27 Campaign stages protest outside Goodison

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The 27 Campaign that has been agitating for change at Boardroom level at Everton held a protest outside Goodison Park today that was attended by a few hundred Blues despite the Merseyside rain.

The group, which formed late last year as Everton's 2021-22 season was unravelling, are stepping up their efforts to implore the club's owner, Farhad Moshiri, to either put the club up for sale or listen to supporters' concerns about the leadership at Executive and Boardroom level.

On their Twitter feed they expressed a renewed urgency on the back of two poor pre-season showings in the United States which resulted in a 2-0 defeat to Arsenal and last night's 4-0 drubbing by Minnesota United.

“Saturday's protest just became a little bit more important after the manager's comments post-game,” the campaign tweeted. “He is concerned massively. We all should be too. Let's show them it's not acceptable once again and get down to Goodison Road.”

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Sky Sports sent reporter Alan Irwin to the ground to get the thoughts of some of the protesters who bemoaned the current running of the club and a situation that has Everton approaching the 2022-23 season having made just one new signing so far.

“It's obvious from the stuff we've been putting out and other fans have been putting out that we're not happy,” one of the 27 Campaign's leading voices said. “We're sick of being a mediocre football club and it's evident we're run terribly and the financial situation we're in, the playing staff situation we've got — it's not good enough for any Premier League club let alone one of Everton's stature.”

Andy Costigan from the Talking The Blues podcast was asked whether he wanted both Farhad Moshiri and Bill Kenwright out and he replied that, “ultimately, I think, Mr Moshiri does have to go and we will need to find a new owner, one that would certainly not countenance the current Board remaining in situ.

“If he wants to make the changes himself, fine — go ahead and do it but do it fast and get on with. Get some professional, business, football -minded people in.”


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Brendan McLaughlin
1 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Is there a Live Forum?
Brian Murray
2 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Thy will be done. Here’s to a new beginning
Michael Kenrick
3 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Hi Brendan,

We're concered that the Live Forum has been slowing the site response time a lot, and causing the server to crash.

Meantime, info and comments posted on this thread will be retained, whereas the Live Forum gets flushed for the next event... like tomorrow's game.


George McKane
4 Posted 23/07/2022 at
I am at Goodson Road - sitting listening to Thunderclap Newman - Something in the Air - hope so.
Neil Copeland
5 Posted 23/07/2022 at
I hope today goes well and the message is received loud and clear. Well done and thanks to everyone who attends.

I am still travelling back from the US otherwise I would be there too.

Kim Vivian
6 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Very salient that this event warrants a thread of it's own. It'll be interesting to see what the media make of it all.

I think most ToffeeWebbers will be behind this in spirit if not physically able to be there, and that includes me, but the emphasis needs to be on change where it's needed and that isn't necessarily a sale of the club if Moshiri can grow a pair and do what's needed.

I do hope it goes off without adverse incident as that will nullify any benefit.

With you in spirit, lads and ladies, from deepest, darkest, furthest corner of Kent.

Kunal Desai
7 Posted 23/07/2022 at
It's our club and it's misused by people who have no interest in football.

This is just the start and perhaps a long road ahead in campaigning for a better Everton.

Good luck to all those going today.

David Hayes
8 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Surely, there is no need for this protest. The Fans Forum, much vaunted and published, is relaying the views of the majority of the support base in this respect. The board will have heard all the independent views and stand points of this forum and already considered and debated them.

Oh wait... I forgot, it's a sham.

Matthew Williams
9 Posted 23/07/2022 at
To my fellow Blues attending today's protest... I salute you all!

It's time for our board to go, for the future of our beloved club, cos at the moment, we are a laughing stock.

Danny O’Neill
10 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Once these things start, the momentum builds.

Keep the momentum going.

Demand and influence change.

Oliver Molloy
11 Posted 23/07/2022 at
If Moshiri, is serious about selling the club, I doubt very much he will ask the present board to step aside; however, if as he says he is not willing to sell, then we will see.

I applaud the 27 Years Campaign for trying to spark action – they are doing more than me, so fair play. I don't think there is any doubt that Kenwright will do everything to remain chairman and lead the club to the new stadium – that is what he wants.

I heard from someone recently that Kenwright is speaking with various money men, trying to come up with a consortium to buy the club. Would we all be surprised! – although I have not seen this in any media.

Kevin Molloy
12 Posted 23/07/2022 at
that would not surprise me at all. there wouldn't be a dry eye in the house if that happened.
Bring a blue home

if he did spend his last penny that he earned retaking Goodison only for us to finally get relegated it would be just like the final scene of Lord of the Rings where Gollum gets his hand on the ring only to fall face first into the crack of Mount Doom

Brian Murray
13 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Maybe a bit disappointing, the numbers who turned up today; the nay-sayers and happy clappers will jump on that. But it's hardly the point is it unless you want more of the same the next 5 years or worse.

We are a strange bunch, us Blues, and I can't even call it an age thing, I was wrong over that as it was mostly young lads there today, akin to the away support. They are mostly under 30 from what I've seen, so fair play to them wanting a better Everton.

Jerome Shields
14 Posted 23/07/2022 at
They have my support. Well done.
Colin Malone
15 Posted 23/07/2022 at
The game against Dynamo Kiev on a Friday night? fucking clueless.
Other clubs make it a Saturday or Sunday afternoon family, friends get together. Fucking Clueless.
George McKane
16 Posted 23/07/2022 at
A decent turnout by mixed aged group and gender of committed Evertonians - - in spite of the rain and bus strike it was a good turnout - - no unpleasantness around - - tremendous goodwill to each other - - no slagging of players or the Manager - - in fact a few good songs of support - - I got there around 11.30 and spoke to many people attending and the consensus was that full support for the team and Lampard and generally alarming lack of trust in Kenwright in particular and Moshiri, as well - - incompetence and mistrust in those two were the overwhelming comments - - a march around Goodison and a final song supporting players and Manager - - well-done Evertonians.
Onwards Evertonians.
"Block off the streets and houses
Because there's something in the air
We've got to get together sooner or later
Because the revolution's here,
And you know it's right
And you know that it's right
We have got to get it together
We have got to get it together now"
Jerome Shields
17 Posted 23/07/2022 at

Think he was trying that with the recent consortium. I would not be surprised he is still trying.

Joe McMahon
18 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Well done to everyone involved. Moshiri must know about this and how many of us feel!
Clive Rogers
19 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Oliver, I’m not surprised. He will be looking for money men who will let him remain chairman, rather than letting Moshiri sell to the highest bidder who won’t.
Billy Bradshaw
20 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Colin @ 15, clueless why, Friday is fine by me, always tomorrow Sunday v Blackpool if you fancy a day out with family and friends.
Eddie Dunn
21 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Well done to all who attended. Moshiri and the Board need to feel the heat.
Paul Birmingham
22 Posted 23/07/2022 at
All considered weather, transport etc a good passionate and responsible action, me and my lad were there.

Two weeks, till kick off and the silence from the club in turns of any incoming transfers is sapping the spirits of most Evertonians, and this season as it stands looks to be a very tough one, but hope eternal, and we knows it’s a funny old game.

Let’s hope fortunes turn fast for Everton.

A trio of Paulistas got talking to me and my lad whom were on holiday, and were very interested in Everton and wanted a stadium tour of the inside of Goodison, alas not to be, but three new Evertonians, following from Brazil, who support Corinthians.

Dermot O'Brien
23 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Well to all involved. And thank you.
Barry Hesketh
24 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Colin @15
The club would likely have preferred to play on the Saturday but our neighbours are playing the Champions in the charity shield on that day at Villa Park, so perhaps the police/authorities advised the Kiev game to be played on an alternative day, Sunday would have been better for me personally.

As for those that managed to get to Goodison today, well done, I think there would have been many more in attendance, had it not been for that pesky bus strike.

Dermot O'Brien
25 Posted 23/07/2022 at
*well done!
James Flynn
26 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Congratulations to all who put in the hard work.

And all the Best to those who attended.

Andy Longworth
27 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Pete clarke- I admire your restraint regarding that blag Evertonian from America.
I genuinely cannot understand how people fall for his 'im a staunch Everton supporter' bullshit. Total bluffer and attention seeker of the highest order.
Winston Williamson
28 Posted 23/07/2022 at
I’m more than happy for Moshiri to stay as owner, as long as he leaves the hiring and firing of managers and transfer of players to the Director of Football.
He’s always put his money in, for which he should be appreciated.

Where he has failed, is in keeping faith in a Chairman who has presided over a managed decline of the club over three decades. A chairman who runs the club like a corner shop. A power-hungry chairman who is only interested in self promotion, preservation and lording it up at Goodison Park like some self-proclaiming Messiah!

The guy is a fraud. He’s spunked someone else’s money trying to live his delusion and very nearly financial fucked us at least twice during his chairmanship.

He lies. He cheats. He’s a fucking cesspool of scum. I couldn’t hate him more if he was wearing a red jersey, singing you’ll never blah blah blah…

I pray for the day of jubilant celebration when his fucking shaking, quivering jowls are no longer associated with our club and there are no ears around to listen to his ridiculous waffling bollocks of the days of yore.

I sincerely hope he reads ToffeeWeb, because he really needs to get the fucking message - FUCK OFF

Mark Taylor
29 Posted 23/07/2022 at
I'm as dispirited as anyone about the current position and would like to see Kenwright go and new owners too, if Moshiri has run out of money without Usmanov.

But I'm not sure that changes our situation much in the short term, apart from a possible morale boost. We know the current squad barely escaped relegation last year and needs adding to, but so far we have lost our best player. The position is laid bare by Kevin Maguire's analysis late last year about how much each club had to spend at that point, based on their estimated situation with financial fair play rules. Spurs had the most, £400m followed by Man U and Liverpool, both over £250m. Even Newcastle had £200m plus (and started spending that in Jan 22). We have - £35m. No I don't mean £35m, it's minus £35m, the only EPL club in a negative position. We sold Richie for £50-60m, and if the above figure is correct, it's not hard to see why, which means at best we have around £15m.

New owners have no impact on this. There is a limit to the amount of equity than can be used to cover losses and we appear to be at 100% of that. It is excruciating to be in this position. Regardless of owners and management, we are basically attempting to survive for the next season or two and allow the 3 year rule to allow for the big loss making seasons to elapse and, replaced by hopefully lower loss making years with expensive flops out of contract, then with owners prepared to invest further, that is the point when we might be able to re-build the squad.

If anyone out there with better accounting knowledge than I knows how new owners can find a way around this, I'm all ears

Paul Jones
30 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Winston @28.

Perfect. Sums up the a-hole exactly. He's the Liz Truss of L4.

Brian Murray
31 Posted 23/07/2022 at

That was a Churchillian speech, I couldn't've put it better myself.

I said to the Sky TV reporter at the ground today, we just want our club back with the standards set in the '80s.

He asked me to go on air to explain what I meant but a representative of the 27 Year Campaign who is half my age did it better than me probably... So fair play to him and the lads wanting a better Everton, having seen nothing in their lifetimes.

Barry Rathbone
32 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Andy 27

Which american is it?

I couldn't see the post you referred to and with z cars coming a distant second to the star spangled banner on this site there's quite a choice.

Your descriptor screams a certain MG to me am I right or am I right?

Soren Moyer
33 Posted 23/07/2022 at
What a great move. Thanks to everyone who participated in a rainy day. But I think it should have been aimed at the chairman and other members of the board as I don't have anything against Farhad and I think its best for the club if he remains as the owner. Just get rid of the board.
George Cumiskey
34 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Don't beat about the bush Winston say what you mean 🤣😆😆
Pete Clarke
35 Posted 23/07/2022 at
There was an initial thread to the “27 Campaign “ but Michael split it so the posts were concentrating on the turnout at Goodison.
I posted and had a go at both BK and Moshiri to which Mike Gaynes then decided I was out of order and posted his thoughts whilst also telling me that there was clear evidence that Moshiri had learnt his lessons.
Nothing out of the ordinary with ToffeeWebbers disagreeing I suppose but I am still waiting to see any evidence of Moshiri having learnt his lesson. As I see it we still have an absolute scheming control freak as Chairman and as long as that remains then we will remain in deep shit.
Hats off to all who turned up today. Let’s hope it gathers momentum and continues until we hopefully force a change at Boardroom level.
Jeff Armstrong
36 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Moshiri is culpable to a point, yes he’s put millions in but he’s also dabbled in the hiring and firing of managers and in transfers, it’s not that long ago that his mate Kia Joorabchian was hoisting loanees and potential managers on us, who knows who else he has sent our way?
Moshiri has also been an embarrassment with his dalliances with Jim White and his lack of communication with those who matter most, the fans.
Kenwright is obviously a complete twat, but Moshiri lets him be a twat.
Mike Gaynes
37 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Pete, I didn't even mention BK in my response to you, nor did I contest your right to your view of Moshiri. My objection was to your assumption that everybody shared that view. If I expressed that objection with too much pique, I'll hold my hand up on that.

I do believe that the hirings of Lampard and Thelwell and the new willingness to communicate with the fans are signs that Moshiri is beginning to learn how to be a good owner. He's nowhere near there, but I see progress. If you don't, so be it.

I'm also pleased and relieved that he chose not to sell the club to a couple of Trumpie Yanks with unknown assets.

As to being insulted by a guy I've never seen post before, I can't really respond. I have to go look up the word "blag".

Barry Rathbone
38 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Pete 35


Keith Gleave
39 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Maybe I'm missing something here, I always thought a demonstration was to make people see the level of dissatisfaction with something.

