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Opinion, Articles and Talking Points

Contributions from our editorial team, featured columnists and readers.

Gibson on the right wing?

by John Williams : 01/07/2012 [Fan Article]

talkSPORT and Ossie

by Ben Hunt : 27/06/2012 [Talking Points]

Why do England Fail?

by Brian Harrison : 26/06/2012 [Talking Points]

Naismith or No Naismith?

by Brian Williams : 24/06/2012 [Talking Points]

Everton Players at the Olympics?

by Nick Wall : 22/06/2012 [Talking Points]

The Forgotten Man

by Sam Hoare : 21/06/2012 [Talking Points]


by Ian Macdonald : 20/06/2012 [Fan Article]

Partner for Old Jela?

by Ryan Rosenberg : 20/06/2012 [Talking Points]

The fear factor

by Andy Crooks : 19/06/2012 [Talking Points]

The Day Gazza Walked Into My Life

by Matt Woods : 19/06/2012 [Fan Article]

The Moyes Conundrum

by Declan O'Shaughnessy : 18/06/2012 [Fan Article]

Toffeemen Facebook Group

by John Hermanson : 17/06/2012 [Fan Article]

Blue Sky thinking

by Peter Lee : 16/06/2012 [Fan Article]

Shareholder Windfall?

by Richard Larnder : 15/06/2012 [Fan Article]

Does the media hate us, we Evertonians?

by Sur Jo : 14/06/2012 [Talking Points]

Why Moyes?

by Keith Glazzard : 14/06/2012 [Talking Points]

Moyes to Spurs

by Pablo Connelly : 14/06/2012 [Fan Article]

Pre Season Tour?

by John Crook : 13/06/2012 [Talking Points]

How times have changed...

by Jay Harris : 08/06/2012 [Talking Points]

Formby Hall

by Ian Smitham : 08/06/2012 [Talking Points]

What beer for the Euros?

by Kieran Fitzgerald : 08/06/2012 [Talking Points]

A Truly Great Goodison Night

by Mark  Roberts : 07/06/2012 [Fan Article]

Desperate for the Reddies?

by Andrew James : 06/06/2012 [Talking Points]

Australia's greatest footballer

by Jip Foster : 04/06/2012 [Talking Points]

Need an Proppa Interruptor

by Gerry Quinn : 02/06/2012 [Talking Points]

The safest job in the world

by Andy Crooks : 01/06/2012 [Talking Points]

Has it all gone a bit stale?

by Joe McMahon : 31/05/2012 [Talking Points]

So the cheque WAS in the post, after all!

by Richard Dodd : 29/05/2012 [Talking Points]

Solution to the right-wing problem

by James Stewart : 29/05/2012 [Talking Points]

Strikers ? why?

by Kevin Sparke : 26/05/2012 [Talking Points]

Manuel Fernandes back at Goodison Park

by Lloyd Farrell : 25/05/2012 [Talking Points]

Pointless Polls

by Matt Traynor : 25/05/2012 [Talking Points]

A Magnificent Seventh?

by Richard Dodd : 24/05/2012 [Talking Points]

The rehabilitation of Joey Barton

by Andy Crooks : 24/05/2012 [Talking Points]


by Scott Edwards : 24/05/2012 [Talking Points]

Former Goalkeepers' Fortunes

by Steve Carter : 24/05/2012 [Talking Points]

A season in stats

by Stephen Kenny : 23/05/2012 [Fan Article]

A strange season: 1974-75

by Mark Roberts : 22/05/2012 [Fan Article]


by Nick Edwards : 22/05/2012 [Talking Points]

Adrian 'Inchy' Heath

by Sean Smythe : 22/05/2012 [Talking Points]

The most underrated

by Andy Crooks : 21/05/2012 [Talking Points]

Don't look back in anger

by James Martin : 21/05/2012 [Fan Article]

Europa League Qualification

by Graeme Dodd : 20/05/2012 [Talking Points]

Champions League and Pienaar

by Peter Hall : 19/05/2012 [Talking Points]

The value of goals

by Stephen Kenny : 19/05/2012 [Talking Points]

We are Everton

by John Gorham : 19/05/2012 [Talking Points]


by Michael Mcloughlin : 17/05/2012 [Talking Points]

So Jelavic has decided...

by Luke Berry : 17/05/2012 [Talking Points]

Available for Nothing

by Alasdair Mackay : 17/05/2012 [Talking Points]

International Quality

by Kevin Tully : 16/05/2012 [Talking Points]

A case for keeping Yobo

by Kieran Fitzgerald : 16/05/2012 [Talking Points]

27 years ago

by Ian Smitham : 15/05/2012 [Talking Points]

Some Fresh Blood

by Sam Hoare : 15/05/2012 [Fan Article]

Summer and the Euros

by Mark Roberts : 15/05/2012 [Talking Points]

All About The Money?

by Tony Marsh : 14/05/2012 [Fan Article]

How far away are we?

by Alan Clarke : 14/05/2012 [Talking Points]

The Death of the 4-4-2

by David Ellis : 14/05/2012 [Talking Points]

From my seat: Newcastle (H)

by Ken Buckley : 14/05/2012 [Column]

A Fun End To The Season

by Paul Traill : 13/05/2012 [Column]

How did you get on?

by Eugene Ruane : 13/05/2012 [Fan Article]

Everton In Europe

by George McKane : 13/05/2012 [Talking Points]

The Ultimate Futility

by Thomas Lennon : 12/05/2012 [Fan Article]

That Day!

by Dave Wilson : 12/05/2012 [Talking Points]

Five-Year Plans

by Jon Sellick : 09/05/2012 [Fan Article]

Toffees in America

by Clarence Yurcan : 09/05/2012 [Fan Article]

Earlybird Season tickets

by Colin Malone : 09/05/2012 [Talking Points]

Blue to Red?

by Kevin Sparke : 09/05/2012 [Talking Points]

Get Stracq!

by Drew O'Neall : 08/05/2012 [Talking Points]

Well that's that then...

by Nick Entwistle : 08/05/2012 [Talking Points]

The West Ham problem

by Andy Crooks : 07/05/2012 [Talking Points]


by Matt Traynor : 07/05/2012 [Fan Article]

Why not Everton for Qataris?

by Richard Dodd : 07/05/2012 [Talking Points]

