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Contributions from our editorial team, featured columnists and readers.

From My Seat: Tottenham Hotspur (H)

Ken Buckley

A good day out and a game that left this fan quite optimistic that an upturn in fortunes is a possibility with this new manager. The walk back to our watering hole was pleasant today as most seemed happy and thought we could progress. I sincerely hope so.

From My Seat: Middlesbrough (H)

Ken Buckley

Overall a good day out and we've now made the best start we have had in the Premier League years. I hope all this means something and we win something.

From My Seat: Norwich City (H)

Ken Buckley

On 74 mins, we all realised our goose was well and truly cooked when Josh Murphy cut inside unchallenged and from some distance fired a beaut into the top corner of the Park End net. This was the cue for a mass exodus as great numbers of the faithful had well and truly had enough. We were brought back down to earth after Big Ron’s first defeat.

From my seat: Chelsea (H)

Ken Buckley

The manager, having fielded today’s team, is in a very good position to say to the owners and directors of football "We need big investment and some astute buying." I hope he gets it.

From My Seat: WBA (H)

Ken  Buckley

All told a good day out where we saw our 5th home win on the bounce. Rom got his 20th goal to join Kane on top of the pile.

From My Seat: West Bromwich Albion (A)

Ken Buckley

Four points from two games and just a glimpse of how we might evolve under this management. I liked the way the game was approached in that you can have possession football but not exclusively, it can be wrapped in direct no-nonsense stuff depending upon circumstance, a win being the ultimate goal.

From My Seat: Liverpool (H)

Ken Buckley

"How could we play like that second half?" was going around my head. But, as a long standing attendee of Goodison derbies, it certainly isn’t my first. These are games like no other but I just wish we could have a few where we are the ones scraping the win, regardless of how the teams play.

From My Seat: Hull City (H)

Ken Buckley

A 4-0 win that looks on paper a bit of a tanning but it was anything but. Hull gave a good account of themselves for a good 70 minutes but a sending off and a late, late goal-fest did for them

From My Seat: Stoke City (A)

Ken Buckley

A good trip out and I got what I expected to get, a hard fought match where for long spells football took a back seat. It always seems to be that way against Stoke.

From My Seat: Leicester City (A)

Ken Buckley

Not the best game you will ever see I didn’t meet a fan who doesn’t take a win first and if the icing can be added then fine but, for a fans' peace of mind i'ts always the win. I always want to win with silky joined up stuff but if I had to choose between the two... well?

From My Seat: Arsenal (A)

Ken Buckley

It was an end of season game that initially had something on it for Arsenal but other scores scotched that and those of a Blue persuasion were far more interested in our future than the past and games as frustrating as this one

From My Seat: Bournemouth (H)

Ken Buckley

Most conversations were of disbelief at what had transpired at the ‘Old Lady’ -- we scored 6 and that was great. Let 3 in not so great. Lukaku has moved to top of the scoring charts and I would not mind betting a record or two may have been broken or added after that.

From My Seat: Swansea City (H)

Ken Buckley

It’s strange watching Everton at the moment and I think it stems from a change of manager and a few decent results early doors giving fans a hope that may just not be there at the moment.

From My Seat: Stoke City (H)

Ken Buckley

I was satisfied with the collective as there is no doubt we are heading the right way but patience will be needed by all whilst the manager and his staff work through the assembly of a team capable of being in the mix season upon season.

From My Seat: Southampton (H)

Ken  Buckley

Ken's view on the 3-0 win that kicked off 2017 on a positive note.

From My Seat: Manchester City (A)

Ken Buckley

All told, a great day out. Coming off the ground, I somehow felt we are turning a corner and from conversations held, so are some others.

From my seat: Middlesbrough (A)

Ken Buckley

A trip to Boro is never the most salubrious but when you get the complete English winter in one day it is even less appealing. Rain, sleet, snow, strong wind and freezing cold makes you wonder if the trip up was the best decision.

From my seat: Liverpool (A)

Ken Buckley

I must admit, the final whistle was music to my ears. I heard it said many times that we can learn from this and I am sure we can but hell there is not much time till Tuesday and the small matter of an away trip to Old Trafford plus hot on the heels of that a home game against the reigning Premier League Champions.

From My Seat: Leicester City (FA Cup)

Ken Buckley

A big disappointment to us all and on the way out the talk was of the board getting in our transfer targets quickly.

From My Seat: Burnley (A)

Ken Buckley

A game that will take some forgetting but all we can do is hope that Big Ron and his staff can work wonders with what we have now and try to strengthen window by window. On today’s showing we are a few players short even for the short term.

From My Seat: Man United (H)

Ken Buckley

an get the ground looking great but yet can’t fix the escalators on the top balcony. Most people seemed happy enough with the result but a few moans about the style of play. I reckon we can play any style the manager wants so long as we show improvement and gain the confidence to play with a fluidity that will not only be better on the eye but more importantly bring more wins. In football confidence is a very big thing.

From My Seat: Leicester City (H)

Ken Buckley

Ken reports from Goodison where the unbeaten home run since the start of the year continued

From My Seat: Sunderland (H)

Ken Buckley

Overall a workman like regulation game that we did what we had to to take the points.

From My Seat: West Ham Utd (H)

Ken Buckley

A good day out and I was delighted to see Barkley at last start to look like the player many forecast he would become and I can but hope he comes good for the rest of the season. Coming off the ground it was Lukaku and Barkley who were on most people’s lips. I must give a mention for Oviedo as he seems to be improving with the game time he is getting. I hope Ron sticks with him awhile; he can get better still, I reckon.

From My Seat: Man City (H)

Ken Buckley

Final whistle and the rendition of ‘If yer know yer ‘Istory’ was deafening. In that second half the bear pit was back at Goodison

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