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Talking Points

Regular topics from ToffeeWeb readers

Free agents that Everton could target in the summer

Gary McCarty
Posted 19/04/2024

Everton's summer transfer funds could likely be made up solely of any fees received from outgoing players. Off the back of the points deductions the club received this season, Sean Dyche will now have to tread carefully in the transfer market.&nbs...

An open letter to Chris Beesley, Liverpool Echo

Dan Hollingworth
Posted 17/04/2024

An open letter to Chris Beesley, Liverpool Echo. Dear Chris, I write this in response to your article ti...

Branthwaite Euro 2024 Call Could Be Key For Everton

Gary McCarty
Posted 18/04/2024

If there’s one defender in the Premier League hitting the headlines for all the right reasons this season, it’s Everton’s Jarrad Branthwaite. He made a handful of appearances for The Toffees in 2021/22, but this season, he’...

A view from my seat

Mark Dunford
Posted 16/04/2024

This shot with the couple consoling each other was taken around 10 minutes from the end of the game last night. ...

Sean of all hope: You fooled me for a while

Kieran Kinsella
Posted 16/04/2024

I always thought Sean Dyche’s record at Burnley, considering the resources he had, was commendable. In our situation, I thought he was a pragmatic fit.   But even from the get-go, there were red flags I chose to overlook. Firstl...

When was the last time something really good happened to Everton?

Ben King
Posted 13/04/2024

Even the new ground is sullied with debt and queries about the future.  In a sense, you can see why everyone celebrated like mad avoiding relegation vs Palace two seasons ago; it wasn't just relief but, for a brief moment, we had a &l...

The responsibility of the players

Andy Crooks
Posted 12/04/2024

Never, in 25 years reading and contributing to this site, have I seen football sidelined so significantly. Commissions, lawyers and finance are, understandably, just taking over. It seems like there are two types of thread and the Chelsea v Everto...

Everton players at the 2024 European Championships

Gary McCarty
Posted 19/04/2024

Premier League stars will feature heavily at the upcoming European Championships in Germany, with some clubs sending a dozen or mor...

I was wrong…

Rob Jones
Posted 02/04/2024

Months ago, Lyndon and Michael were kind enough to publish an article I wrote called Back to the Future, drunk on optimism following a (then) recent four-game winning run. It has n...

If you're not part of the problem you're part of the solution

GJ Butler
Posted 25/03/2024

For all the mentally exhausting talk of how FFP and PSR have ruined the game for many and forever more, I haven't yet read a solution that will make the game more competitive (while remaining sustainable). The current system failed miserab...

Irish talents leave a lasting legacy at Everton

Gary McCarty
Posted 25/03/2024

Ireland has a long-standing connection to Merseyside, with its people, culture and traditions shaping the economic and political history of the city. The links have been further strengthened by sport – a point evidenced by the number...

Whatever Happened to… What’s his name?

Clive Rogers
Posted 21/03/2024

Danny O'Neill’s recent Talking Point article about under-rated Everton players made me think about some of the many players we have signed under our current ownership who were most definitely over-rated. We all usually know what happens to p...

Under-rated Everton players — Take your pick

Danny O’Neill
Posted 19/03/2024

I know it’s hard with everything ...

The relegation run-in

Robert  Tressell
Posted 18/03/2024

Sheff Utd and Burnley are already down.  It remains for Luton, Forest, Everton and Brentford to fight their way out of trouble. How are these teams shaping up? Well, the sadly significant thing to note is that we do not have t...

When will the postponed Everton v Liverpool take place?

Gary McCarty
Posted 14/03/2024

Everton lost the first Merseyside derby of the 2023/24 Premier League season in October as Liverpool netted two unanswered second-half goals in a 2-0 victory at Anfield.  Sean Dyche's side had thought they'd have a chance to repay the...

Mr Dyche, Do Us All a Favour and Put Captain Fantastic in the Team... at Right Midfield

Jim Wilson
Posted 06/03/2024

The team needs an injection of inspiration from somewhere. And we need to immediately pick ourselves up and go again. I am sure Seamus Coleman is one of the few players we have who can provide the inspiration the team needs, who will also ...

Viña del Mar, Chile Fire Appeal, 2024 - Update

John Shearon
Posted 01/03/2024

  After the terrible fires in Viña del Mar, Chile in early February, the Ruleteros Society launched an online appeal to help those affected – many of the victims being Evertonianos. To date, we have raised and sen...

Victory in Defeat: why we should be happy

Kieran Kinsella
Posted 27/02/2024

It’s easy to focus on the negative with the points deduction and possible additional penalty but, let’s be honest, many of us have come out of Moshiri’s reign happier than we have ever been. When I say “us” I mean tru...

Abdoulaye Doucoure's Emblematic Role of in Sean Dyche's Everton team

Gary McCarty
Posted 04/03/2024

Born on 1 January 1993, Abdoulaye Doucoure joined Everton in September 2020 after his role as a midfielder at Watford. During his first Everton game, they won 1-0 against Tottenham Hotspur.  ...


Peter Brewin
Posted 24/02/2024

After watching another disappointing game which we should have won, I've ended up hoping and praying that, when our new owners eventually take over the running of our club – whoever they may end up being – do not take us into our brand...

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