What would you do

by Brian Harrison : 07/05/2012 [Talking Points]

From my seat: Wolves (A)

by Ken Buckley : 06/05/2012 [Column]

Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack!

by Jack Molloy : 05/05/2012 [Talking Points]

Drenthe: The Rumours

by Tony Cheek : 05/05/2012 [Talking Points]

What price a new stadium??

by Thomas Lennon : 04/05/2012 [Talking Points]

I can see the light, can anyone else?

by Robby Daniels : 04/05/2012 [Talking Points]

7th Place guaranteed finish if...

by Wally Melwani : 04/05/2012 [Talking Points]

David France: Ms que un fan

by Ed Bottomley : 04/05/2012 [Fan Article]

Why the low home attendances?

by J A Hansen : 04/05/2012 [Talking Points]

What do you prioritise?

by Kieran Fitzgerald : 03/05/2012 [Fan Article]

Stand Together

by Paul Jamieson : 03/05/2012 [Talking Points]

Seventh Heaven

by Andrew Fair : 02/05/2012 [Talking Points]

Players' wages

by Dick Fearon : 01/05/2012 [Talking Points]

The Enemy of Football

by James Cadwaladr : 01/05/2012 [Talking Points]

The Moyestrap

by Michael Coffey : 01/05/2012 [Fan Article]

Signing Dempsey

by Graham Broyd : 30/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Off the hook again

by Andy Crooks : 30/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Tim Cahill - Still a Legend?

by Ben Dyke : 30/04/2012 [Talking Points]

From My Seat: Fulham (H)

by Ken Buckley : 28/04/2012 [Column]

Where to strengthen... Who to sell

by Paul Mackie : 29/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Toxteth Riots and Everton

by James Flynn : 27/04/2012 [Talking Points]

From Cancun to Corrie

by Tony Marsh : 27/04/2012 [Fan Article]

The One-Touch Maestro

by Kevin Tully : 26/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Why I love ToffeeWeb

by David Stewart : 26/04/2012 [Talking Points]

New Kits?

by Andrew Fair : 26/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Europa League

by Adam Wareing : 25/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Come on, Toffees, come on!

by Ognjen Mojovic : 25/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Never beat Liverpool

by Tim Locke : 25/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Blue Union

by Peter Laing : 25/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Pienaar, come or go?

by Ricardo Humphries : 25/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Right-hand side AGAIN...

by Sean McKenna : 24/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Simple Question, Simple Answer?

by Andrew Yates : 24/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Chasing the money?

by Richard Dodd : 24/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Questions and Answers

by Jim Hourigan : 23/04/2012 [Talking Points]

KITAP4! ? Now that I like...

by Derek Thomas : 23/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Will success prolong the agony?

by Richard Dodd : 22/04/2012 [Talking Points]

So just what IS the value of EFC?

by Richard Dodd : 19/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Three Conundrums

by Pete  Shaw : 19/04/2012 [Fan Article]

An Alternative

by Andy Crooks : 18/04/2012 [Talking Points]

The best fans

by Lee Marman : 18/04/2012 [Talking Points]

My Generation

by Calum Beardwood : 17/04/2012 [Fan Article]


by Sandra Williams : 17/04/2012 [Fan Article]

What happened to Roy of the Reds?

by Jack  Molloy : 17/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Alex Young question

by Derek Turnbull : 17/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Something needs to Change

by Iain Greenaway : 17/04/2012 [Fan Article]

The Bad guys always win

by Kevin  O'Regan : 17/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Martinez the next Everton manager?

by Tommy Gibbons : 16/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Accentuating the positive

by Tony McNulty : 16/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Every cloud...

by Franny Porter : 16/04/2012 [Talking Points]

No shortage of 'big game' experience

by Lyndon Lloyd : 16/04/2012 [Editors' Blog]

Left stranded by coach hire firm

by Mike Keating : 16/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Death of a Loved One

by Steve Syder : 16/04/2012 [Fan Article]


by Andy Callan : 16/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Lack of Drive

by James Martin : 15/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Crossing the Rubicon

by Dave Arrow : 15/04/2012 [Fan Article]

Better Than the Devil You Know

by Iain McWilliam : 15/04/2012 [Fan Article]

Where from here?

by Paul Traill : 15/04/2012 [Column]

Liverpool got lucky yesterday...

by Steve Jones : 15/04/2012 [Talking Points]

KITAP1 (My arse!)

by Derek Thomas : 15/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Moyes the Loser

by Brian Hill : 15/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Stage fright

by Lee Marman : 15/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Always the Bridesmaid...

by Lyndon Lloyd : 14/04/2012 [Column]

Dust has settled...

by Matthew Barry : 14/04/2012 [Talking Points]

A new beginning

by Andy Crooks : 14/04/2012 [Talking Points]

That's Us In The Corner

by Dave Rymer : 14/04/2012 [Fan Article]

Another One Bites The Dust

by Mike Hughes : 14/04/2012 [Fan Article]

Can't beat Liverpool

by Chris  James : 14/04/2012 [Talking Points]

About Supporting Everton

by James Flynn : 14/04/2012 [Talking Points]

The Everton Mentality?

by Richard Tarleton : 13/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Crazy Bets, Crazy Prices

by Nick Entwistle : 12/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Who Knew? Saturday?s an LFC Fan...

by James Flynn : 12/04/2012 [Talking Points]

From My House

by Ken Buckley : 11/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Beating Liverpool

by Matt Byrne : 10/04/2012 [Fan Article]

Song for Wembley

by Brian Garside : 10/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Positive waves maann!

by Tommy Gibbons : 10/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Cheer up, Anichebe

by Ben Patchesa : 09/04/2012 [Fan Article]

The Enigma of Magaye Gueye

by Alex Kociuba : 10/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Ken Buckley

by Lyndon Lloyd : 10/04/2012 [Editors' Blog]

The Selection Dilemma

by Paul Traill : 09/04/2012 [Column]

Team for the Semi?

by Adam  Luszniak : 09/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Vulture Club

by Drew O'Neall : 09/04/2012 [Talking Points]


by Martin  Clark : 08/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Hanging on to Leighton Baines

by Tony McNulty : 07/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Is this as good as it gets?

by Richard Dodd : 07/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Decision, Decisions...

