a wardrobe in the DM. Another gripe I have with him is that for a big handy lad, a lot of our goals conceded at corners are from him shirking a header. He doesn’t like putting his head in at all.

For me, if we keep McCarthy – something if we don’t I will be massively unhappy about – then we have to play McCarthy, Besic and Barkley often. Those 3 with Lukaku, Del Boy and Kev or Cleverley would be excellent. So young the 3 of them a swell.

If they can gel, which I think they would superbly, in 3 years time we could have the most envied midfield 3 in the league. Strong, neat and dynamic. Plus, we need to toughen up this year, the idea we were anywhere near the Fair Play award is embarrassing. Rom was a beast in first season but him and the whole team got bullied a lot last year. Soft manager = soft team.
Joe Foster
13 Posted 30/07/2015 at 19:24:27
Hamstrings... they are all the fashion these days.
Keith Monaghan
16 Posted 30/07/2015 at 20:12:36
Our record with hamstring problems is cause for concern - I’m sure that this must be being investigated within the club.

I’m no medic or physio but I’m afraid McGeady has become a waste of a salary (now seems to be injury-prone as well as a very inconsistent performer) and the stats say Gibbo and Hibbo are of no practicable use to the team/squad - the latter has been a great servant to the club, but age etc has caught up with him, and the former should never have been signed (had a shocking record at OT).
Kelvin Thomas
17 Posted 30/07/2015 at 21:05:53
Big injury list already. Nothing changes. Because of lack of funds we have been forced to buy and gamble on players fitness i.e. Gibson. We are also unable to go out and replace injury-prone players. It isn’t our medical team’s fault, half our squad is injury-prone!

For the past 5 seasons, Hibbo’s played a game or two then missed the rest of the season, and we’re still paying him wages!

Colin Glassar
18 Posted 30/07/2015 at 21:06:05
Spot on Keith, something is definitely going on. What? I don't know but something isn't right.
Dave Abrahams
19 Posted 30/07/2015 at 21:15:33
I think they should send Tony Hibbert to St John’s House in Bootle... I’m sure he’d qualify for DLA.
Teddy Bertin
20 Posted 30/07/2015 at 21:19:58
Gibson should never have been signed? Captain Hindsight, Keith. So you wouldn’t have signed Andy Gray or Peter Reid with their injury records either?

Gibson was worth a punt. If he was always fit, he’d still be at Man Utd. He’s one of the best passers of the ball that I’ve seen at this place for a long time and has still got one hell of a strike on him.

If he can string 10 consecutive games together this season, he’ll be well worth having on the books.

Darryl Ritchie
22 Posted 30/07/2015 at 21:27:27
I did some research on what injuries other clubs have as of this post. There are a grand total of 8 hamstring injuries in the league; 4 (5 if you count Henen) for us and 4 for everybody else.


We are doing something wrong, or not doing something right. Our players can’t be that more fragile than every other player.

Andrew Presly
25 Posted 30/07/2015 at 22:39:36
Nobody is counting the days until any of this lot come back are they? There are no solutions for the problems we may face in the early stages of the campaign amongst these people. Forget them.
Keith Monaghan
27 Posted 30/07/2015 at 23:44:13
Teddy, not being disrespectful, but when did Gibbo last string 10 consecutive games together? He did have a shot, but every time he starts to pull the trigger, I’m fearful he’ll be injured -- think he’s only scored once for us, a deflection against Man City.

Reidy & Andy Gray had their problems, but their career stats were pretty good -- ironically, as an aside you’re probably aware of, Reidy’s problems started with a collision with our own George Wood in the snow at Burnden Park one New Year’s Day!

Regarding signing crocks, why on earth did Moyes ever waste money late on and bring McFadden back? This club isn’t well off enough to gamble contracts on non-participants.

Eric Holland
28 Posted 30/07/2015 at 23:55:56
Darryl @ 16
pretty much bang on according to this injury site for Premier league.


We also have more injuries than any other team.

Anthony Lamb
29 Posted 30/07/2015 at 23:59:58
It is now bordering on the utterly farcical and quite frankly a disgrace to everyone associated with this so called "industry of elite sportsmen". How on earth do some of these people sustain such injuries when simply training?

Andrew is right: rather than issuing "bulletins", there should be statements regarding how some have been moved on from the club in whatever way satisfies legal requirements etc.

