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Fan Articles

Contributions from Everton fans and outside writers. Submit your own article for consideration

2019-20 Fan Articles »

What Everton can learn from Tony Bellew – Chelsea (A) preview

Patrick Gillen : 09/11/2018

The Bomber is a man who doesn’t know when he’s beat, and that’s exactly what Marco Silva must instil into this Everton team

Andre Gomes can be missing midfield link

Luke O'Farrell : 22/10/2018

If the first half against Palace was a player working his way up to speed, then the second saw the summer signing click through the gears and start to dictate proceedings from his midfield base.

Good Signs in the Undergrowth

Martin O'Connor : 18/10/2018

There are signs that there is a promising batch of young players in the Under-23 squad who may have a chance at the Club. In the Under-18s as well, the Everton Academy system is still in good health.

Making sense of statistics?

David Cooper : 08/10/2018

What can the wealth of team and individual stats tell us about the performances we watch?

Taking the Carabao Cup seriously

Paul O'Neil : 05/10/2018

There is a clear disconnection between how the loyal supporters of our club view this competition and how Everton view it. Surely Everton have a duty to take the League Cup / Milk Cup / Carabao Cup seriously? I think there are many ways to let the club know how unhappy their supporters are.

More Than The Sum of Its Parts

Paul Tran : 03/10/2018

Almost four years since my last trip to Goodison Park, I woke up at daft o’clock yesterday with that Christmas morning feeling. Yesterday, Everton made me feel special, re-united me with my Dad, re-affirmed my love for This Great Club of Ours, which acted like a great club off the pitch.

Signs of Spring

Martin O'Connor : 09/09/2018

It is early days and there is a long way to go, but the start we have made has exceeded what could have been expected. The cold dark winter of Allardyce is well and truly gone. The buds of spring are now starting to sprout under Silva and Brands. There is a long way to go and we will have setbacks along the way, but we can look forward with optimism.

The Lads in the Royal Blue Jersey

Gerard McKean : 22/08/2018

Is there any more that could be done to re-ignite the pride and passion that has been sorely missing over the last few years?

What’s a good result? Take 2

Mike Allison : 21/08/2018

Looked at objectively, all we’ve really done so far is met the minimum expectations for games against Wolves and Southampton

Brands Power

Adam McCulloch : 16/08/2018

The work of Marcel Brands over the summer has certainly justified the Blues blazing this trail: he may be one of the most important signings in the club’s history.

The New Era

Martin O'Connor : 10/08/2018

The Silva - Brands era starts at Wolves; what can we expect in the 2018-19 season from our new duo?

Is Everton Protestant or Catholic?

Bob Waterhouse : 09/08/2018

Since the split in 1892, there developed a widely-held belief that Everton became the club of the substantial Merseyside Catholic population and Liverpool of the Protestant population. Influential members of the clubs’ respective boards seem to have given substance to this belief.


Mark Cuddy : 02/08/2018

You’ve got to have heroes, its all part of being a kid growing up, all part of being a human, all part of following a football team. I’m glad I chose Big Bob Latch as mine and I’m glad I supported Everton.

Money Talks

Adam McCulloch : 30/07/2018

Let’s give him – and the new management team – a chance. Let’s stay positive, let’s make Goodison a fortress, let’s press, harry, play and produce. Let’s beat the Red Shite. Let’s laugh about the time we were angsty about which defender we bought from Barcelona. Let’s play Angry Birds.

11 Days to Fame or Total Misery

Mike Oates : 28/07/2018

To ensure the season is not an utter disaster waiting to happen, Marco and Marcel have got 11 days to entice another five or six top quality players in.

Squad Size and the Wage Bill

Michael Morgan : 21/07/2018

I wanted to put a question out about whether other fans on here have discussed or ever had a thought on a way forward with reference to reducing the squad size and wage bill?

The Writing's on the Wall

Mark Cuddy : 17/07/2018

At some point or other, most of us have had, or have got our own superstitions or rituals before a game. The truth is, we have no impact on the game whatsoever and yet people believe they do.

What if we do not sign anyone?

Steve Ferns : 14/07/2018

I think we've got our own super coach. And if so, then do we really need to spend a load of money? Let's look at what we have...

The Hand That You're Dealt?

Andy  McNabb : 10/07/2018

Is Roberto Martinez a much better manager than he got credit for at Everton?

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