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Regular topics from ToffeeWeb readers

Premier League fixtures mark the path as Everton seek squad improvements

Gary McCarty
Posted 28/06/2023

Source: Unsplash For the 20 clubs th...

Greg Nelli – Everton Manager (on Football Manager)

Greg Nelli
Posted 27/06/2023

As it's the off-season, I thought I'd take you to a parallel dimension where your all-Australian Boy, Greg Nelli, replaced Sean Dyche as Everton manager at the beginning of the 2022-23 Premier League season. A surprise appointment... much ...

Should we sell our crown jewels to comply with P&S Rules?

Bobby Mallon
Posted 25/06/2023

My son has a paper round that I do for him every Sunday (to give him a rest). I always look through all of the papers to see if there is any Everton news. Today's headline in The Sun was Everton's Jordan Pickford may be sold ...


Jay Harris
Posted 19/06/2023

No this is not about Kenwright's departure though that would be fab. This is about the nominations for the Fan Advisory Board and votes required. The nominees are Julie Clarke, Rob Galkoff, Ryan Glover, Scott McAllister, Pa...

Everton Goats

Terry Hanton
Posted 18/06/2023

So the season is over and we can stop the panic for a while to reflect on our support for Everton.  If you are like me, a poor wretch who finds it difficult to nod off at night, you may make GOAT lists.  Mine are about golf, football, cr...

Dyche handed early chance to show progress

Gary McCarty
Posted 15/06/2023

The fixtures for the 2023/24 season have been announced, with Everton handed an immediate opportunity to avenge one of their most disappointing performances under Sean Dyche. The Toffees headed into April’s fixture hopeful of securin...

52 years with this club

Peter Brewin
Posted 13/06/2023

I became an Everton fan when I moved up to Liverpool from the Fens in 1971 to keep my job on British Rail. I was very fortunate at my first game, I'm sure it was against Manchester United, to stand in the Bullens Road end.  There, in ...

Saudi Sports Washing

Brian Harrison
Posted 07/06/2023

I know that many will have no interest in what's happening in the World of golf where the Saudi-financed LIV Golf tour has, in all but name, taken over the world of golf.  They set out to break up the PGA and the DP World tours and no...

Alex Iwobi - Players' Player of the Season

Sam Hoare
Posted 02/06/2023

Last season it seemed that Alex Iwobi generally won over the Everton fans with his efforts. But this season he has returned to being a more divisive figure and there are many on here, whose views I respect, that seem unable to stand him. Which i f...

Squad ratings for the season

Mark Taylor
Posted 30/05/2023

Here are my squad ratings for the season. I know fro...

“Never again”

Michael Kenrick
Posted 28/05/2023

So… the absolute worst season in Everton’s long long history is finally over and Everton somehow survived. Well, not ‘somehow’ – we all know exactly how the league table wo...

Who Has Been Everton’s Player of the Season?

Gary McCarty
Posted 28/05/2023

With the 2022/23 Premier League season coming to a close, now is a good time to look back at the campaign and determine the players that have shone in an Everton shirt. Here is a look at three players who are in contention to be the Toffees&r...

Nickname 11

James Lauwervine
Posted 25/05/2023

  It’s undoubtedly a stressful week for Evertonians. We’re probably all just thinking pretty much the same thing: “Will I wake up next Monday morning feeling rel...

Napoli: cause for optimism?

Robert  Tressell
Posted 23/05/2023

Obviously the most pressing thing for Everton right now is a home win. It’s hard to look beyond all that but, like a pungent smear of deep heat, here’s a counter-irritant to take your mind (even briefly) off the pain ...

How has Everton FC navigated sponsorships in the past?

Gary McCarty
Posted 06/06/2023

Everton FC, founded in 1878 and based in Liverpool, England, is one of the oldest and most storied football clubs in the world. With a rich history and a passionate fan base, Everton has established itself as a prominent figure in English football...

A Rallying Call

Tony Abrahams
Posted 22/05/2023

Who hasn’t left Goodison Park at some stage this season thinking this is going to be the season we go down? Who wouldn’t have taken having to beat Bournemouth on the last game of the season to guarantee survival after Lampard w...

Wherefore Richarlison?

Trevor Powell
Posted 21/05/2023

I noticed the BBC gossip page have reported that Carlo Ancelotti wants to take Richarlison to Real Madrid despite his non-season at Tottenham Hotspur, where he has scored only one Premier League goal. I know some people have issues with so...

What companies would Everton FC benefit the most from as sponsors?

Gary McCarty
Posted 23/05/2023

Everton FC is a storied football club with a rich history and a passionate fan base. Like many football clubs around the world, Everton relies heavily on sponsorship deals to support its operations, player acquisitions, and overall financial stabi...

What benefits can the UK's business sector offer Everton FC?

Gary McCarty
Posted 18/05/2023

In the vibrant realm of UK football, Everton FC stands as a formidable force, boasting a rich history and a passionate fan base. As with any football club, partnerships with businesses play a pivotal role in sustaining and advancing their success....

Disunited in Music

Geoff Harrison
Posted 14/05/2023

"You'll never walk alone" has, obviously, become a partisan song in the city of Liverpool. It is a song that 'divides' and most definitely does not 'unite'. I'm sure this would be agreed upon by many of the people of other cities (eg Manchester an...

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