by Adam Dow : 05/04/2012 [Fan Article]

Moyes's Final Test

by Chris Butler : 05/04/2012 [Fan Article]

What if?

by Andy Crooks : 04/04/2012 [Talking Points]


by Jamie Crowley : 03/04/2012 [Fan Article]

Everton train at Goodison Park

by Michael Summers : 03/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Seven Remaining Games

by Wally Melwani : 02/04/2012 [Talking Points]

That Feel-Good Factor

by Paul Traill : 01/04/2012 [Column]

Bigger crowds now a pipe dream?

by Richard Dodd : 01/04/2012 [Talking Points]

Wrap Gibson in cotton wool

by James Stewart : 31/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Toffee Touts???

by Carl Peters : 31/03/2012 [Talking Points]

The Spurs Job

by David  Nicholls : 30/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Strength in Depth

by David Nicholls : 30/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Has Moyes been vindicated?

by Mohammed Horoub : 28/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Qualifying for the Europa Cup?

by Stan Blood : 28/03/2012 [Fan Article]

The Friendship Scarf!?!?!

by Andrew Fair : 28/03/2012 [Talking Points]

FA Cup Semi-Final Revenge

by Mark McDonald : 28/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Being A Happy Evertonian

by Terry Fearn : 28/03/2012 [Fan Article]

What Now Davey?

by Gary Hughes : 27/03/2012 [Talking Points]

You Have to Recruit a New Manager

by Stephen Barr : 26/03/2012 [Talking Points]

The Brendan Rodgers Myth

by Dave  Wilson : 25/03/2012 [Talking Points]

The Curious Case of Royston Drenthe

by Richard Dodd : 25/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Dominant win recalls the good times

by Chris Smith : 25/03/2012 [Fan Article]

We're Missing Eleven Goals

by Trevor Powell : 25/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Rarebit of Welsh Relief

by Nick Entwistle : 24/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Know Your Place

by Andy Casey : 23/03/2012 [Fan Article]

Keeping an eye on the Rangers bidders

by Paul Ellam : 23/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Momentry Lapse of Reason

by Tony Marsh : 22/03/2012 [Fan Article]

Easy Money

by Mick Wrende : 22/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Where's our Number 10?

by Sean McKenna : 22/03/2012 [Talking Points]

What Happens Next...

by Luke O'Farrell : 22/03/2012 [Column]

Elstone: Time to Go

by David O'Keefe : 21/03/2012 [Fan Article]

Outstaying Your Welcome

by Ged Dwyer : 20/03/2012 [Fan Article]

Cup Winners

by Ben Jones : 20/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Poor tactics or lack of quality?

by Andy Crooks : 19/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Winning with the kids

by Paul Johnson : 18/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Sunderand Replay Travel

by Roger  Mottram : 18/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Little Bobby and Big Ian

by John Keating : 16/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Campaign for Derby Ticket Refund

by Anthony Newell : 15/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Die Schule des Fuballs Wissenschaft

by Matt Dee : 14/03/2012 [Fan Article]

Nine interested parties?

by Andy Riley : 14/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Insult to injury

by Steve Guy : 14/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Dignified Inferiority

by James Martin : 14/03/2012 [Fan Article]

Questions Need To Be Asked

by Chris Butler : 14/03/2012 [Fan Article]

A Critic?s Reciprocation

by Roman Sidey : 14/03/2012 [Talking Points]

What Did You Expect?

by Tony Marsh : 14/03/2012 [Fan Article]

Doomed From the Start

by Lyndon Lloyd : 13/03/2012 [Column]

A Ten-Year Attitude

by Shaun Cox : 14/03/2012 [Fan Article]

Disgusting abuse of the fans

by Paul Traill : 14/03/2012 [Column]

Balls of Steel or a huge Dropped Bollock?

by Mark Stewart : 14/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Chant for Jelavic

by Jamie Morgan : 12/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Leon Osman plays like Iniesta

by Stephen Leary : 12/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Attack, attack, attack!!!

by Kevin Tully : 12/03/2012 [Talking Points]


by Chris Morris : 11/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Jelavic Niks it for Everton

by Luke O'Farrell : 11/03/2012 [Column]

Room for Optimism

by Vinod Kumar : 11/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Ten Years of David Moyes

by Andy Crooks : 11/03/2012 [Talking Points]

What is most important, Cup or League?

by Jimmy Sorheim : 10/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Moyes among world football's top earners

by Marcus Choo : 10/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Where to sit?

by Danny Lizars : 10/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Live Match Day Atmosphere

by George Mc Kane : 09/03/2012 [Talking Points]


by Gerry Quinn : 08/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Smallest Squad in the Prem

by Paul Hardcastle : 05/03/2012 [Talking Points]

To all Moyes's critics

by Ben Jones : 05/03/2012 [Fan Article]

Moyes top 8?

by Richard Reeves : 05/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Are the Fates smiling on us...?

by Mike Green : 05/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Tim Howard

by Stephen Leary : 04/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Moyes to Chelsea?

by Sean McKenna : 04/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Big Girls' Blouses

by Nick Entwistle : 04/03/2012 [Talking Points]

From my seat: QPR (A)

by Ken Buckley : 04/03/2012 [Column]

Have glory days gone for ever?

by Richard Dodd : 03/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Peel Holdings

by Ray Said : 03/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Just Do It

by James Cadwaladr : 01/03/2012 [Talking Points]

Kenwright saved again

by Andy Crooks : 29/02/2012 [Talking Points]

Europa League

by Neil Smith : 25/02/2012 [Talking Points]

Breakfast with Big Nev!

by Paul Traill : 25/02/2012 [Column]

Strikers' Graveyard?

by Dave Wilson : 23/02/2012 [Fan Article]

PM & FA Racism Meeting

by Brian Harrison : 22/02/2012 [Talking Points]

Quinn Investments

by Liam Reilly : 21/02/2012 [Talking Points]

The Greatest Merseyside Derby?

by Alex Robinson : 20/02/2012 [Talking Points]

A time for adventure?

by Dave Roberts : 20/02/2012 [Talking Points]

Being greater than the club

by Tim Locke : 19/02/2012 [Talking Points]

Drenthe or Stracqualursi

by Anthony Millington : 19/02/2012 [Talking Points]

Thanks mate

by John Kelly : 19/02/2012 [Talking Points]