A Saturday lunchtime in close season, with no management or board members in occupation appears self-defeating. My mind says you have to make the people hear and see that dissatisfaction. So it needs to be in the week and where they are, be that Goodison, Finch Farm or the Liver Building.

There doesn't appear to be a goal as to an outcome from the demonstration, other than local noise, some banners, and reporting on Everton sites.

I support your reasoning for change at board level, as we appear totally inept in every department we have, the minimum of which should be a high-level strategy forming the direction of the club and how it operates.

Kieran Kinsella
40 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Moshiri is like a benevolent uncle who offers to bankroll your fixer upper to flip it. He sinks a fortune into it but hires tinkers to fix the driveway and they dump a heap of uneven tarmac on it. He hires cowboy plumbers who replace your water tank with an old rusty one, and sparkys who leave bare wires all over the house. He lets some decorators turn the house style into some kitsch Art Deco 1970s Berlin look when the house is actually a 15th century thatched cottage. He doesn’t bother to address the sink hole and in fact builds a second floor which adds weight and makes the house uninsurable. But then he turns around and says “look at all the money I’ve spent on your now unsellable house you should be grateful.”
Jack Convery
41 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Well done to all involved. Keep it up. COYBs. Sack the Board !
Pete Clarke
42 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Careful Jeff as you will have Mike ( G ) telling you off.
I agree wholeheartedly that Moshiri in allowing Bullshit Bill to hold office after he purchased the club was a massive mistake but in allowing him to remain and make big decisions to this day is beyond stupid. Either that or Bill has some binding agreement that was signed when Moshiri came in. Is this even known in the business world ?
Hate is a terrible word to use but it fits perfectly with Kenwright when I’m thinking of the damage he has done to Everton Football Club and us supporters. He’s a phoney and it’s time he was made accountable for his failings as a very highly paid Chairman. The lads at Goodison today have done a good job in starting this off.
Oh yeah, I also think he’s a twat !
Kieran Kinsella
43 Posted 23/07/2022 at

I get your point but not everyone has free time during the work week to camp out at the Liver building— if Mosh and Bill are even there. The bigger thing is this protest has generated a lot of publicity so there’s no way the club are oblivious to it.

On another point, supposedly Bobble on a podcast said Frank was promised five new signings but now he’s been told he can only have two.

Dennis Stevens
44 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Thanks to all who attended, you were certainly representing my views on the state of the Club. Moshiri needs to get a grip & sort out the Club's top level management, from the Board down, or get out & hand the Club over to somebody who will. In all fairness, the owner has put his money into the Club, but without the Club being run in a business-like manner then it's all money down the drain.
Tony Graham
45 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Have to say a massive THANKS lads, to all who protested today, please keep it going, We have to have a new direction, with new people
the power of your conviction will eventually succeed..

these fools are not going to destroy the club we love!!

Jay Harris
46 Posted 23/07/2022 at
If that's true it explains why Frank is looking so down and frustrated and maybe why some of the players heads are down.

We don't need the management and playing staff feeling sorry for themselves. They have to rise above the mediocrity of the boardroom and make the most of a bad situation.

Kieran Kinsella
47 Posted 23/07/2022 at

I agree. Control what you can control as manager. As for players feeling down? Ha! Are they upset someone isn’t coming in to take their place? Who among them can honestly say “I’ve done my part?” One or two at best.

Danny O’Neill
48 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Andy @27, who are you referring to? Come out with it rather than hide behind a veiled comment. All of our US brothers on here are part of the Everton family and as dedicated as I am. I know what it takes to follow the blues from home and also from afar. They are different types of dedication, but believe me, getting up at ridiculous hours to watch Everton takes just as much effort and emotion as getting myself to the match. I've done and continue to do both.

As you said to me earlier Brian, it's not a numbers game. It's making the statement and gathering momentum. Those today have raised the profile and told the club and football world, that despite the scenes of relief in May, we are not satisfied and that simply won't do.

George, stay together right now (I think there's a Beatles song somewhere there?). We must keep that bond that developed between Manager, Players and Supporters. The owner must see it and be influenced to see where his problem has been and still is. 6 years too late from Moshiri's perspective and it shouldn't have come to this, but wake up Mr Moshiri.

Colin, that Kiev fixture really disappointed me. Unfortunately I can't justify a Friday night friendly at Goodison. Had it been a Saturday afternoon, then yes. But I don't understand if Barry's explanation makes sense to me.

If Liverpool are playing at Villa Park on the Saturday, then what is the difference between a normal match day weekend when Everton are home and Liverpool are away or vice versa? Been managed like that since I can remember. That's normal.

Winston. From the heart and soul. No mistaking your sentiment!!

Great to hear the younger fan base were out, just as they were last season, especially at the away games. They may have tried to beat the expectation out of us. They haven't succeeded. And they won't.


Ed Prytherch
49 Posted 23/07/2022 at
I don't see any evidence of improvement from Moshiri, despite Mike's view.

A few weeks ago, he gave the Peter Kenyon-led group time to do due diligence, a prelude to sale, and then soon after said the Everton is not for sale. He appears to have little idea of how to lift us out of ther hole that he and Kenwright have put us in and he still does not communicate.

We need new owners who have sufficient nous to sack the board and bring in some professionals.

Dave Abrahams
50 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Keith (39), one of the members who initiated this protest was interviewed by Sky
TV, he spoke for about ten minutes very calmly, I was too far away to hear what he said but hopefully Sky TV will broadcast his whole interview and maybe he will have spoken the thoughts of all us fans and thus begin a longer and louder campaign to get what we want: Everton FC to be run like a multi million £ business should be run by professional people who know what they are doing instead of the way it is operated now.

I went today for the removal of Kenwright and his inept board rather than the removal of Mr. Moshiri.

Afterwards I spent a nice couple of hours with two other ToffeeWeb members, Derek Knox and Jim Lloyd, two very good Evertonians and very good company.

Danny O’Neill
51 Posted 23/07/2022 at
I spoke with my son this morning. He is a more sensible Everton supporter than me.

I see 3 avenues here:

1. Head in sand. Ignore and carry on in their secluded world. Nothing to see here, just a few restless natives. They all love us really, look at those scenes in May (that they're probably replaying back to themselves).

2. Moshiri wakes up from his hypnotic spell and kindly retires the 77 year old Chairman to replace with a competent board.

3. Moshiri realises that he's had enough and actually does want to sell, so drops his price.

Answers or other suggestions on a postcard.

John Kavanagh
52 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Mark @29 and Kieran @43 The way things are going, I'm worried that it's the Ukrainians who might end up being the ones having a whip round for us next week.

If that's the case then can you loan us a few of your best players instead please Volodymyr. Because money is no use with our board in control of it.

Glory to Ukraine and Everton's 12th man!

Jerome Shields
53 Posted 23/07/2022 at

Two signing would fit in with Mark#28 calculation that £15million is available. Though I will only believe £15 million is available when I see. If Alli is bought for £10 million reported that leaves only £5 million. Can't remember the details of the Alli deal.

Mike Gaynes
54 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Danny #51, if you had to place a bet, which scenario would you wager on?
Jerome Shields
55 Posted 23/07/2022 at

Two signing would fit in with Mark#28 calculation that £15million is available. Though I will only believe £15 million is available when I see. If Alli is bought for £10 million reported that leaves only £5 million. Can't remember the details of the Alli deal.

Barry Hesketh
56 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Danny @48
It might not make any sense to anybody, but I was only speculating that there may be reasons as to why they chose a Friday night to host the friendly. It might be to prevent it clashing with the Charity Shield coverage on ITV, it may just as well have been chosen to prevent the Everton hierarchy from taking flak from a possible full house at Goodison, or perhaps Bill is preparing us to follow Tranmere and play all of our home games on a Friday, once he gets us down into the lower leagues of course.

Of all the kick-off times my least favourite is Friday evening, quckly followed by Saturday tea-time, I'll give Kiev a miss but will be there for the Chelsea game.

Jay Harris
57 Posted 23/07/2022 at
I do believe there was a clause or side leeter in the sale of shares that keeps Kenwight's position as chairman. Moshiri obviously get conned as they all do believing "The Greatest Evertonian who ever lived" could run the club and thus relieve him of any obligation other than his 5% on the phone.

When it first started to go tits up it was easy for Kenwright to point fingers at other people but I hope and believe Moshirir now has his number which is why Unsy and big Dunc have gone but the clique runs thick through the club as we all know so we need a revoltion not an evolution with new owners and executives who know the game...

The other worrying thing for me is we seem to be only associated with Wolves and Chelsea cast offs. WTF are our scouts and recruitment people doing?

John Kavanagh
58 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Kieran and Jerome - What about the Kean money we are due or has that already been accounted for? I'm assuming the worst - that it's in a holdall next to the one marked Arteta money in Bill's London gaff - or soon will be.
Mark Ryan
59 Posted 23/07/2022 at
If Kenwright walked tomorrow who would we want to run the club. Who comes in ? anyone got a clue ? if so perhaps send a text to Moshiri
Jay Harris
60 Posted 23/07/2022 at
I believe that 15m could be turned into 75m by offering 5 year contracts which are then amortized but that does not take account of wages.
Kieran Kinsella
61 Posted 23/07/2022 at
John Kavanagh

The Kean money is due next year after the two year loan although Juventus are apparently trying to weazle their way out of it

Brian Murray
62 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Mark despite the yanks coming across as a bit iffy ( defaulting payments ) Anything and anyone is a step up to who’s running it now. That of course is the wrong path but we are desperate for change. Well I am. A takeover or shirt choice or sponsorship and so on is always going to be cack handed down at el four. It’s what we do.
Colin Glassar
63 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Yes mark, because Kenwright is doing such a magnificent job isn’t he?

Have you got Moshiri’s number?

Pete Clarke
64 Posted 23/07/2022 at
All good Mike, just post your thoughts like everybody else and we’ll continue the ongoing Everton saga.
I really wish I could have been home today as this is welcome news to my ears and eyes that people who love the club feel angered enough to get out there and protest. Change is long overdue and it’s clearly not going to happen if we stay silent and just accept whatever fate comes our way. The Palace game being an example but also one that we left really late.
Talking of the ‘ 27 Campaign’ it is always going to be difficult getting protests going only when BK or Moshiri are in town as they very rarely are except for game day. They both run the club by phone calls or other tech savvy ways and it’s their distance and lack of communication with us supporters that keeps them safe from scrutiny. Moshiri communicating through Jim White is piss poor whilst BK only exposed himself once and then he told us we’d had some good times.
I’m in Australia and got the images of the protests within minutes of it happening so social media is perfect for this cause. It may not get the big news but it’s out there. 20 years ago we would have made big news but we’ve really slipped down the ladder of importance in football terms.

Barry Hesketh
65 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Mark @59
Anybody that knows how to run a business, unlike the Chairman who has openly admitted that he has limitations when it comes to finance.
I was trying to find out what he actually said and when, but failed, I did however come across this article by Chris Feeley on TW in May 2015, before we'd ever heard of the rich Iranian.

Kenwright In quotes

Danny O’Neill
66 Posted 23/07/2022 at

Hard to tell.

What do I prefer: Option 2
What do I think: Option 3
What do I fear: Option 1

I'm not a betting person, but I got my money back on a horse today, so I'll go for what I prefer if you're putting me on the spot!!

Barry you cynic!! I do prefer the Friday night games from a televised perspective and I mean that over Monday nights. I also thing Friday's are better as the majority, if travelling, can take the hit on accommodation. A Monday night game means taking 2 days off work on top of that.

Shame though. It's a game I think they'd have got a much bigger attendance for if it was on the Saturday afternoon.

John Kavanagh
67 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Kieran @ 61. Thanks for the info. With Blue Bill as our ace negotiator then Juve will have no problem dodging the Kean payment.
James Flynn
68 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Andy (27) - "Pete clarke- I admire your restraint regarding that blag Evertonian from America."

ToffeeWeb is an international Evertonian Supporter site. I'm American. So, stick it.

To the point, you mean Mike Gaynes.

He's in here for years with his opinions and some fine writing. You think poorly of him, how come you never once replied to him directly all this time?

You think he's a blagging, bluffing attention seeker, whose Everton support is "bullshit"?

Say it to Mike, instead of hiding behind Pete Clarke to slip your boot in.


David Bromwell
69 Posted 23/07/2022 at
If we have to buy Alli, no matter what we pay in my view we should say no thanks. He has had enough time now to get up to speed, yet it appears he is still struggling. Who ever we bring in has to be a first team starter to try and fill the very obvious gaps in midfield and attack.

Well done to the protestors today. I can forgive Moshiri, a fool and his money etc, but not Kenwright, who is supposed to love the club. He has to go, and be replaced by a committed Chairman with business experience and the authority to appoint a proper Board. Unless this happens Frank and Co will leave before the end of the season.

Steavey Buckley
70 Posted 23/07/2022 at
My best advice to disenchanted Everton supporters is to support Frank Lampard 100% not only as the manager but as the leader of Everton football club. It was only through the massive support of Everton supporters for Frank Lampard that helped Everton avoid relegation last season.
Barry Hesketh
71 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Steavey @70
It's the only thing we can do as supporters that will help the team to earn enough points to stay in the Premier league.

We can't force Moshiri to do anything about his board, we can't force him to sell, but we can make things uncomfortable for the owner and the board.

We have to tread a narrow path, making our unhappiness known, without detrimentally affecting the team - it isn't easy - but I think that most fans only care about what happens out on the pitch, therefore, Frank and his playing staff have a huge responsibiltiy in ensuring that they give of their best from the first minute in the first game, until the last minute in the final game.