Bulletins about Gibson and Hibbert? Nothing personal against either, for my only relationship with them, just like 99.99% of supporters, is as a player on the pitch. While the latter has been a dependable asset to the club over many years, his days are now just about finished at the so-called top level and someone should call a stop to it.

And I am afraid the former is now so identified with being unfit for duty, both to his present employers and to previous employers, that it is impossible to take his employment seriously. So infrequent have been his appearances that two or three decent passes during those appearances are now seemingly elevated to the status of match-winning performances and claims of his prowess at striking of a football are simply based on reports of his early promise at Man Utd for there have been pitifully few examples of it during his paltry number of appearances at the club.

Of course, such has been the decline in the status and strength of Everton during the last 30 years that we have had to take chances on players in the hope that they will come good but let us at least keep some semblance of balance here.

Of course, the manager is going to put his usual over indulgent gloss on things; he seems to have no other option nor apparently able to stop himself, but supporters of long standing, who have seen truly fine players at this club do not want to patronised by the management into thinking that we are all truly waiting with baited breath for the return of these "truly important players who we are longing to see practice their arts". After all they not exactly a Parker, T Wright, Wilson, Collins, Vernon, Young, Ball, Harvey, Kendall etc.

Rather than this sorry saga continuing, with increasingly nonsensical utterances from management, it would be refreshing to hear that they have been moved on and some young lads given the chance to actually get on the pitch.

Paul Kossoff
32 Posted 31/07/2015 at 01:45:23
Anthony 20, exellent post, I agree 100%.
Jack Cross
33 Posted 31/07/2015 at 03:35:07
What I cant understand is remember Fer, last season? We couldn’t sign him because he was supposed to have something wrong with his knee, I think during the medical.

Well how did we sign Gibson and Saha? Weren’t they both injured when we bought them? Or should I just say Man Utd cast-offs?

Harold Matthews
34 Posted 31/07/2015 at 08:00:37
Darren Fletcher says Pulis is putting them through a very tough leg strengthening routine including slowly running up hills. Extremely hard but designed to ready the muscles for the quick stuff now beginning.

If Sean Dyche or Mourinho managed Everton we wouldn’t have these hamstring problems. That is a fact.

Steve Cotton
35 Posted 31/07/2015 at 08:44:34
Well we haven’t heard anything else about Lukaku’s possible hamstring problem, mainly because the fans would go ballistic if six or seven first teamers were all down with hamstring strains.

According to RM, he had heavy legs; what odds on him playing in either of the weekend's games? The club will know by now the extent of his injury but, if it's bad news, it will heap pressure on the powers that be to get players in and that is not the way they work.

Steve Cotton
36 Posted 31/07/2015 at 08:48:36
I think Rooney might have to play the full 90 mins because if Kone has to run twice in 2 days you won't see him again until next Easter.
Ross Edwards
37 Posted 31/07/2015 at 12:42:48
Guess who said this back in 2012??

"I don’t believe in soft-tissue injuries. If you get a soft-tissue injury in football, a mistake has been made. It could be the training programme, a lifestyle problem. Whatever it is, it will be a mistake."

Quite ironic really considering that since July 2013 we have had over 25 hamstring injuries. And 4 hamstring injuries in this pre season alone. It surely is no mere coincidence. In fact considering that our manager has a degree in physiotherapy and has some knowledge and expertise in that field, this is an embarrassment.

It must be his training methods surely. Plus the fact that he got rid of most of the medical department last season as well can’t have helped.

Didn’t he get rid of Danny Donachie the head of medicine last season as well who had been at the club since the beginning of the Moyes era?

Al Reddish
39 Posted 31/07/2015 at 14:05:09
The trouble is a lot of these players are due back just as the transfer window closes. I am just waiting for the excuses for not signing many players being the fact we have a phenomenal squad now everybody is fit again!
Andy Walker
41 Posted 31/07/2015 at 20:33:14
So disappointing that we seem to suffer much more from injuries than other teams. It's never ending and puts us at a disadvantage before we even kick a ball.

I'd get in an idependent medical/fitness team to take a detailed look at the training and medical practices to see if we can improve.

Clive Rogers
45 Posted 02/08/2015 at 21:19:00
Tony Hibbert has started 6 games in the last 3 seasons and been injured for most of the rest of the time. He may well not be available all this season as his body has clearly had enough. IMO he was offered another season to avoid the expense of signing a cover player. Madness.

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