From my seat: Blackpool (Cup)

by Ken Buckley : 18/02/2012 [Column]

Just one game away...

by Paul Traill : 18/02/2012 [Column]

Trust Everton ? What's The Strategy?

by Phil Guyers : 17/02/2012 [Fan Article]

Everton Myths

by Luke O'Farrell : 16/02/2012 [Fan Article]

Let's Talk About Jake Bidwell

by Dick Anderson : 16/02/2012 [Fan Article]

I CAN Get Some Satisfaction

by Andy Callan : 16/02/2012 [Talking Points]

Favourite Everton souvenir

by Andrew Grey : 15/02/2012 [Talking Points]

Shiny silver cups

by Ste Kenny : 15/02/2012 [Talking Points]

Champions For Sale: 1

by Jack  Molloy : 14/02/2012 [Talking Points]

An Utter Disgrace

by Chris Butler : 12/02/2012 [Fan Article]

A Fun Day at the Game

by Paul Traill : 12/02/2012 [Column]

Darron Gibson or Joe Parkinson?

by James Crolla : 12/02/2012 [Talking Points]

Saha owes EFC a refund...

by Mohammed Horoub : 12/02/2012 [Talking Points]

Pressure From The Front

by Matthew Lovekin : 12/02/2012 [Fan Article]

Go back to go forward?

by Derek Thomas : 12/02/2012 [Talking Points]

Return of the Pienaar

by Luke O'Farrell : 11/02/2012 [Column]

Everton 2 - 0 Chelsea

by Lyndon Lloyd : 11/02/2012 [Column]

From My Seat: Chelsea (H)

by Ken Buckley : 11/02/2012 [Fan Article]

Everton on TV

by Philip Bickerstaff : 10/02/2012 [Talking Points]

Transfers - in whose interests?

by Gregory Kelly : 09/02/2012 [Talking Points]

Capello: The beginning of the end?

by Steve Guy : 08/02/2012 [Talking Points]

12 Interested Parties!

by Kevin Tully : 08/02/2012 [Talking Points]

Healthy Competition for Places

by Sam Hoare : 07/02/2012 [Fan Article]

Time to think about the Chelsea game

by Michael Summers : 07/02/2012 [Talking Points]

Three into two doesn't go!

by Anthony Jaras : 05/02/2012 [Talking Points]

Bore Draw at the DW

by Paul Traill : 05/02/2012 [Column]

Big Vic... just how good is he?

by Derek Thomas : 05/02/2012 [Talking Points]

MIA: Ross Barkley

by Sean McKenna : 05/02/2012 [Talking Points]

From my seat: Wigan (A)

by Ken Buckley : 04/02/2012 [Column]

All a Bit of a Let-Down

by Lyndon Lloyd : 04/02/2012 [Column]

Who's on board for 2012-13?

by Matthew Lovekin : 02/02/2012 [Fan Article]

Goodbye Saha

by Jon Ferguson : 02/02/2012 [Talking Points]

Blue Bill buys himself some time

by Richard Dodd : 01/02/2012 [Talking Points]

You Can't Buy Spirit

by Jamie Sweet : 01/02/2012 [Talking Points]

What a difference a day makes....

by Wayne Mac : 01/02/2012 [Talking Points]

The Benefits of Change

by Nick Entwistle : 01/02/2012 [Fan Article]

An Ode to Denis

by Andy Powell : 01/02/2012 [Talking Points]

Terrific Day for Everton

by Paul Traill : 01/02/2012 [Column]

Ins and Outs!

by Tony Cheek : 01/02/2012 [Talking Points]

A nice gloss

by Ste Kenny : 01/02/2012 [Fan Article]

The Walls of Jericho

by Richard Knights : 30/01/2012 [Fan Article]

Blast from the past

by Dick  Fearon : 30/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Paul Bracewell ? A Life in Football

by Rob Sawyer : 30/01/2012 [Fan Article]

Investing in the Future

by Joel Durkin : 29/01/2012 [Fan Article]

Donovan or a striker?

by Ben Jones : 29/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Looking forward to City game

by Michael Summers : 28/01/2012 [Talking Points]

From My Seat: Fulham (Cup)

by Ken Buckley : 28/01/2012 [Column]

Much, Much More Like It

by Paul Traill : 28/01/2012 [Column]

There is no Moyesiah

by Andy Crooks : 27/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Moyes To Extend His Stay?

by Jamie Sweet : 26/01/2012 [Talking Points]


by Rupert Sullivan : 25/01/2012 [Talking Points]

I'm Missing Something

by Gareth Prytherch : 25/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Dire Straits

by Graeme Beresford : 24/01/2012 [Fan Article]

Punching below our weight

by Anthony Jones : 24/01/2012 [Talking Points]

The Goodison Roar

by Rick Tarleton : 24/01/2012 [Fan Article]

Sinking Feeling

by Tony Marsh : 23/01/2012 [Fan Article]

Current Squad

by Steve Vinue : 23/01/2012 [Talking Points]

It's not all about the money

by Jamie Sweet : 23/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Should Landon sign for Everton?

by Steve Barr : 22/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Adidas to replace LCS?

by Nick Parker : 22/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Offer to Bill Kenwright

by Dave Kenrick : 22/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Shane Duffy

by Ben Jones : 22/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Saha must go!

by Tony  Cheek : 22/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Utterly Ridiculous

by Paul Traill : 22/01/2012 [Column]

Not in My lifetime

by Conor Skelly : 22/01/2012 [Fan Article]

Even his first name is a joke

by Peter Fearon : 22/01/2012 [Talking Points]

From my seat: Blackburn (H)

by Ken Buckley : 21/01/2012 [Column]

Resurgent Blackburn held at Goodison Park.

by Andy Crooks : 21/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Attack: the best form of defence

by Tony McNulty : 20/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Red, White and Blues... Everton USA?

by Peter Fearon : 20/01/2012 [Talking Points]

What a nice team

by Andy Crooks : 19/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Worst Ever Transfer

by Cameron  White : 18/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Swansea budget and style of play...

by Paul Holmes : 18/01/2012 [Talking Points]

The Blue Union Tightrope

by Peter  Fearon : 16/01/2012 [Fan Article]

Stick with a winning formula!