Jim Hourigan
72 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Whilst my views may not be appreciated by many on this particular thread, here goes. The easiest thing in the world is to criticise the hardest is to offer solutions. ‘Sack the board’ and replace them with who exactly, members of this thread perhaps ? many of whom I suspect have never run a million pound business let alone a multi million pound football club, in a business world who’s rules often seem outside business norms.

Get rid of Kenwright- yes I’m all for that but who do you want to replace him with? Let’s have some names or at least some ideas of the type of people and where they are. Personally I can’t think of any decent football chairman going free who might care about Everton but maybe I’m wrong and somebody knows someone.

I’m not advocating a head in the sand nor accepting of the current situation but shouting rarely works. I’ve no idea how the forum will truly operate but surely structured, realistic alternatives presented to them has far more chance of success than banners, however honestly and heartfelt they are.

Moshri has not covered himself in glory - to say the least - but if he walks because of the anger directed at him, he is likely to cut his losses and sell to someone like an Ashley or Parish or Glazier or some foreign investor that has no genuine interest in either Everton or football - be very careful what you wish for - is the devil you know better??

Brian Murray
73 Posted 23/07/2022 at
If this window ends as it began there’s no way frank and his staff will not walk sooner rather than later. They are all hungry and have reputations to consider. Plus they aren’t bleeding heart ex blues who will blindly take the flak while kenright scarpers back to london every other week.
Mike Gaynes
74 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Kieran #61 and John #67, I believe Juve isn't trying to "weasel" out of their deal with us, they're trying to accelerate it. Actually they're just trying to weasel out of Kean, who was so poor they had to sign Vlahovic in January and are now actually in for Arnautovic, which is sort of pathetic.

Juve is trying to find a buyer for Kean. If they do, they would then complete the purchase from us right now at the agreed-upon price (I've read €28m, which would be SO welcome!) and immediately ship him out. They're even willing to take a loss on him.

However, it won't be easy, thanks to Kean himself. Corriere Dello Sport reported last month that he rejected approaches from both Fulham and Forest. Supposedly he wants to go back to PSG (like that's really gonna happen, right?).

Barry Hesketh
75 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Jim @72
I agree with most of what you have posted, but the culture at Everton is not a winning one and the chances of that culture changing for the better are minimal if the same people remain in place.

If my bath has a crack in it and I decide to move it to a different place in the bathroom, I've still got a bath with a crack in it, but in a slightly different location. Far better to take a risk and buy a new bath, it might end up with a bigger crack in it after a while, but at least for a time, I could stop fretting about how much damage my current cracked bath is doing to my house.

Tony Shelby
76 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Pete (42) - You definitely need to seek medical assistance for your Kenwright-related issues as they go beyond logic and reason. It’s almost pathological mate and it’s quite distressing to observe.

Just look at the facts: Until Moshiri arrived we’d had 14 years of relative stability. The combination of Kenwright and Moyes delivered consistent top half finishes, with regular European football, including the panacea of a CL spot. Nobody wanted us to be ‘plucky Everton’ but that’s what we were, and every team outside of the top 4 wanted to be us. Even when Martinez arrived, we had a fantastic season before his failings as a manager started to present themselves.

That’s 14 years, 2 managers and a consistent presence in the upper-levels of the Premier League.

Enter Farhad Moshiri: In the 6 short years that he’s pretty-much owned this club in its entirety, and in no particular order: He pursued a completely unproven manager who wasn’t in the slightest bit interested in joining us; gave the same manager the keys to the safe, allowing him to sign some of the shittest players ever to wear royal blue; pursued another unproven manager, leading to us being fined for making an illegal approach,
and subsequently having to pay over the odds for a player from that manager’s former team; necessitated us needing the services of Sam fucking Allardyce; engaged in direct communication with a smarmy Sky mouthpiece in what appears to have been some ill-conceived media charm offensive; overruled his fellow board members, bringing in a has-been, ex-redshite, Go Compare-looking fat fucker of a manager that should never have been on the list, never mind offered the job… all whilst relying on funds provided by his long-term business partner - who in turn just happens to be Vladimir Putin’s best mate - and who (allegedly) laundered money through the club (first dibs at the new stadium naming rights - a snip at £50m etc).

How does that grab you?

I know what you’ll say: “Kenwright brought him to the club so it’s his fault”. Well you really can’t argue with that kind of logic, or lack of, can you?

Some of the more deluded on TW suggest that Kenwright has such powers of persuasion that Moshiri, a billionaire, and Usmanov, one of the richest (and scariest) men on the planet are somehow putty in his hands, bowing to every whim as twinkly-eyed Bill plays them like they’re new to the world of business. Simultaneously,
of course, you yourselves have always seen right through him because, for some inexplicable reason, you know better. That basically sums it up, doesn’t it?

Moshiri needs to go, and if that was the major focus of the 27 Campaign then I’d be more receptive towards it. Unfortunately, like TW, it appears to be overrun with people who do nothing but blather on about Bill Kenwright, and some fucking nutcases who actually ‘hate’ the man.

Moshiri Out.

Barry Hesketh
77 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Tony @42
Surely Mr Kenwright should have done due dilligence on his pal Moshiri, he had spent 17 years looking for the 'right' buyer, how come he got it so wrong? Surely he could have waited another couple of years to find the right buyer as your list of Moshiri's 'achievements' shows that the Iranian was indeed the wrong guy.

Ed Prytherch
78 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Who could replace Kenwright? - the Chairman of Minnesota Utd for one. Better hope that the chairman of Blackpool will not be looking like a good choice after the match tomorrow.
Bill Gall
79 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Kieth #39.
you have to make a start somewhere, and as they say planting a small acorn will grow a large oak tree.
What is being achieved by this group, and I commend them for it, is negative publicity that will gain momentum that even Moshiri in Monaco will hear it.
Derek Knox
80 Posted 23/07/2022 at
" My name is ' Legion ', I am one one of many " !

I attended today's peaceful Protest, and although the weather was not favourable, and there was a Bus Strike (Arriva) there was a decent and fairly significant turn-out. At least there were Reporters from Sky and the Echo present, with the former doing a couple of substantial (televised) length interviews. Now whether that will be edited down to a fragment, or a few seconds with the most salient points removed, I wouldn't be surprised, but hopefully I will be proved wrong.

While I understand that many match - going Blues, couldn't make it today, for varying reasons, I personally wish that this may/will be the catalyst to another mass showing in the ground when near capacity, when the Premiership kicks off, with many Banners and Flags and a show of Solidarity, especially when the cameras are there. It is, unfortunately, the only way people will take notice and, perhaps something may happen to rid us of this Curse.

Another pleasant after-protest meeting with Jim Lloyd and Dave Abrahams, with a couple of sherbets was most enjoyable too. Excellent Evertonians who Know Their History, but with clouded memories alongside mine but we managed to re-examine the 'Good Times', none of which while Kenwright was there, I must hasten to add.

I, again am glad I went out of my way today to attend, and to lend my support after 60 years as a Blue and witnessing The Good, The Bad and The Ugly during that time. This has been the worst of that time for me personally, and on a steady decline since a certain Chairman ingratiated himself as part of the Family. I will always regard Everton and it's supporters as part of the Family but will draw the line with a Black Sheep called Kenwright !

Kim Vivian
81 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Regarding the due diligence at the time of the reported takeover bid, it strikes me that the due diligence was maybe in the opposite direction.

Despite our perception of Moshiri he is clearly a shrewd business person despite the shafting he has suffered from his chairman and his naivety in football matters which has exacerbated this. No way Levy for example would have put up with Bungalow Bills machinations. You don't make a couple of billion by being incompetent or inept in business but I think Moshiri is at heart a nice bloke which has left him at the mercy of BK who by first hand accounts that I have heard (non football related) is actually a nasty piece of work which he masks using his dramatic dna.

I think maybe he saw the red flags that many on here (especially our American posters) raised, and feared for the consequences if that consortium got involved. One thing I do believe is that he really does like Everton FC Company Ltd but is possibly just getting a bit worn down with it all. Usmanov was probably a rock for him.

It will make no immediate significant difference except to the moral of a good percentage of the fan base and, I assume, the club personnel but Danny's 2nd scenario could be a real possibility. If we can get through to the end of the summer window with some sort of optimism garnered by:
- a) at least one other good acquisition, and
- b) hopefully at least a couple of good performances on the pitch, that allows him to focus on his strategy regarding BK. He must know in his heart of hearts what he has to do and of course, the ground swell of fan opinion. BMD seems to be getting managed ok and is coming along nicely. I suspect BK's involvement with that is minimal.

So, forever the optimist I'm looking forward to seeing at least one new face on the pitch and one less old face in the boardroom, and some green shoots of optimism by the Autumn.

"Nurse - bring me my meds !"

Brian Murray
82 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Barry / Tony. He done due diligence alright no danger. Just had to bide his time to find someone who would let him cling onto his role. That’s why the likes of sheik monsoor walked away. Plus the ones we don’t know about. Crafty selfish bastard
Kieran Kinsella
83 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Tony Shelby

Look at the Patterson deal. He wasn’t a Frank signing or a Rafa and Brands had gone. The Rangers chairman said Bill was behind the deal and did all the negotiating for what seems like an exorbitant price for a guy who wasn’t first team ready. If that isn’t Bill meddling then what is?

Tony Shelby
84 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Barry (77) - Simple answer:

Alisher Usmanov.

He was a highly vocal, significant shareholder in Arsenal, was unhappy with that club’s lack of ambition, and was now going to bankroll Moshiri, thereby avoiding the PL rules over an individual having shares in more than one club.

But keep on sticking pins in your Kenwright doll (or if you’re Pete, maybe use it to show your counsellor where he touched you).

Jim Hourigan
85 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Barry @75
An interesting analogy but where would you buy your new bath from?

The auction house down the road that swears it’s new and never been used buts an absolute bargain, the online site that’s probably an import from china or some other undesirable country, or ‘honest joes plumbers merchants’ that only has 1 model in stock without a plug? The decision might come down to money unless of course you try and fix it if that’s possible and effective

Tony Shelby
86 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Kim (81) - “I think Moshiri is at heart a nice bloke”.

I fucking give up.

The guy is the preferred business partner of a (now sanctioned) oligarch who is the number 1 ally of Vladimir Putin, and has been for many years.

Barry Hesketh
87 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Tony @ 84
I don't have a Kenwright doll to stick pins into, I don't even know the guy, but then again I don't know any politicians but I recognise the decent ones from the chancers when I see them, I put Bill firmly into the latter.

A growing feeling amongst sections of Evertonians is that Mr Kenwright is happy to kill the dreams of the club’s support so that he can live his own as Chairman. Suggestions of protests and demonstrations are once again being mooted. Hopefully Mr Kenwright will chose to address the fans' concerns before his dream turns into a living nightmare. Source: Chris Feeley TW May 2015 *link is in post 65 above*

Some of Bill's quotes:

“I’ve not got the big money, but I promise to find investment” (January 2000) — Nothing in 15 years.

“The NTL deal is secured” (September 2000) – The deal collapsed.

”I wouldn’t sell Rooney for £50M” (June 2004) – Rooney was sold 2 months later for a deal worth £27M.

“The Fortress money will be in the bank in the morning” (EGM, September 2004) – The investment deal from Fortress Sports Fund collapsed without explanation.

“Kirkby will be a world class arena, effectively free and with the best transport links in the UK” (AGM, November 2006) – The proposed move did not materialise due to funding issues.

"I promise to find investment" is a telling statement so early into his tenure as the Everton FC owner as it indicates that he would welcome investment whislt not necessarily taking his hands off the tiller.

Anyway we all have our own views on what Bill is or isn't but my view is that he has been for the most part bad for Everton Football Club.

Jerome Shields
88 Posted 23/07/2022 at

I am sure every connotation is being looks at. They may be even waiting for a phone call form Monaco. But they have to get players who want to come and play at Everton and that seems to be proving difficult.


I not bought of the Mean money. . But his agent died in June and the agents brother has taken over.

Bill Gall
89 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Kieran 83

Benitez was involved with the signing of Patterson.
On linking up with manager Rafa Benitez and Evertons long serving right back and captain Seamus Coleman. Patterson added "im really looking forward to working under the manager and with my teammates ". Jan 4th 2022.

Kim Vivian
90 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Tony - just because he's the mate of a nasty bastard doesn't make him a nasty bastard. Interesting that Moshiri has not been touched (as far as I know) by a single sanction.
Brian Wilkinson
91 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Not being able to get there today was a real kick in the goolies for me, absolutely gutted, but was out of my hands, I had to make do with the shitty one minute airtime sky gave the protest, then ensured they had a fan from the advisory group interviewed close to the liver buildings, I wonder who organised that guy to slot in with other events at Goodison.

If the fan from the Everton fan advisory was willing to do a talk, then why was he not at Goodison, listening to the fans, and feeding it all back.

Gutted I missed meeting up with Jim and Derek and a few others on here, but I will be there next Friday guys for the Kiev game.

Well done everyone who attended, We will do our upmost on 9th Sept and unless Elvis has already left the building, we will put our group and banner firmly at Goodison that evening.

Rather than do a long winded post, I will do a fresh one for Tony Shelby reasoning.

