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Talking Points

Regular topics from ToffeeWeb readers

Viña del Mar, Chile Fire Appeal, 2024 - Update

John Shearon
Posted 01/03/2024

  After the terrible fires in Viña del Mar, Chile in early February, the Ruleteros Society launched an online appeal to help those affected – many of the victims being Evertonianos. To date, we have raised and sen...

Victory in Defeat: why we should be happy

Kieran Kinsella
Posted 27/02/2024

It’s easy to focus on the negative with the points deduction and possible additional penalty but, let’s be honest, many of us have come out of Moshiri’s reign happier than we have ever been. When I say “us” I mean tru...


Peter Brewin
Posted 24/02/2024

After watching another disappointing game which we should have won, I've ended up hoping and praying that, when our new owners eventually take over the running of our club – whoever they may end up being – do not take us into our brand...

Derby Ticket Fiasco

Andrew Hall
Posted 24/02/2024

So Everton have got into bed with another third party to manage ticket sales… Ticketmaster now run the operation — and it's frankly a joke. I and my son are members of the "Official Membership Club". Prior to Ticketmaster taki...

Kangaroo Court

Peter Brewin
Posted 21/02/2024

I am and have been an Evertonian since I was taken to Goodison to see my very first professional game of football after moving up to Liverpool for my job. Everton played Manchester United and I was hooked. I had never seen such an atmosphere, so m...

Viña del Mar, Chile Fire Appeal, 2024

John Shearon
Posted 06/02/2024

As many of you will have seen, the town of Viña del Mar, home of Everton Chile, was devastated by fires that swept through many of the poorer districts this last weekend (2-3 February). The area is used to natural disasters, coping with ear...

Two modest proposals

Phil Friedman
Posted 06/02/2024

  I wanted to share my thoughts on two issues: our ragged squad, and the VARs. 1. Fixing our squad  My idea may not be popular, but hear me out. I think we should sell Onana in the summer,...

What Artificial Intelligence thinks of Everton

Kieran Kinsella
Posted 05/02/2024

I’m currently using AI for some fairly complex work topics but during down time I wondered what our Terminator like friends thought of Everton. Bear in mind AI has no emotions or bias though obviously it’s limited to judging in...

Are new sponsorships enough to solve Everton’s PSR problems?

Gary McCarty
Posted 15/02/2024

Everton’s well-documented issues with the Premier League’s Profit and Sustainability Rules (PSR) have undoubtedly cast a shadow over what could have been a promising season. A 10-point deduction plunged the Toffees into the hea...

The way we talk about our players.

Rob Jones
Posted 29/01/2024

At the risk of sounding like some soft numpty who doesn't belong on a football fan site, I think we need to talk about the way we talk about our players. The Live Forum is an energetic place on a match day, full of people who, understandab...

Everton's Academy

Rob Jones
Posted 27/01/2024

Earlier on, I read a comment on the Everton - Luton pre-match thread about how Everton's Academy is useless, what's the point, etc, etc.? Below, is the point: ...

FA Cup Preview: Everton vs Luton Town – stats, team news, line-ups

Gary McCarty
Posted 25/01/2024

Everton's troubled 2023/24 campaign saw a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel last week as Sean Dyche's side squeaked past Crystal Palace 1-0 in the third round of the FA Cup.  Following a scoreless draw in the first game at Sel...

St Domingo Chapel and Everton's origins

David Peate
Posted 22/01/2024

I have just read online an item entitled “The origins and development of association football in the Liverpool District c1879 until c1915”.  This was written by Thomas John Preston for ...

What’s the point?

Kieran Kinsella
Posted 20/01/2024

Feeling exasperated with the Sky 6 and all the VAR, Premier League and FA corrupt unfairness, I decided to do a little research to substantiate my thought that we may as well throw the towel in. After all, the same favoured teams win every...

February from hell as Everton’s next six Premier League games ought to define 2023/24 season

Gary McCarty
Posted 18/01/2024

A glimmer of hope emerged at the end of the tunnel as Andre Gomes' strike propelled Everton to a 1-0 victory against Crystal Palace in midweek FA Cup action.  In times of havoc and uncertainty emanating from another ominous-looking po...

The Premier League Want to Double-Dip a Punishment Already Under Appeal

Gary McCarty
Posted 16/01/2024

Everton are half way through the month of January as we look to see what the year of 2024 will bring for us, and many fans now believe it will be more chaos, more unfairness, and maybe more points being deducted as the Premier League have somewhat...

Hatters or Trotters Next in the FA Cup

Gary McCarty
Posted 16/01/2024

Round three of the FA Cup may not be over yet for Everton, but the draw for Round 4 has been made and it has thrown up two potential tasty ties should the Toffees make it through. The 0-0 away draw against Crystal Palace means that a ...

Burnley vs Everton: Relegation clash takes centre stage at Turf Moor

Gary McCarty
Posted 15/12/2023

Saturday's Premier League programme caps off at Turf Moor with a relegation six-pointer between promoted Burnley and high-flying Everton. Relegation scrap and high-flying sides often don't come in the same sentence. But the Toffees have di...

Everton's Soaring Performance: Aspirations for a Remarkable Premier League Season?

Gary McCarty
Posted 12/12/2023

Everton Football Club is one team that consistently draws the attention of fans and pundits. The Toffees always show great promise, displaying a level of play that has left many wondering if this could be the season for Everton to achieve remarkab...


Tony Abrahams
Posted 12/12/2023

Just been watching and listening to the ref getting advised by the officials in the studio, to go and have a look at the incident that led to Martial having his yellow card rescinded and being awarded a penalty instead, and feel that VAR is gettin...

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