by Jimmy  Sorheim : 16/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Strikers or poor service?

by Mark Fitzgerald : 16/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Easy Trip to the Midlands

by Paul Traill : 15/01/2012 [Column]

From my seat: Aston Villa (A)

by Ken Buckley : 14/01/2012 [Column]

Iceberg, dead ahead!

by Lyndon Lloyd : 13/01/2012 [Editors' Blog]

Why Everton haven't been sold

by Richard Larnder : 13/01/2012 [Fan Article]

Gibson ? better for us than Rodwell

by Niall Clinton : 13/01/2012 [Fan Article]

An Open Letter to Bill Kenwright

by Steven Flavin : 13/01/2012 [Fan Article]

Carpe Diem

by Scott Campbell : 12/01/2012 [Fan Article]

From My Seat: Tottenham (A)

by Ken Buckley : 12/01/2012 [Fan Article]

Pat Nevin, Hall of Fame

by Rob Sawyer : 12/01/2012 [Fan Article]

Kick it Out

by Colin Huntington : 12/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Maddock draws some twisted parallels

by Lyndon Lloyd : 12/01/2012 [Editors' Blog]

Who is really to Blame?

by Derek Arrowsmith : 12/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Moyes is unbelievable

by Tom Bowers : 12/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Enough is Enough

by Nick Armitage : 12/01/2012 [Fan Article]

Takeover and Kenwright

by Chris  Kennedy : 11/01/2012 [Talking Points]

What's the point?!

by Matthew Hourigan : 11/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Twin thrust: Timid and Inept

by Peter Fearon : 11/01/2012 [Talking Points]

The Lost Generation

by Adam Cunliffe : 11/01/2012 [Fan Article]

What would you prefer?

by Andy Crooks : 11/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Is relegation the aim?

by Chris  Perry : 11/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Another Strong Second Half?

by Scott Brady : 10/01/2012 [Fan Article]

Samba anyone?

by Tom Bowers : 10/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Moyes ? make the choice!

by Alex  Mather : 10/01/2012 [Fan Article]

Gung-ho Everton bring Spurs back to earth

by Dean Adams : 09/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Reduced Prices

by Steve Sweeney : 09/01/2012 [Talking Points]

If Coventry can do it...

by Stewart Littler : 09/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Mid-season Awards

by Vinod Kumar : 09/01/2012 [Fan Article]

5 Million against 50 Thousand?

by Mick Wrende : 08/01/2012 [Fan Article]

Can't wait to read this chapter...

by Mohammed Horoub : 08/01/2012 [Talking Points]

From my seat: Tamworth (H)

by Ken Buckley : 07/01/2012 [Column]

Entirely unconvincing

by Paul Traill : 07/01/2012 [Column]

Having a Go

by Charlie Percival : 07/01/2012 [Fan Article]

Shane Duffy

by Henry Jones : 07/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Where is the cavalry?

by Jay Harris : 06/01/2012 [Talking Points]

What if we lose to Tamworth?

by Neil Smith : 06/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Cost Cutting

by Ken Jones : 05/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Stale vibes

by Matthew Roache : 05/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Blue Union to up the ante?

by Steve Guy : 05/01/2012 [Talking Points]

The half-way point of the Season

by Michael Kidd : 05/01/2012 [Fan Article]


by Nick Armitage : 05/01/2012 [Fan Article]

From my seat: Bolton (H)

by Ken Buckley : 05/01/2012 [Column]

Gone with the wind

by Paul Traill : 05/01/2012 [Column]

Match Report. Seat 6 Row W Main Stand

by Dave Lynch : 04/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Team for Bolton (and beyond)

by Chris James : 04/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Mustafi Gone

by Declan Burke : 03/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Gary Ablett

by Neil Smith : 02/01/2012 [Fan Article]

Bring them all on... still!

by Nick Entwistle : 02/01/2012 [Fan Article]

Control freak

by Paul Johnson : 02/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Defending the indefensible

by Michael Kenrick : 01/01/2012 [Editors' Blog]

From my seat: West Brom (A)

by Ken Buckley : 01/01/2012 [Column]

Iffy decisions

by Derek Thomas : 01/01/2012 [Talking Points]

Happy New Year

by Jonathan James Cox : 31/12/2011 [Talking Points]

The Golden Vision

by Andy Crooks : 30/12/2011 [Talking Points]

Who do you wish for?

by Phil  Walling : 29/12/2011 [Talking Points]

Leon Osman ? Cheat!

by Vince Hindson : 28/12/2011 [Talking Points]

The sloppy defending is costing as well.

by Peter Hall : 28/12/2011 [Talking Points]

Time to Blood the Youngsters

by Aidy  Dews : 27/12/2011 [Fan Article]

The Answer

by Alasdair Mackay : 27/12/2011 [Fan Article]

From my seat: Sunderland (A)

by Ken Buckley : 27/12/2011 [Fan Article]

Final Fling of the Old Guard?

by Phil Roberts : 27/12/2011 [Talking Points]

Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now

by Mike Hughes : 26/12/2011 [Talking Points]

A man for half seasons?

by Richard Dodd : 26/12/2011 [Talking Points]

Christmas Wishes

by MIke McLoughlin : 25/12/2011 [Talking Points]

Merry Christmas

by Christine Foster : 24/12/2011 [Talking Points]

It's That Time Again

by Kevin Sparke : 24/12/2011 [Fan Article]

Time for wholesale renewal

by Kieran  Fitzgerald : 23/12/2011 [Fan Article]

Elstone's Blog

by Russ Quinlan : 23/12/2011 [Talking Points]

Moyes to Rodgers

by Greg Lambden : 22/12/2011 [Talking Points]

Fellaini Leads the Way

by Luke O'Farrell : 22/12/2011 [Column]

From My Seat: Swansea (H)

by Ken Buckley : 22/12/2011 [Talking Points]

Any Which Way Will Do

by Paul Traill : 22/12/2011 [Column]

The Future

by Fran Mitchell : 20/12/2011 [Fan Article]

Time For A Change

by Ryan Rosenberg : 20/12/2011 [Fan Article]

A Star is Worn

by Shaun  Laycock : 19/12/2011 [Talking Points]

Thinking outside the box

by Dave Cooper : 18/12/2011 [Talking Points]

Would this work on Wednesday night?