David White
92 Posted 23/07/2022 at
I hope this has the desired effect on the board. All should resign now and let moshiri bring in fresh people with fresh ideas, then there is no ambiguity about who is calling te shots
I'm not so much against moshiri, although no one can argue with his record since buying the club its been a shambles, he's blerted hundreds on millions on basically fuck all.
However I do think he has put his money where his mouth is. It's just a shame he didn't have decent people spending it for him.
As I've said before surely he could of spent the 20 odd million he payed for tosun or any other of the numerous wasters we have had on a quality CEO.
I think Bill has just been kept as a human shield to take the shit. But now we all know its him and him alone who can make the changes needed.
I just hope that these demonstrations don't put off any signings that may or may not be thinking about joining us.
Brian Wilkinson
93 Posted 23/07/2022 at
So we are looking at the facts Tony, until Moshiri arrived we had stability, top half finishes, regular European football, so in 14 years that is all down to Bill and Moyes.

You makes good case of the defence, did you by any chance be an advisor for Boris, with your delightful spin on things.

Let’s now have the facts, Bill using a consortiums money started his reign at Everton, not a penny of his money, then from within two years of the former Chairman leaving Everton in the Black, and a new Park stand and f a cup, our Now Chairman put our club in the Red, sold off Finch farm, then his luck changed, he got an unbelievable Manager who was perfect for him.

Moyes found talent after talent, only to see that for every class player we found, and just like we looked that we were getting there, we cashed in and sold the players for profit.

The starting point being Rooney sold, the the likes of Stones, Pienaar, Arteta, Lukaku, Fellaini, along with others, all sold.

Have a good look at Moyes ins and out balance sheet over his time at Everton and it is astounding that Moyes entire stint at Everton, Bill never had to dip into his own pocket.

Enter Moshiri, as stated in an earlier letter from Moshiri apologising and judge him after the transfer window when,and his quote, when our Chairman and Thelwell have dealt with transfers.

Since Moshiri came in, he put all the debts into a loan free interest, he has ploughed more than over £450 Million on the players, he trusted the board and Managers to bring in, he had also since ploughed a further £100 Million into a shares issues, to help ease finance’s, has put in the money to the starting process of Bramley Moore, before we even got the nod to build a new stadium there.

Moshiri is still ensuring the new ground will be built, I would be a fool to say Moshiri has not made mistakes, of course he had, but on the whole, he put trust in people, and after so long without having no money, as soon as Moshiri came and unbelievably kept Bill on as Chairman, Bill went from being Scrooge to becoming Viv Nicholson.

He spent the owners money like it was going out of fashion.

Finally Tony, have you ever just even once,ever heard bill say I,m sorry, no he had used Brands, Benitez,and any other person he could throw under the bus, rather than take just an ounce of blame.

Can you name me any other top football club anywhere, who after having new owners, they left the former Chairman still in charge, rather than their own.

So you boldly state Moshiri out and defend our worst Chairman in our entire history, I just cannot get my head around your way of thinking.

Martin Mason
94 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Barry@87 Very selective quoting but the one on Kirkby at least is incorrect. It was nothing to do with funding, the enquiry decided that additional retail space in Kirkby was unnecessary. The other quotes are myth too but don't let that worry you.
Kevin Molloy
95 Posted 23/07/2022 at
I think we are in danger of missing the wood for the trees. Kenwright has undoubtedly been a parasite for the club in the last 20 years, but a reasonably competent one. ie for the parasite to prosper, the host also needs to stay in reasonable nick, and he ensured that. His role now is not one with any real power, but does allow him to maintain a powerbaye of sorts down at the training ground. but the major decisions are not his. And I am very far from thinking that it is vital he is turfed out asap, cos the real problem is Farhad. At least Bill is. capable of putting together daals, he understands the club, and wants it to succeed. Farhad couldn't give a bollocks. All he knows is he's got a lot of money tied up in Everton, and he's not currently sure how he extracts it without taking a huge hit on his investment It will no doubt come home to him in the next couple of years that there is no happy ending for him, he's gong to lose serious money. And then we will find out if he rinses us with a proper firesafe, or just takes it on the chin. So we are in limbo. And as such, I would much rather have Bill than some Alexei Dubrabov character who nobody knows and who doesn't know the first thing about how things are done.
Basically we are floating in space, and there's sweet FA we can do about it. In such a scenario, b better to have Bill there as some sort of conduit, than get him out and just leave us with Moshiri.
Tony Shelby
96 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Sorry Brian, but there’s no real sense of perspective in your post.

You clearly blame Kenwright for all of our ills and have trotted out a standard TW post to explain your rationale. You don’t even seem to recall the days of Peter Johnson.

Brian Wilkinson
97 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Yes I recall the Days of Peter Johnson, the last Chairman to bring Silverwere to Goodison, the Chairman who did not put us into debt, the Chairman who built a single decker new stand, he had is faults as well and rightly driven out.

In regards to my Bill reasoning, if you cannot see a sense of perspective, then there’s not a lot more I can say.

As for trotting out a standard ToffeeWeb post, I cannot speak for others on here, but my own reasoning is what I am witnessing first hand by a Chairman who even now has managed to delude some peoples way of thinking.

I will leave it there Tony, you firmly believe that Bill is not the problem, I will respect your opinion.

Keith Gleave
98 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Kieran #43 I think we all want the same and yes, many, if not all, work in the week but if you truly believe in something then you will do what is required.
As for 5 or 2 players in, they need to be quality and hungry. Most importantly they need to be in now.
Dave #50 I agree completely, we need experience and dynamic people in the boardroom, amateur hour has to end.
Jerome Shields
99 Posted 23/07/2022 at

Patterson was on Brands books from previously and was therefore still on Evertons books for the Jan transfer window. . I don't think that Rafa was involved in his transfer or any transfer business in that January Transfer window.

Barry Hesketh
100 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Martin @94
Not my bad mate - they were quotes attributed to Mr Kenwright by Chris Feeley on TW in May 2015, there are dates given and the places that Mr Kenwright made those quotes - so I doubt they are at all mythical.

I'll give you the Kirkby comment by Mr Feeley is subjective as indeed Kirkby wasn't given planning permission but there was also more than an element of doubt as to how the project was going to be funded.

David White
101 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Brian 93 makes some good points. I don't agree wit all you say but Bill hit the jackpot with Moyes. He had a young manager wanting to prove himself at the top level. Imo he did, he worked wonders on basically a few crusts and bit of left over cheese but in being successful hid a lot of the mistakes that the board were making.
He was buying players for next to nothing and selling at huge profit.
What farhad would give for that now.
The board never capitalised on what they had with Moyes and when he left we were left with a chairman trying to replicate what Moyes had done with no real affect.
I belive Bill's hearts in the right place.
So if it is, he should now see that he is too much of a divisive character, that he holds too much baggage, that he will always be asked about former mistakes and deals he was involved in, that he is holding the club back, that there must be someone with a fresh approach. If it was politics there would be no way a guy that could be beaten with stories from the past would still be around.
And that is the issue, he's still being attacked for things that happened years ago never mind the last few years under moshiri !
If we had a new chairman, new CEO, new fresh people on the board it would be a clean break. We would not asking them about mistakes of the past. That is what is holding this club back.

Jay Harris
102 Posted 23/07/2022 at
We should remember how we got to this position. Kenwright inherited an asset rich club and then proceeded to sell or mortgage every asset the club had including Goodson, Bellefield, the training ground at Netherton and did a crazy deal on FF as well as costing us the Kings Dock opportunity through his own vanity.
Never mind Usmanov he brought his own band of rogues to the party which culminated in large amounts of money making their way out of the club to the Virgin Isles whilst proclaiming “What do I know about finance I’m only the chairman “

I just want this lying deceitful man out of our club asap and for those who ask who would you replace him with just ask Leicester, Wolves, Newcastle, Villa, Brentford, Brighton or Palace who are all better run clubs than us.

Mark Ryan
103 Posted 23/07/2022 at
@ 59 I asked a serious question and apart from Colin @ 63 asking me if I had Moshiris number ??nobody has made a solid suggestion and so I'll ask the question again. We all want BK out that's a given but has anyone got anyone in mind who could come in and run our club. Yes, I could run it better than BK but who is waiting in the wings or who is out there. Its a serious question. Does anyone have someone in mind because this might just be the reason why Moshiri won't oust BK. He doesn't know who to turn to. Anyone have a thought on who he could approach ?
Paul Hewitt
104 Posted 23/07/2022 at
BK sold the club 6 years ago I find it difficult to see how he can still be blamed for our current problems. When Moshiri took over everyone on here was happy with Moshiri. Now it's gone tits up it BK fault. Moshiri is the problem 100 % he's an absolute idiot who has no idea how to run a football club. Plus I remember when we were spending crazy money people saying" it's not our money don't worry". Well we are now in the shit and there is nothing we can do. So get used to it stop moaning and hope Frank can work miracles.
Brian Wilkinson
105 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Mickey Mouse would be an upgrade Mark.

There will be someone out there, rich people have advisors, I cannot give you an answer Mark, I do not know the first thing about it, but there will be people out there who do know people.

Jay Evans
106 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Good luck to anyone who wants to protest I say but today’s timing seems surreal to me.

I understand not wanting to distract from the Kyiv friendly and what that game stands for, but this afternoon’s event seemed like knocking at your neighbours house to complain about their car blocking your driveway, but knowing full well they were abroad on holiday.

As for the numbers who attended, even taking into account the weather and the bus situation, does that really show just home many blues were actually interested in such a protest ?

Serious question.

Ed Prytherch
107 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Kim #90 - Usmanov served time for rape and extortion. He was a KGB agent. He is a gangster. Take off the rose coloured glasses.
Danny Baily
108 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Jay 106, today's protest revealed the strength of feeling among a section of the fan base. It also revealed the relative size of that section of the fan base, which as it stands is fairly small. But it's only going to get bigger the longer we go without a win, both off the field and on.
Bill Gall
109 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Jerome #99

Brands left Everton on Dec 6th, leaving Benitez looking after player interest. Patterson signed Jan 4th, Benitez sold Digne to Aston Villa
January 13th, Benitez was fired Jan 17th. So I believe Benitez was involved in that January window.

Kim Vivian
110 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Ed + where have I tried to defend Usmanov?
Jerome Shields
111 Posted 23/07/2022 at

I think it is best that we agree to differ. Rumours at the time where that Rafa did not want Patterson.

David White
112 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Mark 103. I can't give you an answer, but I don't move in the boardrooms and vip lounges of the Premier league.
What I do know is moshiri could of spent a good chunk of the money hes wasted on hiring decent people.
Alot of these top execs are not like us fans, they will go where the best wages and opportunities are.
I mean look how Kenyon changed Chelsea. I can't belive there's no first class ceo out there who wants to take on the job.
An owner willing to spend and back the manger, stadium on the way it just beggers belief that he's not even tried to even enhance the board with more expertise. If it was my millions I'd want tge best people taking care of my investment, not an old age pensioner and his little blone protege.
Clean break from the past is what we need now.
Brendan McLaughlin
113 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Jerome #111

Were those rumours from the same source that suggested Benitez wasn't sacked but walked?

Perhaps you need to change hairdresser?

Jerome Shields
114 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Btendan #119

He agreed to leave. But that could be construed that he was sacked.

Who is actually involved in transfers at Everton?

Brian Wilkinson
115 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Jay, have you ever watched the film the vikings with Tony Curtis and Kirk Douglas, at first he struggled to even get half a boat full to man the boats, up steps Tony Curtis and tells them who was the real villain, Kirk then asks again, now who is with me, to which every single one says me.

Now it’s not quite Viking folklore we have, but these small gathering will pick up support, put it this way, I would prefer this to happen before it is too late, than let Bill keep playing his fiddle, while all around him fall apart.

One final thought process, we have a fans advisory sat on board meetings, the aim for this is to feed back and keep supporters up to speed, so why then when there was a known gathering today, did the guy from the advisery group, choose not to attend, but instead do an interview by the liver buildings, who chose and who knew that that person would be by the liver buildings, and why did sky link it straight after the Goodison gathering.

Absolutely 100% orchestrated and yet another deflection of the main cause today, by having the fan from the advisory group on stand by, away from Goodison, but happy to make it look like hey we have fans on the board.

Well if they really wanted to have feedback, in my view they should have been at Goodison to listen to the fans view points.

Mike Gaynes
116 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Mark #103, I will be delighted to answer your question (and also Ed #78, who was being a bit satirical).

I have one nominee to replace Kenwright.

Retired Blue, legendary for his Everton passion on the pitch and off. Hugely successful businessman with connections all over the world. Already a director of a club in Belgium, so experienced in football club operations. And already involved with our current ownership as an informal advisor who helped bring Lampard aboard.

In my opinion we could not do better for a new CEO and Chairman than Mr. Timothy Filiga Cahill.

Paul Hewitt
117 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Mike @116. So another jobs for the boys?. No thanks.
David White
118 Posted 23/07/2022 at
I go to that hairdressers!! Told me that Conor Gallagher is a cert, Cornet will take a pay cut to come to Everton & Peps giving us kevin de Byrune on loan.

Brendan McLaughlin
119 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Jeez David #118

Must have been a really bad hairdo!

David White
120 Posted 23/07/2022 at
No their sound at cutting hair... just don't talk football to them

Mike Gaynes
121 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Ed #107, sorry, but your post is a bit off target.

Usmanov is a shady businessman who has used his Putin connections and under-the-table deals to make an obscene amount of money.

However, when Usmanov served six years in a Soviet prison, it was for fraud and embezzlement. There is no evidence or record that he was convicted of rape. He successfully sued the original source of the allegation for libel.

20 years later the Supreme Court of the now-independent nation of Uzbekistan ruled that he'd been framed for false financial crimes and cleared his record.

There is no evidence or record that he was ever a KGB agent, although he certainly had friends who were, including Putin.

