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More potent Everton finally get their just reward

Lyndon Lloyd

This often confounding Everton team is now up and running in terms of picking up their first victory of the season having finally found the cutting edge up front they've been missing

“Playing for a 1-0 defeat”

Lyndon Lloyd

It was curious how much respect Everton paid Arsenal today and how meekly they seemed to accept their fate; as if defeat were obvious before a ball was kicked

Falling the Wrong Side of the Margins

Lyndon Lloyd

The Blues were left to count the cost of missed chances as, just like the opening day, the visitors found the decisive goal to render the effort from Everton meaningless by the final whistle

Creeping Anxiety and a Social Dilemma

Lyndon Lloyd

Emotions are already running high after Everton's bad start. Neither the actions of a tiny few nor a media waiting to pounce are helping

The Merry-Go-Round from Hell

Lyndon Lloyd

Round and round and round we go. A change in manager, a couple of new players. Hope followed by disappointment then humiliation and despair. This is the lot for Evertonians, it seems.

Plus ça change…

Lyndon Lloyd

A new season kicking off under a different manager than the one who began the last with hope rather than optimism this time that the club won’t be mired in a relegation dogfight come May… There has been change at Everton over the past 12 months and yet so much remains depressingly the same.

A Dele Reborn Really Would Be Like a New Signing

Lyndon Lloyd

If he can regain his fitness and his form, the Dele Alli story could add a fascinating dynamic to Everton’s 2023-24 season given that, on his day, he is a world-class performer. He might only have a narrow window to prove it, though

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