by Domino  Darkley : 18/12/2011 [Talking Points]

Royston to the Rescue

by Luke  O'Farrell : 18/12/2011 [Fan Article]

From my seat: Norwich (H)

by Ken Buckley : 17/12/2011 [Column]

Are we good supporters?

by John J Malone : 17/12/2011 [Talking Points]

A Missive

by Gareth Humphreys : 17/12/2011 [Fan Article]

Denis the Menace Heading Home?

by Peter Fearon : 16/12/2011 [Talking Points]

The Missing 5 million?

by Paul Carr : 16/12/2011 [Talking Points]

Hunting for Heroes

by Phil Walling : 16/12/2011 [Talking Points]

The Good Growd

by anna Cullen : 16/12/2011 [Fan Article]

Age Appropriate?

by Mark Griffiths : 15/12/2011 [Talking Points]

What's the worst that can happen?

by Dave Wilson : 15/12/2011 [Fan Article]

Three Questions...

by Vic Flange : 14/12/2011 [Talking Points]

Matchday Programme Subscription

by Neil Smith : 14/12/2011 [Talking Points]

New Premier League record for Everton

by Paul Holmes : 13/12/2011 [Talking Points]

Christmas 1986

by Neil Smith : 13/12/2011 [Fan Article]

Who I'd like for Christmas...

by Sam Hoare : 13/12/2011 [Fan Article]

Stale?... Stagnant morelike!

by Brian Noble : 12/12/2011 [Talking Points]

It's Kenwright who needs to go

by Jay Harris : 12/12/2011 [Fan Article]

Ba Humbug!

by Peter Laing : 12/12/2011 [Talking Points]

Barkley set to sign new contract

by Bobby McDermott : 12/12/2011 [Talking Points]

Well it's not for want of trying

by Paul Traill : 11/12/2011 [Fan Article]

Going down the wrong rabbit hole

by Thomas Williams : 11/12/2011 [Talking Points]

Results Indict the Moyes Defence

by Peter Fearon : 10/12/2011 [Fan Article]

From my seat: Arsenal (A)

by Ken Buckley : 10/12/2011 [Fan Article]

Moyes Out?

by Gary Smith : 10/12/2011 [Fan Article]

Song for The Emirates

by Brian Garside : 09/12/2011 [Talking Points]

CD Everton's final push to the top

by John Shearon : 09/12/2011 [Talking Points]

So, now that Barkley is 18...

by Paul Hardcastle : 09/12/2011 [Talking Points]

A New Formation

by Neil Turton : 08/12/2011 [Fan Article]

FC Basel ? a useful template?

by Graham Atherton : 08/12/2011 [Fan Article]

A new approach

by Robbie Carew : 07/12/2011 [Talking Points]

Transfer Window

by Kevin Tully : 07/12/2011 [Talking Points]

Does Dave Know Jack about Scoring?

by Peter Fearon : 06/12/2011 [Talking Points]

Unlock Osman

by James Martin : 06/12/2011 [Fan Article]

Go Now

by Andy Crooks : 05/12/2011 [Talking Points]

Lacking just a few things

by Brian Williams : 05/12/2011 [Talking Points]

Back on the Road to Nowhere

by Lyndon Lloyd : 04/12/2011 [Column]

From my seat: Stoke City (H)

by Ken Buckley : 04/12/2011 [Column]

Yakubu scoring for fun

by Paul Columb : 04/12/2011 [Talking Points]

Yannick Djalo

by Ben Jones : 03/12/2011 [Talking Points]

The club's overdraft

by Mark Boulle : 02/12/2011 [Talking Points]

CD Everton Promotion Push

by John  Shearon : 02/12/2011 [Talking Points]

Royston to Reds?

by Sam Hoare : 29/11/2011 [Talking Points]

Reflections on a footballer

by Kevin Sparke : 29/11/2011 [Fan Article]

Gary Speed's Goals

by Neil Smith : 28/11/2011 [Fan Article]

Is Defoe the answer?

by Sean Mckenna : 28/11/2011 [Talking Points]

Speed's back-handed compliment

by Domino Darkley : 28/11/2011 [Talking Points]

Bringing the Game into Disrepute

by Rupert Sullivan : 28/11/2011 [Talking Points]

A Sad Day for the Blue Fraternity

by Lyndon Lloyd : 27/11/2011 [Editors' Blog]

You gotta minute, Guv?

by Gerry Quinn : 27/11/2011 [Talking Points]

A return to pragmatism

by John Holmes : 27/11/2011 [Fan Article]

Glass half-full?

by Andy Crooks : 27/11/2011 [Talking Points]

Best of the Rest

by Tony  Cheek : 26/11/2011 [Talking Points]

From my seat: Bolton (A)

by Ken Buckley : 26/11/2011 [Fan Article]

Goodison template

by Barry Hughes : 26/11/2011 [Talking Points]

Defensive masterplan

by Gary Lawler : 26/11/2011 [Talking Points]

What can we expect from Everton?

by Jimmy Soerheim : 25/11/2011 [Talking Points]

Just Rebuild One Stand

by Derek Turnbull : 24/11/2011 [Fan Article]

George Green... Take a bow son!

by Ryan Jones : 24/11/2011 [Talking Points]

Financial Fair Play

by Peter Barnes : 23/11/2011 [Talking Points]

CD Everton Revival

by Mike Owen : 23/11/2011 [Fan Article]

Away game memories

by Adam Cunliffe : 23/11/2011 [Talking Points]

Boring Blues?

by James Martin : 22/11/2011 [Fan Article]

All You Need Is Luck

by Tony Marsh : 22/11/2011 [Fan Article]

Bolton Match Report

by Shaun Sparke : 22/11/2011 [Fan Article]

Managerial Instructions

by Tony Pickering : 22/11/2011 [Talking Points]

Landon Donovan

by Gerry Morrison : 21/11/2011 [Talking Points]

Ugly Everton Do Just Enough

by Luke O'Farrell : 20/11/2011 [Column]

From my seat: Wolves (H)

by Ken Buckley : 19/11/2011 [Column]

What is wrong?

by Andy Crooks : 19/11/2011 [Talking Points]

Everton's (lack of) wage structure

by Matthew Lovekin : 19/11/2011 [Talking Points]

A Fascinating Insight into Will Cuff

by Paul Traill : 19/11/2011 [Fan Article]