There is no evidence or record that he's a gangster.

He's a sleazy Russian oligarch and thoroughly deserving of sanctions, but that appears to be the extent of it.

Mike Gaynes
122 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Paul #117, so the fact that he played for us disqualifies him for the job?

Got it.

Ian Pilkington
123 Posted 23/07/2022 at
I live 25 miles from Goodison but it took just an hour of my time today to walk to and from Kirkdale station to attend the protest before joining my wife in the city centre and I was glad I did.

The attendance in the rain was disappointing but it was certainly more than double the Echo website’s estimate of 50-100.

My thanks to the organisers, it is a start and I am sure it will gain momentum. “Back the team, sack the board” must surely ring round the ground at home matches until Moshiri takes action.

I find it deeply depressing that some contributors on here still cannot face up to the reality that Kenwright is the one constant factor in the decline of our club.

Jerome Shields
124 Posted 23/07/2022 at
There are now reports Delli Alli is to be let go. He needed to play 20 games for Spurs to get £10m. He has only played 11 games.
Brendan McLaughlin
125 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Jerome #114

I think there are a number of people involved.

The manager and the DOF identify their choices, based on information from scouts, data analysts and their own contacts within the game.

Kenwright as Chair is obviously the initial point of contact but below him we have staff who are well versed in in the nitty gritty of negotiating what terms Everton are prepared to offer.

Of course we also have legal people involved

Hold on a minute...Jerome you crafty fecker you've got me to post this much without trying to crack a funny.

You rotter!

Mike Gaynes
126 Posted 23/07/2022 at
If you believe the Sun, Jerome.
Jeff Armstrong
127 Posted 23/07/2022 at
Jerome 124, hallelujah, that might be £40 million (without £100,000 a week wages) saved, on a 25 year old, gold Roller driving, 45 minutes a season, unmotivated, has been.

Let go to where?

Kieran Kinsella
128 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Let’s think this through. If Everton tell Dele he can leave even on a free transfer. Does pink Rolls Royce boy seem like the kind who’d walk away from 100k a week? No. And having been let get for free initially by Spurs and then by Everton within six months, would anyone be thinking “he sounds great value for a 100k a week. Let’s sign him up.” No. So we can add him to Gomes on the scrap heap behind the shed and pay their maintenance costs until they eventually dissolve into compost.
Ian Riley
129 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Is this really the time for protests?
Do we need a new owner now on the brink of a new season and the foundations of a new stadium just in?

My thought is we need the board to bring players in now! Let's deal with the current plight. Players are needed which I hope the director of football is not sleeping as deals are about to be signed. The owner ain't gonna sell yet. He told us and that is that!

I feel everyones frustration and my goodness if I had a billion pounds down the sofa I would buy my wonderful club but I haven't. All I can do is watch and support my team in getting 3 points. The unrest of protests this brings is not needed now. We need harmony now.
My plan;
3 to 4 players in
Stay in the premiership
Build the stadium
New owner if he can find one.
Champions league

The unrest spills over game by game and relegation almost a certainty. Currently, we all need to pull together. Players will come and if we stay positive all will be fine. I'm going with a more positive stance, probably till 20 seconds into the new season!!

Derek Knox
130 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Just read the reporting of yesterday afternoon's protest, why do Journalists always put a different slant on actual events, and what was said ? According to those reports the main beef was against Moshiri, with no mention hardly about the main culprit - Kenwright !

Moshiri hasn't been involved for 27 years, so why misinterpret everything ? We know he is Teflon Coated (Teary Bill) but does he have the journos in his pocket too ? Pretty disgusted to be honest and let's hope when the Premiership starts there are significant protests in the ground, while cameras are whirring to leave no confusion who the real culprit is !

Mike Gaynes
131 Posted 24/07/2022 at
DK, I sympathize, but every media report I've found so far -- The Times, the Mail, the Echo, the Athletic, even the Glasgow Times -- characterizes the protest as you describe, targeting Moshiri.

Even the tweeted invitation from the 27 Campaign said "Fed up of the poor running of our football club from the Owner, Chairman & Board?"
Owner first.

No way BK has all those reporters in his pocket. They reported what they saw and heard. You and some of your mates may have intended Kenwright as the primary target, but that's clearly not how it came over to external observers.

If indeed the priority objective is "Kenwright Out" rather than "Moshiri Out", the 27 Campaign didn't do a good job of delivering that message, and that's not the media's fault.

Somebody has some work to do on those signs.

Ed Prytherch
132 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Craig Murray, the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, has previously referred to Usmanov as "a gangster and racketeer".
Why are you trying to clean up the image of this sleaze ball?
Are Uzbek Mafiosi that much better than American business men with clean records who have had associations with Trump?


Mike Gaynes
133 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Ed, I'm not trying to clean up anything. I'm just stating facts.

Some of the allegations you cited against Usmanov, in particular the rape, have no documented evidence to support them. That's a fact.

Murray had to withdraw the "gangster" accusation from his personal website when he could not support it. That's a fact.

There is considerable evidence that Usmanov is a sleazy businessman. There is no evidence that he's a rapist, a former KGB agent or a Mafioso.

Of course, he's irrelevant now. He's out, sanctioned, probably never welcome again.

The relevant point is that despite some guilt-by-association commentary on TW, there is absolutely no evidence, or even any published allegation, that Moshiri has ever done anything wrong or illegal in the course of his relationship with Usmanov. Not one word. Except here.

Laurie Hartley
134 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Jim#72 - Here is a name for you - Arsene Wenger.
Kieran Kinsella
135 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Derek Knox,

Mate how you doing? As you know I like you and anti Kenshite but I think a lot of folks are upset with Mosh and to be honest I am too. Yes great he spent money but he spent it in a reckless way that harmed the club. He also still seems to trust BK. So even of Bill goes Mosh has no business running the club.

Jerome Shields
136 Posted 24/07/2022 at

Yes. I remember a similar reports at the end of last season. Recent reports are nearly verbaum. Suddenly Alli got more game time after such reports. We will have to wait and see.

The concern I have is Thewell and Lampard do not seem to have prelists of players who will join them at Everton. Gems or players who will run for them. Walsh did have his gems, though he had been a Scout. , Brands had nothing. Everton are crying out for players that make a difference. Our only signing does have some promise.

I am also a bit concerned with Moshiri being singled out in the Media. The 27# years aim was to get Moshiri to involved formally running the Club and not leave it to Kenwright. But the Media are interested in the assailing point. They need to be careful they are not leaving themselves open to being used by Kenwright.

Brian Murray
137 Posted 24/07/2022 at
This divisive in fighting at least on here is getting less and less. At least on t web except for the odd t shelby opinion. Arsenal not long ago had the same and that got out of hand but to appease the fans they got a proper dof ( edu ) and backed him although they hadn’t blown half a billion so different scenario. Still we won’t know if t web is a barometer to the feelings of most until a ball is kicked at the start. Probably comes down to early results which is totally wrong and bk would love that if somehow we get off to a good start. All guesswork and I hope i’m wrong. As for our thelwell not having a proper list of players ( remember the waiters 2 thousand player data ) I’m disappointed in him so far like the other two.
Brian Murray
138 Posted 24/07/2022 at
The 27 group spokesman yesterday matt dillon spoke mostly of moshiri unless it was severely edited as I was a few feet away and couldn’t hear the gist. Can’t let the real reason slip under the radar and i’m sure or hope i’ve got it wrong. it’s a 27 year campaign not a six year one. I’m doing you a disservice matt i’m sure you are on the ball over the curse that is kenright.
Colin Glassar
139 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Sorry Mark 103, I thought you were a BK apologist.

Peter Kenyon, love him or hate him, knows how to run a football club.

Peter Warren
140 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Tony 76 - you acknowledge we’re a mess but appear to exonerate BK. He is chairman; factual; so I can’t understand why you exonerate him. He also believes EFC has had good times during the last 27 years as he told some fans who protested fairly recently, this being subjective.

Most damning; subjective; is that he declared a couple of years ago that EFC ran not just well but an icon for other premiership teams who he; deluded in my opinion; believes ask themselves “what would Everton do”.

You cast your opinion on ToffeeWebbers and my opinion is that if you can’t see BK is at least part of the problem you’re as deluded as BK.

Brian Murray
141 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Before moshiri arrived we had 14 years of relative stability ( tony shelby ) As I keep saying a lot of evertonians are happy with a once a month. storming under the lights comeback v arsenal which the chairman embraces and adores. That’s just as big an obstacle that attitude as getting rid of this idiot. It’s true the divide and conquer doesn’t work and he will squirm his way through until bmd. We are all fickle as football fans and that’s his big hope if we somehow amble along not upsetting anyone but stay safe. I’ve got a measure of the man i’m sure if it.
Robert Tressell
142 Posted 24/07/2022 at
The problem is the strategy - not the lack of lists of potential targets. The club will not be without lists even if Thelwell and Lampard don't personally maintain them.

In reality, there are very few hidden gems out there to any professional scouting network. You'd have to be hunting around for 15 year olds from Gabon to find someone really off the radar.

18 year old Paraguayan Julio Encisco has not joined Brighton because they knew about him but we didn't. He joined them because they deliberately buy high quality young players to develop at the club or with their feeder / partner club in Belgium.

Danny O’Neill
143 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Too many comments to respond to directly.

Peter Johnson's era for me represents a dark period amongst a depressing 3 decades. We won the FA Cup and I had a huge hangover due to the celebrations.

Yes it was great to win a trophy and gave us hope (that word) because in the context of where we are now, it hadn't been that long since Everton had been league champions (8 years). We were back and going to challenge again.

But once again, we failed to capitalise and build. At best we stood still, which as I and Robert Tressell have both said is akin to walking slowly backwards.

But, as nice as winning a trophy is, and as much as I want it this season, Wimbledon, Coventry and Wigan have won the FA Cup.

I won't mention his name, but a certain highly respected manager of our cousins once stated that regardless of everything else, the league is your bread and butter. That is how you judge yourself. That is the bar for Everton Football Club.

Apart from those years of being best of the rest, we haven't competed where we want Everton to compete in terms of the league. Not good enough.

Even that year we qualified for the wrongly named Champions League. I'm not playing down the achievement and I was as delirious as anyone at the prospect. But if I recall, lowest point count for a Premier League qualifier and really we only limped over the line because Liverpool kept messing up to match our relatively poor run in. We hardly romped to qualification.

That's Everton, we've been limping along, hoping that something will fall in place, that we get lucky and somehow manage to avoid the crumbling cliff edge. Like a cat's 9 lives, luck only lasts for so long.

Changing Kenwright won't change things overnight. I don't think anyone is under that illusion. But it will bring a fresh look to the club and allow us to be set on a different path for the future and start to undo the failings of 35 years.

Rome wasn't built in a day. I hate the word "project" when used in a footballing context, but City and Chelsea's took the best part of a decade and more to realise the rewards. They were non-starters when we last dined at the top table.

Until we unlock the Kenwright ball and chain from our necks, we supporters are hapless Gladiators being fed to the Lions.

Short term change. Long term benefit.

Danny O’Neill
144 Posted 24/07/2022 at
I have been on the fence with the Fans Advisory Board.

I'm going to have to be convinced that they are going to give us a meaningful voice or just be a token gesture by those currently holding the keys to the gate.

I have no doubt they are as big, if not bigger Evertonians than I. So they will no doubt have been aware about yesterday.

If those reports are true, and they had no presence to gauge the feeling and report back to the club in their advisory capacity, then that begs questions.

Instead holding an interview elsewhere in the City. Being part of a deflection tactic by the club?

Before I sound like a paranoid conspiracy theorist, can anyone confirm or deny. Or shed light?

Bernie Quinn
145 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Mike @ 116. A few weeks ago I posted that I had a dream that Tim Cahill was our new Chairman - then sadly I woke up. I agree with you wholeheartedly - it's definately not 'another job for the boys'. Tim is well qualified - knows the Club inside out and is a well respected businessman. We could do a lot worse than Tim,
Andy Meighan
146 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Mark 59. Obviously none of us have got Moshiris number, but in answer to your question I believe Mickey Mouse is out of work.
Karl Masters
147 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Some unfriendly comments about our American supporters on here.

It seems some people just can’t help themselves and need to have a pop at anybody for no real reason.

I’m glad the match going fan base is getting younger because judging by this site there are too many grumpy old men following our Club.

When I was a kid in the 70’s I remember Mick Lyons caused a storm by saying it was often easier playing away from Goodison because the fans got on the players’ backs the moment anything wasn’t perfect on the pitch.

It seems to me that we have always had these miserable fans, but nowadays they have more chances to sound off - primarily from behind a keyboard it seems

Paul Birmingham
148 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Derek, yes I agree the translation of the Echo and other journalists, missed the point of sacking board and chairman, not the owner.

But certainly with the Echo, time honoured and the worst news publication in the North West.

Alan McGuffog
149 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Danny. The Fans Advisory Board ? I think Jim Royle would have a descriptor.
Reminds me of my time at school when they set up a "Schools Council". The aim of which was to listen to the views of the pupils and then ignore them.
Someone once said that if elections changed anything do you think they'd allow them...or words to that effect.
Horse feathers!