A Word on “Email-Gate”

by Lyndon Lloyd : 18/11/2011 [Column]

The turnaround team

by Sam Hoare : 18/11/2011 [Talking Points]

Investment for the long term

by Scott Phelps : 17/11/2011 [Talking Points]


by John Kelly : 17/11/2011 [Talking Points]

Spare a thought for poor sad Everton

by Anne Thompson : 17/11/2011 [Talking Points]

Bily fits best in a central role

by Jimmy Soerheim : 14/11/2011 [Talking Points]

A pause for thought

by Dick Fearon : 13/11/2011 [Talking Points]

A Lack of Confidence throughout the Squad

by Adam Jones : 11/11/2011 [Talking Points]

Saturday Night Pink Echo

by Neil Smith : 11/11/2011 [Fan Article]

In Grateful Remembrance

by Paul Wharton : 09/11/2011 [Fan Article]

No Excuses, Davey

by Chris Butler : 09/11/2011 [Fan Article]

A new Kevin Campbell...

by Andy Crooks : 09/11/2011 [Talking Points]

Postman's Knock

by Tony Marsh : 07/11/2011 [Fan Article]

Well done, Jack !

by Ged Dwyer : 07/11/2011 [Talking Points]

The moment has come

by Brian Keoghan : 07/11/2011 [Talking Points]

Xbox... or the game?

by Mark Yeomans : 07/11/2011 [Talking Points]


by Dave Richman : 07/11/2011 [Fan Article]

Peter Principle Proven

by Sam Fitzsimmons : 06/11/2011 [Talking Points]

Koketsu ni irazunba koji wo ezu

by Robbie Carew : 06/11/2011 [Talking Points]

A little too comfortable

by Andy Crooks : 05/11/2011 [Talking Points]

From my seat: Newcastle (A)

by Ken Buckley : 05/11/2011 [Fan Article]

Blues fans succeed in removing owner!

by Steven Sturm : 05/11/2011 [Talking Points]

Why Do I Feel Like This ?

by Gary Jones : 05/11/2011 [Fan Article]

Coming to the end

by Daniel Hutchinson : 05/11/2011 [Fan Article]

How many want Moyes out?

by Jimmy Srheim : 05/11/2011 [Talking Points]

Here we go again ?

by Steve Guy : 04/11/2011 [Talking Points]

Moyes out but Neville in!

by Anthony Jones : 03/11/2011 [Talking Points]

2012: Doomsday?

by Jeremy Benson : 03/11/2011 [Talking Points]

Bring them all on!

by Nick Entwistle : 02/11/2011 [Talking Points]

Drenthe & Vellios, joint top scorers

by Jiimy Srheim : 02/11/2011 [Talking Points]

Where has the final ball gone?

by John J Malone : 01/11/2011 [Talking Points]

Message from Neville to Moyes?

by Rob Williamson : 31/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Switching Formation

by Ciaran Duff : 31/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Ossie bashing again

by Colin Malone : 30/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Heading south before the winter

by Peter Fearon : 30/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Bournemouth find billionnaire investor

by Micky Vee : 30/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Liverpool Invasion

by Paul Traill : 30/10/2011 [Column]

Lets Talk About Femi Orenuga

by Dick Anderson : 29/10/2011 [Fan Article]

From my seat: Man Utd (H)

by Ken Buckley : 29/10/2011 [Column]

Lack of Investment Shines Through

by Luke O'Farrell : 29/10/2011 [Fan Article]

Those who are getting off light

by Andy Crooks : 29/10/2011 [Talking Points]


by Robert Daniels : 27/10/2011 [Talking Points]

From my seat: Chelsea (H)

by Ken Buckley : 27/10/2011 [Column]

Bily no mates

by Jon  Ferguson : 27/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Could Distin play left back?

by John Crook : 27/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Don't blame Drenthe

by Craig Walker : 27/10/2011 [Talking Points]

The curious case of John Ruddy

by Peter Griffin : 27/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Mucha Mucks It Up

by Luke O'Farrell : 27/10/2011 [Fan Article]

Lies, Damned Lies and Post Match Comments

by Peter Fearon : 27/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Sympathetic doesn't mean apologetic

by Robin Cannon : 27/10/2011 [Talking Points]

“Yeah, but no, but yeah...”

by Eugene Ruane : 25/10/2011 [Talking Points]

(MAYBE) he will go for it?

by John Crook : 25/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Stewards bottle it?

by Steve Guy : 25/10/2011 [Talking Points]

The Importance of Identity

by Paul Niklas : 24/10/2011 [Fan Article]

Thoughts from Craven Cottage

by Sam Hoare : 24/10/2011 [Fan Article]

Left out! No, should be left(-sided) in

by Derek Thomas : 24/10/2011 [Talking Points]

From My Seat: Fulham (A)

by Ken Buckley : 23/10/2011 [Column]

What do I watch at 1:30 today?

by Mike Hargreaves : 23/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Losing Patience

by Russ Quinlan : 22/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Would relegation be that bad?

by Sean McKenna : 21/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Everton v Fulham: Stats Preview

by Luke O'Farrell : 21/10/2011 [Fan Article]

The Writing is on the Wall

by Christine Foster : 21/10/2011 [Fan Article]

A Good Manager Gone Wrong

by Gary Hughes : 21/10/2011 [Talking Points]

We can't defend and we're too nice

by Bobby Thomas : 20/10/2011 [Fan Article]

Youth Development

by Ciaran Duff : 19/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Damage limitation? No thanks!

by Matt Roache : 18/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Losing The Plot

by Tony Marsh : 18/10/2011 [Fan Article]

Internet minority?

by Steve Guy : 18/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Stepping Backwards

by Paul McAllister : 17/10/2011 [Fan Article]

Baxter and Garbutt

by Lee Jamieson : 17/10/2011 [Talking Points]

That was then; this is now

by Kevan  Currie : 19/10/2011 [Fan Article]

We must all get behind David Moyes

by Stephen  Kidd : 17/10/2011 [Fan Article]

Is being an also-ran okay?

by Stuart Saint : 17/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Time to Change the Record

by Lyndon Lloyd : 17/10/2011 [Column]

From my seat: Chelsea (A)

by Ken Buckley : 16/10/2011 [Column]