Pete Clarke
150 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Tony Shelby.
You need to wind your neck in a little bit mate and get back to reality. Maybe have a real close look at where our club are right now and ask yourself a few questions about why we are there and who’s not doing their jobs properly.
My logic and reason are simple and should be the same with all of us. That’s to see Everton Football Club playing nice football and challenging for trophies. You know, giving us something to cheer and be proud about !
If you think that the club is run well and you were happy with the “ punching above our weight “ mid table finishes then you are part of the problem. Did you stand alongside BK to give David Moyes a nice send off ? Would you be happy with Moyes back to give us hope of getting back to mid table ? The same David Moyes who had agreed to join the Mancs whilst still in charge of us and also with BKs knowledge of it ! The same David Moyes who bottled it at everyone of the big boys grounds ! I loved David Moyes in the early years myself by the way but just like his boss at the time he lost any ambition.

Bill knows very little about running a football club as he told us all whilst in his 24/7 search for a new owner. It’s his duty as Chairman to oversee the running of the club and make sure everybody is doing their jobs but we are where we are because of HIS poor leadership. Moshiri had clearly not done his due diligence on BK if his ambition was to reach the champions league and for the life of me I don’t know what is stopping him getting rid and appointing a new board in an effort to put the club back on track. Moshiri has no great affinity with Everton but it’s still his investment that he’s risking.

Dave Abrahams
151 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Mike (116),Mike if I’m not mistaken Cahill was on one of the posters, along with Moyes and Jagielka, which told us fans how good the move to Kirkby would be for Everton FC.

That was enough for me, f he knew Everton and the fans he should have known Kirkby was the wrong move, but he did as he was asked by the club’s owner and chairman. Cahill knows what is good for him, same as Kenwright.

Steve Brown
152 Posted 24/07/2022 at
There is plenty of executive talent who could take over the CEO role, therefore the whole notion that we should consider a former player like Cahill is unnecessary.

I don’t think the chairman or CEO should have anything to do with the last 35 years.

Allan Board
153 Posted 24/07/2022 at
22 years as Chairman and zero trophies. The previous 22 years went rather well.
It doesn't have to be personal-it's just being factual,realistic and honest.
Kenwright has been an unmitigated disaster as a Chairman-once he goes Everton have a chance again.
How anyone associated with Everton can back him is beyond my thought process- it's as plain as day how bad he is and his complete lack of nous on a football level. But he has always and continues to stick his nose into football issues, and he knows nothing-stick to theatre land in London and leave Everton alone please.
You will get rid of him if you stop going to home games, the Sky boys will protect their asset and demand punitive action-then all us fans can tell Everton to get rid of him and we will return.
Made my decision 8 year's ago now, you have to stand up for whats right or you become complicit.
My family and I will come back when he's gone-i refuse to allow my families intelligence to be insulted by Kenwright and his cronies.
Desperate times.
Jim Lloyd
154 Posted 24/07/2022 at
I went up to the campaign's demonstation yesterday. I hmmed and ahhed about going as it was raining, I didn't feel that good and, mainly, I thought it'd be a waste of time and get us nowhere.

Well, do you know what, tears of pride, a lump in my throat and a feeling of Yeh, we have to protest, for all our fathers, for all the great players, for those lads who started Everton FC off, as St Domingo, up in the village of Everton. And for us; and for the young sprogs who I saw at the meeting under the statues of Bally Kendal and Harvey,outside our own church, and for the supporters yet to be born and know they are Evertonians. We cannot fail the club of ALL Evertonians throughout the world, and especially including those great Yanks, who travelled hundreds, maybe thousands of miles to watch the team last week.

Bloody right I felt proud and that it was right that a campaign has been organised. I've tried to take in all the points that have been mentioned on here: but I'll just say what I'm thinking now, on a nice sunday morning, in my house 400 yards from the ground.

It was great to meet up with some ToffeeWeb posters who I admire and had a good couple of hours after the protest with a couple of good mates, Derek Knox and Dave Abrahams, both men whose views I respect and go along with...except on Harry Catterick! Great to have a pint with you both.

I think that we can do nothing but state our feelings and our thoughts; and act upon them.

Well, my Feelings are; that if we don't do anything; or feel nothing will be accomplished; Or even worse in my view, defend this charlatan as some sort of True Blue Evertonian that us mere peasants have no right to criticise his heroic efforts to keep this LITTLE club in the same league as the BIG Guys there is a real chance that the club we support, can go wandering off into oblivion.
Fanciful?... Maybe.

However, that's how near I think we are, into slipping out of the Premier League.

I think Mr Moshiri still wants to achieve what he set out to do, and build a stadium for a club whose team will be challenging for a European place every season. I think Kenwright is doing everything he can to hang on until the Stadium is built; and he' see it as an everlasting shrine to the "world's greatest Evertonian."

This coming two seasons, from our very first game; we are in a survival battle first and foremost. Our manager has called on the players to give their all, in each and every match.
My hope is that we can see the club bring in some better players in defence, midfield and attack, as I think we've got a number of players who aren't good enough, nor have the attitude required, that we have to depend on otherwise.

A lot of this has been brought about by the long term "leadership" of Kenwright. I was glad to be with those who want Mr Moshiri to get rid of this man and his hand picked croneys, or I think we are goosed.

Andrew McLawrence
155 Posted 24/07/2022 at
I heard Mickey Mouse wears a Moshiri watch
Sean Kelly
156 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Well done to the 27 Campaign for yesterday and as Danny and others have said lets build momentum.
Having read most of the comments above its typical of ToffeeWeb. The forum, as normal, starts off in a unified voice but quickly descends into a slagging match among some of its contributors. If the club management knows anything about ToffeeWeb its that the contributors lose sight of the main arguments and end up squabbling among themselves.
Divide and conquer is their strategy and we do it for them. The line has to be drawn in the sand now. We can retrospectively draw that line nor can we change the mistakes of the past. Lets make sur we get change for the better. If that change involves leaving some of the management in situ so be it. Change should start now but not finish now. We need to make people accountable for their mismanagement while ensuring we never find ourselves in this situation again. Put proper business people in to improve our standing and stop this sentimental bullshit we have had for decades.
Remember folks UNITE or they survive.
Mark Ryan
157 Posted 24/07/2022 at
My Beef is with Moshiri.He owns the club. The message needs to put at his front door. Get rid of Bill Kenwright. Open your eyes, smell the coffee, wake up and smell the roses, it's as plain as the nose on your face. Whatever cliche you want to hear Farhad, Kenwright could not run a bath, let alone a Football Club. Farhad you gave him enough rope and he's hung himself. Enough is enough. STOP. To coin a final cliche for Kenwright, it should be
" Curtains".
Farhad, listen, " none of us want Bill Kenwright, he is ruining our once great club. You are allowing him to do this. You are letting him make mistake after mistake. STOP IT NOW
Tony Abrahams
158 Posted 24/07/2022 at
I couldn’t make it yesterday, but I’d definitely be interested in going to Kenwright’s theatre in London, with the same flags and banners next week.

Moshiri doesn’t want his name in the news right now, so maybe going to London, might consider him to drop his price and get out of Everton, right now?


Jonathan Tasker
159 Posted 24/07/2022 at

Have a read of this from 2019 where the majority of people on here were still on Kenwright’s side. I can’t believe that it’s taken this long for people to appreciate what an awful man he is

Danny Baily
160 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Allan, when BK goes little will change. Liverpool make over three times what we do from sponsorship deals, Man City make six or seven times what we do. We were performing relatively well but now the USM deals are gone we've fallen further behind, and there's little scope for improvement.

The only route back to the glass ceiling is on the pitch. That means balancing the squad and getting the right manager in.

Jim Lloyd
161 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Mark (157) Well, that's the aim of the two campaigns, who I hope will amalgamate. An emotional (and well founded) post that you've written, isn't likely to be read by Mr Moshiri.

I think we have to (unfortunately) take a longer course of action to get rid of Kenwright and his Croneys. At the same time, I think we need to back Frank and his team as we have done so far. I hope we'll demonstrate at the match (but not not during play) with the flags that were on show yesterday. assuming Kenwrights stewards don't try to stop them being raised.

Someone posted, and I think it's so, that kenwright got a clause into the contract, when Moshiri bought the club, that he'd remain as Chairman.

So, it ain't an easy path but the number one objective is that we support the team and remove if we can, the danger of relegation. If we can get rid of Kenwright aas well, then that's both objectives achieved.

Andy Crooks
162 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Good post, Jim Lloyd. Well done to everyone who went. I'd would have been standing along side you, Derek and Dave if I possibly could have. Like your idea about London Tony. I think it would be a powerful statement.
Jerome Shields
163 Posted 24/07/2022 at

The Fan lead Review talked of Board Representation. The Fan Advisory Board is not that. The people are probably fine , but they are in a structure set up by the Clubs process to prevent Board Representation and Fans having a direct impact on the Club by insisting on change or having any power to do so.

Brian Murray
164 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Danny, Me personally changing kenright overnight would be a game changer because the domino effect would start straight away. No way ms dynamite would survive plus sharpy. All totally under qualified or there for a reason strategically for bk. I think it would force us to be professional and a real game changer just in time for the massive money making projects of bmd.
Brian Murray
165 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Tony a. Great to me your dad and co t webbers. Shame I lost them at end of the march but count me in if and when you thinking of going the smoke to disrupt his theatre jolly. 07782552050, just let me know.
Rob Dolby
166 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Jon 159.

Just read the article from 2019 about Kenwright offering a donation to try and save Bury. I still stand by my comments.

They don't make me an Kenwright apologist.

Not sure what point your trying to make.

Colin Glassar
167 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Big Sam will be back in the saddle by December. Moshiri don’t care what we think. He only wants to save his bacon until he can find a mug to buy him out.

Any potential buyer will HAVE TO keep Kenwright as, “other clubs always ask themselves, what would Billy do in this situation”?

Jim Lloyd
168 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Andy, you were there in spirit, mate. We'll meet up and have a natter and a jar, maybe at the Bramley Moore.

Brian Murray
169 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Regarding the fan advisory board I just heard their spokesperson on sky jaz bal. I was going to give them the benefit of the doubt mainly because I don’t know their full role. Well I just heard him steer away from the chairmen subject and talk cack about we have our own website etc fck off mate you not representing me. Just another puppet to keep people quiet. Grow a pair although I heard dave kelly from the 27 group had his season ticket taken off him so bk knows the fans are a threat to his position. Makes me more determined to put belongings on end of a stick and head to london to disrupt that imbecile.
Brian Murray
170 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Rob post 166. bk by making the donation it was all publicity because he knew by league rules the donation couldn’t be accepted. He’s a total fraud as soon as he wakes up in the morning I wouldn’t trust him with my shopping list he’d come back with 3 magic beans.
Danny O’Neill
171 Posted 24/07/2022 at
I'd rather the apologist accusations didn't come into the conversation as they have done over the years. People are making a point and trying to be balanced against the general consensus. I can accept that. It doesn't make them apologists. I think we are more unified than ever on this subject but people will always have a counter point to make even if they support the general campaign.

Getting the right manager under this regime might well be the route back to the glass ceiling. But I have never wanted glass ceiling. I want to smash it, using my own head as a battering ram if necessary. Glass ceiling is not the aim of Everton Football Club. That's called acceptance.

Brian, it will be a game changer. Change could happen overnight, but I think we have to accept the impact will take longer. The change is the first step.

Let me know about London. I can't compete with Brian for T-Shirts but I'll get my 1878 The Originals one out for the occasion and take you around some of my regular haunts!!

Jim Lloyd
172 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Brian (169) I had me doubts about a Fan Advisory Board and about their Chairman, if that's what he is. Now after reading your post, my doubts have gone. I never believed that Kenwright and Co would put their dealings under observation, never mind a microscope!
They might advise, but to think this is any form of fan empowerment, is bollocks.
Totally eccentric I know, but I can't take anyone called Jaz Bal, as any kind of spokesman for anything!
Good to meet you yesterday.
Brian Harrison
173 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Well done to the lads who turned up to protest at the running of our football club. I am sure that even if those who didn't agree with some aspects of the Campaign 27, I doubt you would find any Evertonian who isn't massively disappointed with how the club have been run.

We wake up this morning to some reports suggesting Patterson will be sent out on loan and we could also be looking to off load Alli. So far are pre season isn't panning out anywhere near what Lampard and the fans had hoped for. On top of this reports suggest that Lampard is far from happy with how our recruitment is going and apparently we are now having to look at his 2nd or 3rd choice targets because of the FFP constraints. With just 2 weeks to a new season starting who would have believed after the scenes after the Palace game, that we would have sold our best player and only bought in a CB on a free. I think we all expected 3 or 4 new signings and a new optomism for the coming season, but it seems all that emotion and passion from the fans from last season has dissipated very quickly and is now being replaced with the thought that we are in for another relegation fight again this coming season.

We will never know but I would love to hear what Lampard is thinking, I am sure whatever we end up with he will try and put a positive spin on things, I mean how can he do anything else. I am not sure that the fans will be as enthusiastic as they were towards the back of last season if things go wrong quickly into the new season. I hope we can turn things round and get off to a good start because if not I think fans will display their anger towards the board and the owner during games and that is the worst thing that can happen. But I just get the feeling that the fan base may turn very quickly if things don't change very quickly both on and off the field.

Colin Glassar
174 Posted 24/07/2022 at
To paraphrase Churchill, never before has so much been spent on so many with so little return.

Don’t blame each other for our predicament. It’s not our fault. This monster has only two owners and we all know their names,

Brian Murray
175 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Jim yeah jaz bull more like. He probably went in the role with good intentions but I bet lots of stipulations can’t say this or that.
James Hughes
176 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Brian #169 The fact that Dave K has had his season ticket withdrawn is beyond disgraceful. Just goes to show EFC under the teary one does not like free speech.
The West end is 40 minutes on a train for me I will keep watching for a protest there
Well done to all who went yesterday
Barry Rathbone
177 Posted 24/07/2022 at
The “fan advisory board” is a sham to placate busy bodies. Billy Connolly once said any person wanting to enter politics should immediately be banned from doing so ditto people involved in this nonsense.

Any organisation with a remit to critique needs to be outside the club not inside the present set up is tantamount to people marking their own homework - utterly pointless.

Tony Abrahams
178 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Mark@103, maybe somebody like Richard Harris? I'm sure he worked at Everton, and upon leaving was allegedly quoted as saying “that it was the most dysfunctional board he’d ever worked under”

Usmanov appointed Benitez. Benitez was promised money and was never given any. The vastly experienced Benitez, was playing three central defenders because he couldn’t get a tune out of two, decided he wanted two unproven fullbacks?

Kenwright wanted investment. Kenwright wanted investment because he didn’t want to sell Everton and no longer be allowed into the corridors of power. (This paragraph is just me speculating) just like it’s me speculating that he didn’t know Moshiri wasn’t connected to Big Al, who’s companies started sponsoring Everton, not long after.

I spoke to an Evertonian last night and when I asked him did he go to the protest, he said “No - it’s a load of shite”. I asked him why, he couldn’t answer, I asked him did he think these c**ts would have put up with Kenwright (we was driving past Anfield at the time) and the way our club has been run, and he said definitely not. I said that’s why the protest wasn’t a load of shite mate, and considering you’re going to Blackpool in the morning, don’t you think we deserve better?

Of course we do lad, we’re Evertonians aren’t we? And this reply is just another reason why I genuinely think Bill Kenwright is a closet red.

Danny O’Neill
179 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Removing season tickets? I'd like to understand the reason for that. The real reason.
Will Mabon
180 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Tony - Keith Harris?

Now Richard Harris would really stir the pot. Maybe we should dig him up and see if he's interested. Usual Everton salary, £100k+ per week.

Brian Murray
181 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Danny look no further than the few good men. jack nic you want the truth you couldn’t handle the truth. Same reason twanky teardrops wouldn’t have questions from the floor and then banned agms altogether.
Kim Vivian
182 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Tony - 158

The men in white coats are on their way. Pack a bag.

Kim Vivian
183 Posted 24/07/2022 at
I don't get this clause that keeps him as chairman malarkey.

Christ - how many managers have we had that had a "clause" saying they had got the job for X/Y/Z years, only to be shown the door barely a quarter of their way in?

Kenwright must have a metaphorical nuclear arsenal as his insurance.

Danny O’Neill
184 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Respect to those who turned out yesterday. The start point that like a snowball rolling downhill will gather speed and size.

Lesson identified and not a criticism. The press are making the play that it's against the owner.

There may be a element of sentiment in that, but we all know who the pantomime villain is in this and who the target of frustration should be, so let's get that messaging right.

Otherwise the real culprit is hiding behind the backstage door.

Jerome Shields
185 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Whatever Kenwright's faults, the fact is that an unsuccessful Chairman equates to an unsuccessful club. It will continue as such while he is still Chairman.
Alan McGuffog
186 Posted 24/07/2022 at
I am Jaz Bal.
Tony Abrahams
187 Posted 24/07/2022 at
The bad machine doesn't know he's a bad machine, Kim. I'm sure I'd do alright quizzing those psychiatrists, mate. 👍
Danny O’Neill
188 Posted 24/07/2022 at
London calling.

He's got plenty of productions on, it just depends which ones he attends. I'm not inciting civil disturbance, but get the message driven to where it needs to be targeted.

I can be that bloke who used to stand in town or outside Goodison with "The End Is Nigh" rant and placard over his body.

I'd add Monaco but I fear most of us would gamble, drink and sing too much, so we might lose focus.

Let's leave that for Europe next year.

Jim Lloyd
189 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Brian (173) Moshiri said "Judge at the end of the 4weeks (or was it the end of the transfer window) Either way, it could mean that we won't see the results of our transfer dealings til then!

I agree with your last paragraph regarding the optimism and passion of the end of last season, being replaced quite early on, if results don't improve. Frank Lampard has already made it clear to the current players (and the Baord) that we could be in a relegation fight from the start. And up to now, there has not been much of a change in the personel of last season.

I hope that Tarkowski makes a big improvement in defence; but midfield is the same up to now. So these next two weeks are my hope, that the club bring in quality reinforcements. If we don't I'd hate to see what I fear would happen, that a lot of supporters would turn their frustration into anger.

I hope these two weeks see a significant addition of better quality players to our squad.

If our current squad can dramatically improve their results against so called lesser teams, great! But that's a hell of a gamble!

Tony Abrahams
190 Posted 24/07/2022 at
I'll be having a drink in London, Danny, and raising a glass to the saner men who have been sectioned, just for Kim. 👍
Jonathan Tasker
191 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Rob 166,

My point was that, even as recently as 2019, you can see from the responses that around half were on Kenwright's side.

As Brian @170 points out, Kenwright wanted the publicity of making out he was such a great guy when all along he knew it wouldn't cost him a penny.

At the time, I contacted David Conn of The Guardian and asked him what was the point of his article as he must have known Kenwright could not invest in Bury. I'm still waiting for a response.

Whilst I'm on. J Ball or whatever his name is has clearly been bought by Kenwright and was happily spewing Kenwright propaganda yesterday. Pretty sad that there are people who will support Kenwright come what may.

Brian Murray
192 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Ha ha – anyone just seen Kenwright saying Meatball Molly has really betrayed this club because she spoke truth, saying EFC let people down. He should be all over that like a cheap suit. That's his speciality.
James Flynn
193 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Kim (183) - "I don't get this clause that keeps him as chairman malarkey."

Because it is malarkey.

It's a line been repeated so many times on TW, it's become the "truth".

Mansour, if he was ever even in for Us, had a choice between a club whose Chairman just announced Goodison Park would fail its safety certificate (remember that?) or a another club up the road in a new stadium. Any surprise which one looked more attractive?

But no!

Bill Kenwright scuppered it all by stating he HAD to be retained (In writing, by God!) as Chairman. That's why Mansour got back in his car and kept driving. Not comparing the broken down stadium compared to the new PAID FOR one up the road.

Malarkey indeed.

James Flynn
194 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Jonathan (159) - I've been in here over a dozen years and Kenwright's been torn to shreds the entire time, with few on his side.

One TW thread from 2019 doesn't change that.

Old Bill has always had a few supporters on ToffeeWeb.

A few.

Danny Baily
195 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Absolutely spot on, James @193. There's a great deal of utter nonsense being spouted on here which is masquerading as fact.
Derek Wadeson
196 Posted 24/07/2022 at
James Flynn, well spoken.

Danny O'Neill, beware ToffeeWeb is turning you into a moaner. Bring back your positive energy please.

Ray Roche
197 Posted 24/07/2022 at
James @193,

Good post, however, wasn't the 'paid for' stadium up the M62 owned by Manchester City Council and didn't Mansour etc have to purchase it from them?

Iain Johnston
198 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Ray @197,

Manchester City Council still own the Etihad. It's leased to the club on a 'fully repair' basis. I think Mansour paid just over £200M for the club?

Ray Roche
199 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Thanks, Iain, I was fairly sure that Man City didn't own the Etihad at that time. I did think that they'd since bought it from MCC, though. Thanks for clearing that up.
Ray Roche
200 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Jonathan @191.

The thread that you mentioned from 2019 doesn't really help your argument. There are plenty of posts denigrating Kenwright, but at the same time appreciating the gesture he'd made to Bury FC. If the gesture was from an individual and without any link to Everton, I too would have thought it would not have been disallowed by the FA. (Spit!)

And yes, like most people on here, I will be delighted when Kenwright... if Kenwright, leaves the club.

Jim Lloyd
201 Posted 24/07/2022 at
James (193),

I understand that Mansour was interested in buying EFC but the lass who went to do the negotiating for him was told it was not for sale.

It was nothing to do with Kenwright wanting to remain as Chairman (though I wouldn't put it past him). He wanted to keep hold of the Club.

I was told this by someone I trust to have told me the truth. Believe it or not, as you wish.

Barry Hesketh
202 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Jim @
There's a guy on Grand Old Team who says that he heard first hand at the time that Mansour was interested in Everton FC but the group were given no encouragement to proceed, therefore they went with Man City.
Brian Murray
203 Posted 24/07/2022 at
It's obvious Kenwright has and probably still does insist on staying as Chairman – no matter who comes in to buy the club. Whether new owners will put up with that, we may never find out if he survives until the grand opening of the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock. Whatever league we are in, he doesn't care until that day. That is fact, I'd stake my grandkid's life on it.
Jonathan Tasker
204 Posted 24/07/2022 at
My understanding is that Kenwright knew enough about Mansour to realise he oughtn’t to meet up with him. Kenwright knew that Mansour was interested in Everton but wouldn’t buy Everton with Kenwright still there.
Kenwright waited ten years to find someone who both gave him a load of money and allowed him to stay on as Chairman.
Tony Abrahams
205 Posted 24/07/2022 at
When the discussion comes around to Bill Kenwright, alls we do is repeat ourselves, and go around in circles, getting nowhere. Just like Everton.
Paul Birmingham
206 Posted 24/07/2022 at
On different theme, does any one know how much Everton got last season for their final league position?

Just thinking of any other transfer outlay potential.

It won’t be much, but every penny is needed it seems, but may be this is already accounted for.

Jim Lloyd
207 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Barry, spot on
Brian Murray
208 Posted 24/07/2022 at
Well lads n lasses we have our work cut out to get this new professional Everton. High profile blues like tony bellew who had his dream come true and fought at goodison because of kenright is obviously not going to say a bad word about him. Publicly anyway. At the protest I came away feeling quite isolated as if we was just headaches and to me the message got blurred instead of focusing on the real problem who won’t walk away without a fight. But it’s a start coyb stick together
Bill Watson
209 Posted 25/07/2022 at
Derek, sorry I missed you yesterday (at the demo). Nice to see George looking so well and a few other of us older guys.

I was pretty knackered after a Pink Floyd concert in New Brighton, on Friday night, and then having to leg it to the station, the last bit which is uphill. As Sandra, my late wife would have said,"You're not bloody 25 anymore, you idiot". The problem is that mentally I still am although my knees are well into their 70s.

Come Saturday morning and I didn't really want to get out of bed but thought that to do nothing is de facto support for the board so it was the train to town and, luckily, a bus to County Road (I don't do taxis).

Considering the weather and the Arriva bus strike the turnout wasn't too bad. Nice to see so many young ones there and everyone behaved impeccably.

Dupont Koo
210 Posted 25/07/2022 at
My hats to all those who have shown up on less-than-ideal weather! A huge thank-you to them for doing what Overseas Evertonians like myself wanted to participate but couldn't.
James Flynn
211 Posted 25/07/2022 at
Jim (201) - I'll accept. Really never know. But you think that's true? Fair enough. Me too. Why not.

It's this ToffeeWeb, plucked out of thin air then typed out the side of the neck, "Mansour passed on buying Everton because he'd have to retain Kenwright as Chairman"

What the fuck?

Here's the thing about that. And same been posted in here as "fact" about Moshiri too.

For the sake of argument, Mansour, Moshiri even, was faced with HAVING to retain Kenwright in writing as Chairman or no deal.


Mansour or Moshiri agree in writing and deal done.

Mansour in 2010 or Moshiri in 2018 decide retaining Kenwright in the Chairman position isn't working. They call Bill in and tell him he's out.

Kenwright says, "But I have it in writing! I'M the Chairman until I retire.

[Here, let's drop Mansour ],

"Changed my mind." say Mosh. "You're out"

What exactly could Kenwright do about it? Wave his contract at his lawyer and go to court?

I guess. Then what?

Somehow word leaks how Bill purchased 26% of Everton shares without the money to do so, for one.

Paul Gregg's still around and kicking. At a guess, he wouldn't mind getting a long-awaited public boot into Kenwright's backside.

Think any other shenanigans might surface about Bill the last 20 years? So do I.

This scenario actually happens, Bill takes his free 10s of millions and leaves.

There's a litany of legit verbal arrows to shoot at Kenwright as the Chairman of Everton Football Club. I'm all in.

But he does not have some magical control over Everton Football Club these last 6 years.

Farhad Moshiri purchased a controlling share of our Club in 2016 and has increased that control year in and out since.

He's the boss. He makes the decisions. It's his money.

Kenwright controls NOTHING. He retains his position as Chairman because Moshiri prefers it that way for his own reasons.

I'm reading in this thread a variety of disappointments that the media seemed to be focusing on Moshiri and not Mr. 1.7% Kenwright.

No disappointment from me if that's true.

Denis Richardson
212 Posted 25/07/2022 at
James 211 - fact is no one on this website knows the details of the sale contract to Moshiri. However, what we do know (as it was said many times by BK himself) was that BK was ‘looking for investment ‘ when we initially thought he was looking to sell. Looking for investment is not the same as looking for a buyer.

This investment search was ongoing for several years, long before you started posting on TW, and was the topic of discussion amongst blues here pretty much since the early 2000s. During these years of avid ‘search’ by BK, surprisingly almost every other club in the premiership (and beyond) changed hands, some more than once. One has to wonder therefore how come Everton didn’t change hands too? Afterall, you have a premiership club with a pretty stable 35k-40k average attendance, huge stature and long history. Yet low and behold no one was interested in buying us? That I categorically refuse to believe. So what’s the explanation?

What we do know is that BK is a control freak and loves to be considered some sort of Everton true blue hero. He also got his dream when he got control of Everton back in the late 90s.

The ‘I’m looking for investment’ can easily be translated as ‘I’m looking for someone to put money into the club but still leave me with a tangible role’. Given he was the owner whilst looking for investment, he could have asked for whatever clause he wanted included in the sale contract. A ‘buyer’ could then choose to take it or leave it - given history, I imagine many (actually all until Moshiri) chose the latter.

Just because Moshiri is now the legal owner doesn’t mean the terms of the purchase from BK didn’t include something legally binding that keeps BK there, in some form or other. It wouldn’t surprise me if BK also insisted on a right of last refusal should Moshiri look to sell his shares (this is fairly common and also turns off would be buyers as they know someone can just gasump them very easily after having spent time and money on due diligence etc’).

All of BKs Christmases came true when he got hold of Everton and it’ll be a cold day in hell before he willingly lets go of his favourite train-set.

I would love to be a fly on the wall to know the details but imagine it’s probably not that easy for Moshiri to find a buyer as BK still somehow needs to be involved.

Danny O’Neill
213 Posted 25/07/2022 at
Have no fear Derek, it's just this topic.

Once the season starts, I'll be back with my foolish predictions of where we're going to finish, which trophy we're going to win and plans for Europe next summer!!

Brian Murray
214 Posted 25/07/2022 at
Denis @212.

Your last paragraph, even if only half true, is a disgrace that Kenwright is stopping us moving forward but, as I say, he doesn't care of our predicament as long as he clings to and is still able to employ mute inept sidekicks.

Really is a rock and a hard place because you just know any upturn on the pitch and his two decades or more are put on the back burner once again. Good luck this season, Blues, but I don't think I can be party to it while he's there.

Andy Meighan
215 Posted 25/07/2022 at
Brian 173. Absolutely spot on.
I thought after the Palace game even this board would have got a wake up call but it seems like they don't actually give a fuck.

I thought Frank would have had at least 2 others as well as Tarkowski by now with maybe 1 or 2 more to come by the start of the season.

Reading Lampards body language you can actually see the frustration running right through him.

That grinning clown Moshiri is asking us to judge him by the end of the window, why it'll be too late by then because we'll be languishing near the foot of the table.

It's so frustrating supporting this club its just one kick in the balls after another. Let's face it if a woman was causing you this pain you'd have walked years ago.

Because this is mental cruelty. So why don't I walk, I don't know I just don't.

Martin Mason
216 Posted 25/07/2022 at
Does anybody believe that the club is doing nothing about its current position? How about they have held a wide ranging review, are building a superb new stadium, got new staff on board and are trying to do the almost impossible in hiring decent players.

Oh yes, sack the owner!! Beyond belief, he will stay as long as he wishes and he'll keep Bill Kenwright as long as he wishes.

Will street protests influence them much? I'd say not in any way unless the protesters have a coherent and constructive message. My belief is that a period of careful team building is needed and that the club should be given chance to do it.

Danny O’Neill
217 Posted 25/07/2022 at
There is no explanation Andy, you, we, just can't walk. We won't.


Let's see where we are end of August. It might make a refreshing change to have a bad start and then have an totally un-Everton October and November. Look at Arsenal last season.

It won't be Everton without the drama so let's go and surprise a few people, fans included.

Jim Lloyd
218 Posted 25/07/2022 at
James (211) Well said. It's what you feel from your heart. I would say that you take on board the Mansoor episode, that he was told we're not for sale.

About Moshiri, I don't know that there is a contract that includes Kenwright staying as Chairman.

What I would say, is that I believe there is SOMETHING that keeps Kenwright in the Chair. I'd also say he has kept that position over the worst quarter of a CENTURY that I have witnessed in all my 60 odd years of watching Everton.

What I would say is that when his partner, Gregg offered to lend EFC the £20 million for our share of the 130 million or so that it would have cost to build that stadium on the Kings Dock, he and his croneys refused it. According to Kenwright, we had already ring fenced this sum...but it disappeared when it came to pay our share.

There's also the Kirkby episode, Our stadium will lose it's safety licence, the Telewest non deal, The Gregg episode where a Mr Samuelson (a true blue, evidently) thwarted that bid from Mr Gregg, by sending a cheque to invest in EFC...It evidently got lost in the post. His stopping the Annual General Meeting s of the EFC Shareholders, when those meetings wanted answers to our fate at that time, The Mansoor, opportunity, and that's not even taking into account the poor retail profitability and outsourcing that took place to try and keep EFC afloat.

There's more but that lot is enough to say that we have been either extremely unlucky, or poorly run. I take the later explanation as true.

As for Mr Moshiri, I think many thousands of good Evertonians are frustrated, like I am, by the extremely poor performance that we have witnessed over the last five or six years he's been the major shareholder. Culminating us staying clear of a catastrophic and devastating drop into the Championship.

In that time, we have not been short of funds to begin to rival the those who regularly compete in Europe and compete for the League.

Some blame Mr Moshiri for our plight and some say it's Usmanov's money laundering that leaves us in the plightr we are in regarding FFP, and Profitability and sustainability rules.

Well, I don't know. All I'd say is I see a Staium being buit down by the docks and walk along the New Brighton prom each week and see it growing bigger eacxh time. without Moshiri's money, we'd still be in Goodison with a major shareholder not having a pot to piss in and Everton FC, the club you love, I love and all the Blues all over the world love. What we'd see is a nightmare with Kenwright still in control; of the club.

With a history like his, no wonder there are many Evertonians who detest the Charlatan's ongoing reign as Chairman... including me.

PS, I've just read Martin Mason's post. I think the only thing wrong with that, is the same charlatan is still Chairman. Do you think anything will change with him and his croneys in charge?

I'd say, Don't hold your breath!

Andy Meighan
219 Posted 25/07/2022 at
Danny. You're probably right pal. But the lack of activity on the transfer front is beginning to seriously worry me with the 1st game around the corner.
Martin Mason
220 Posted 25/07/2022 at
Sorry Jim@218. My post isn't in support of Kenwright, I rate him as a weight around the neck of the club now. My point is that the club seem to be working hard to sort out the problems and that it may just be a good strategy just now to allow them to work at it. I just don't believe that a few people on the streets is going to get either Moshiri or Bungalow Bill out. I'm not sure that it puts us in a good light in any way?
Brian Murray
221 Posted 25/07/2022 at
Martin. It doesn’t put us in a good light well newsflash. We are the laughing stock of the league with a little pat on the head for poor old Everton. So not sure what good light you want. Unless you are bursting with pride how good we are with the homeless.
Jim Lloyd
222 Posted 25/07/2022 at
We can only try, or just accept this situation, Martin. Sorry I misunderstood your post, re linking it with Kenwright. I hope you're right and I suppose time will tell. My fear, is that Kenwright, as Chairman, is responsible for the fundamental review.

I don't mind the idea of letting the review come up with recommendations.
I also think that whatever mistakes Mr Moshiri has made, he wants to see a successful side and a successful club, He's also put in the north end of £600 million into this club, so as far as I'm concerned, his heart and wallet are in the right place. I wish him well,. as I wish all in our club well...except for that spider in the corner!

Supporters have only a very limited range to show their disapproval about the way our clunb has been run. Whether booing the team, that should never happen in my view, or boycotting Goodison, how could we? Saving this club from disaster and possible oblivion as a permiership club, well we, as supporters achieved that by our support shown inside and outside the ground and throughout our city, down at Finch farm, when our club faced sliding into the Championship!

I stood with some fellow Blues who, although they look spritely and young the three of us clocked up around 150 years of supporting the Blues. I'm not ever likely to want to disgrace, or put our club in a bad light, nor are those two Blues who I stood with. I take your fear of putting our club in a bad light. Dave Abrahams and Derek Knox, I was proud to stand with, are typical of most blues, either on here, in the ground or throughout the world; we were showing our concern and displeasure at a club being run as badly as kenwright has run our club.

We are asking Mr Moshiri, to change the leadership with this man at the helm. Thje review might well say he has failed us but will improve. Who knows I bloody doubt it though!

The real danger to me, is that things get so bad, that what I hate and fear could happen, is uncontrolled anger showing itself in the ground. I don't want to see that and that would certainly not show our club in a good light. It will be all that many will feel they have left, should we see anything as bad as last season.

What has happened in the last three years (never mind the other 20 odd years) should be ringing alarm bells with every supporter.

I'll go with allowing this review to take place, but I will also be with others on the 8th (or 9th...going ga ga) showing our opposition to Kenwrights continuing misrule.

Just look at our club Martin, one of the original clubs, the longest in the top flight, one of the most successful. And where have we been for the last quarter of a Century, except nearly out of the Premier ship...twice.

Paul Birmingham
223 Posted 25/07/2022 at
Jim, spot on.

Respecting all TWrs personal views on the running of Everton, and any course of action undertaken by Everton supporters groups, no Everton supporters really know what the board is or isn't doing, but the steady decline of the performance on the pitch and running of the club over the last 30-odd years and beyond is staggering.

I've said before that it set in with the sale of Alan Ball and other close shaves with success, in the 1970s. And then good success and the rest since the mid-80s is history, 1995 aside.

For me, no team has a divine right to stay in this league and as on the park, any team has to earn the right to play by hard work.

Evidently by facts, from the playing side and business strategy, being taken over in 2016 has not taken Everton close to the place and level desired by Evertonians. The basic business side running of Everton now means the block of salt is eroding fast.

I'll support future protests, when I am able to, as will my lad, and it may be forlorn, God forbid Everton went down.

But the silence from the club, the lack of effective communication from the club, is numbing. But let's see by the eve of the Chelsea game, if there's any incoming, and by the end of this transfer window.

That's the fear, as it would be Babel, and I don't see any sharp recovery by Everton, if the worst happened this season.

The Evertonians around the globe in spirit, else there in person on Saturday, do really care about their club, and Saturday's protest was well staged, in good spirit, and with no complaints from any member of the public, media or police.

Hoping, let's see if any business in the transfer marker happens soon. The youngsters, some for sure will be getting more game time this season, to maintain any degree of squad numbers.

Jim Lloyd
224 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Agreed and well said, Paul. I reckon Frank Lampard is a decent young manager; and I could see some turning on him, if the shower of puddns are still included, to try and make a team out of.

Thelwell got a number of good players in for wolves and let's hope he can bring a couple of good quality players in. If he can, and added to our good players, then maybe some of the young players getting blooded, we have a chance to stay away from the mire.
Moshiri said to judge the transfer efforts at the end of the month, so let's hope we see some reinforcements.

Peter Mills
225 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Ian#198, Ray#199, just for added information, City took a lease on the (former Commonwealth) stadium from Manchester City Council.

The rent payable is based on any increased revenue from ticket sales between the average attendance over a number of years at Maine Road and those at the new stadium. Truly, the deal of the century, which enabled City to do so much, it was effectively a gift.

To be fair to the politicians of Manchester, particularly Howard Bernstein and Richard Leece, it has been the catalyst for huge re-development in East Manchester.

Handled properly, there is scope for similar in the space between Bramley-Moore and Liverpool city centre.

Brendan McLaughlin
226 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Interesting Peter #225

"Truly, the deal of the century, which enabled City to do so much, it was effectively a gift."

And they obviously didn't look the gift horse in the mouth!

Danny O’Neill
227 Posted 27/07/2022 at
I'd agree with that, Peter. There is so much potential in the waterfront.

Let's rewind to the turn of the ‘80s. Who'd have thought the Royal Albert Dock would look as it does now as it sat there in decline of it's former glory? Who'd have thought the Pier Head buildings would be cleaned up and taken back to it's majestic glory as it sat there clothed in dark soot with a bus station between it and the Mersey? The new hotel area just to the north of the now 4 graces. Anything is possible with a bit of vision.

Now we have the opportunity to fill the gap between those developments and the stadium at Bramley Moore Dock. A waterfront that we are proud of. That we should be proud of. And with all things leading to Everton's Stadium, facing out to sea.

Oh, and the monorail from Brunswick Station to BMD with stops on the way. Not only a sensible transport link, both for matchdays and for tourism, but a modern reflection of the Docker's Umbrella. Modernism reflecting heritage.

Our waterfront can rival Manhattan if we get it right.

Okay, I'm getting carried away!!

Barry Hesketh
228 Posted 27/07/2022 at
I think the top picture in the link below, should be reproduced as is, but obviously a great deal larger, and displayed at Goodison on match-days, to act as a constant reminder to the owner and board as to what Evertonians believe the club should aspire to. I would also like to see it - the smaller version - placed strategically on TW and every other Everton related site. It's a simple truth, one that was very true in the early 60s and there's no reason it shouldn't be the truth today too.

Moores and Moshiri
Danny O’Neill
229 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Forget Nil Satis Nisi Optimum. That quote is what we should live by Barry.

I would have it on the screens and on the outside of the stadium.

It would be uncomfortable for the current leadership (if you can call them that), but it is leadership that they are void of.

Barry Hesketh
230 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Sean Bean's character in a new BBC drama, Marriage, must be an Evertonian as in the trailer for the show he says "27 years on Thursday – everything that's happened, eh! Good times, bad times!"

Danny O’Neill
231 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Those good times, Barry. If we both and others didn't laugh, we'd cry.

I remember watching us lose the League Cup semi at Stamford Bridge. Dangerously flirting with relegation twice. Bottling it in a semi-final against Lucifers children when we were on top and they were there for the taking. Wigan in the FA Cup; freezing and failing to show up when the opportunity was there to be taken. The Man Utd semi-final.

Endless bottling it and choking against the top teams... Good times.

But Saturday is nearly here. New start. Reset. On the pitch at least.


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