Everton Old Boys XI 3 - 0 Everton

by Peter Fearon : 16/10/2011 [Talking Points]

And Jesus Wept...

by Mark Yeomans : 16/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Gardening Leave

by Andy  McNabb : 16/10/2011 [Fan Article]

Feel the fear; succumb to the fear

by Andy  Crooks : 15/10/2011 [Talking Points]


by Steve Guy : 15/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Toffees are Stuck

by Graham Brown : 15/10/2011 [Fan Article]

Everton v Chelsea: Stats Preview

by Luke  O'Farrell : 14/10/2011 [Fan Article]

Return of the Scottish Rooney?

by Nick Entwistle : 14/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Overseas TV Revenue Change?

by Matt Traynor : 12/10/2011 [Fan Article]

Feel the fear; conquer the fear

by Andy Crooks : 11/10/2011 [Talking Points]

The Right Choice?

by Tony Cheek : 11/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Changing Hearts and Minds

by Michael Kenrick : 10/10/2011 [Editors' Blog]


by Kevin Hudson : 09/10/2011 [Fan Article]

Granddad's Axe etc

by Brian Denton : 08/10/2011 [Talking Points]

An alternative to the media

by Kieran Fitzgerald : 07/10/2011 [Fan Article]

More Rowan than Martin?

by Chris Rudd : 05/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Worse than the wrestling

by Kevin Sparke : 05/10/2011 [Fan Article]

New-look ToffeeWeb

by Dan Kemp : 04/10/2011 [Talking Points]


by John Brennan : 04/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Why no fight over Stanley Park?

by Richard Dodd : 04/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Rodwell Reprieve

by Mike Hughes : 04/10/2011 [Talking Points]


by Alasdair Mackay : 03/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Picking up the pieces

by Andy Crooks : 03/10/2011 [Talking Points]

“Bitter?” Too bloody right I am!

by Chris Leyland : 03/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Premier League implosion

by Craig Harrison : 03/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Still Can't Believe It

by Sean O'Brien : 03/10/2011 [Talking Points]

When will Denis be allowed to Menace?

by Peter Fearon : 02/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Where was Bill Kenwright off to?

by Steve Ferns : 02/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Enough alehouse football

by Mike Oates : 02/10/2011 [Talking Points]

A bitter pill to swallow

by Paul Traill : 02/10/2011 [Column]

I can't take much more of this

by Matthew Lovekin : 02/10/2011 [Fan Article]

Techniques of the Cheat

by Nick Entwistle : 02/10/2011 [Talking Points]

In this world you get what you pay for

by Sam Fitzsimmons : 01/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Injustice in its Purest Form

by Lyndon Lloyd : 01/10/2011 [Column]

From my seat: Liverpool (H)

by Ken Buckley : 01/10/2011 [Column]

What a twat

by Kevin Sparke : 01/10/2011 [Talking Points]

Do Everton Fans do mechandising?

by Kieran Fitzgerald : 30/09/2011 [Talking Points]

EFC Marketing... Men of Action?

by Marc Williams : 30/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Ordering from EFC online store

by Spragg Johnson : 29/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Size matters

by Jimmy Kelly : 28/09/2011 [Talking Points]

It Works With Horses?

by Jimmy Stenn : 28/09/2011 [Fan Article]

Fellaini decision must be made

by Jimmy Sorheim : 28/09/2011 [Talking Points]

How To Move The Club Forward

by Brian Harrison : 28/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Team vs Liverpool

by Kevin Tully : 27/09/2011 [Talking Points]

What if...?

by Shaun Sparke : 27/09/2011 [Fan Article]

Moyes and Strikers

by Mark McDonald : 26/09/2011 [Talking Points]


by Wayne McNee : 26/09/2011 [Talking Points]

As Good As It Gets?

by Tony Marsh : 26/09/2011 [Fan Article]

Is he really that good?

by Brian  Holmes : 26/09/2011 [Talking Points]

When Saturday Comes...

by Peter Fearon : 25/09/2011 [Talking Points]

An Alternative League Philosophy

by Steve Barr : 25/09/2011 [Fan Article]

The Stoke example

by Christopher Brown : 25/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Get real

by Mike Gwyer : 25/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Have teams found Howard's weakness?

by Peter Keating : 24/09/2011 [Talking Points]

The Price of Stability

by Lyndon Lloyd : 24/09/2011 [Column]

Let's go back to three subs

by Robbie Riddal : 24/09/2011 [Talking Points]

The end of the Moyes - Kenwright project

by Andy Crooks : 24/09/2011 [Talking Points]

From my seat: Man City (A)

by Ken Buckley : 24/09/2011 [Column]

Gary Ablett

by Ryan Holroyd : 23/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Second Team

by Alun Willis : 23/09/2011 [Fan Article]

Evertonians: A dying breed

by Steve Cotton : 23/09/2011 [Talking Points]

The Smoking Gun?

by Robert Daniels : 23/09/2011 [Talking Points]

The New Barry Horne?

by Richard Pike : 23/09/2011 [Talking Points]

We started it!

by Jonathan Tasker : 23/09/2011 [Talking Points]

The line-up against City

by Andy Crooks : 22/09/2011 [Talking Points]

From my seat: WBA (League Cup)

by Ken Buckley : 22/09/2011 [Column]

We're on the March...

by Luke O'Farrell : 22/09/2011 [Column]

Stay away Fans: Protest or Skint?

by Adam Bennett : 22/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Fellaini & the best Everton have played

by Tom Winek : 22/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Still in the hat

by Paul Traill : 22/09/2011 [Column]

Does 'life' mean 14 years?

by Richard Dodd : 21/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Selling the family silver

by Russ Quinlan : 20/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Something is very wrong

by Stefan Tosev : 20/09/2011 [Talking Points]

What team vs West Brom

by Sam Hoare : 20/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Where have my mates gone?

by Paul Gladwell : 20/09/2011 [Talking Points]


by Pat Finegan : 19/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Quiz question on our scorers

by Jonathan Tasker : 19/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Play fair, Echo

by Phil Gregory : 19/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Peter Reid, about time you came home

by Antony Matthews : 18/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Why no Barkley?

by Colin Malone : 18/09/2011 [Talking Points]

New Boys Offer Hope

by Luke O'Farrell : 17/09/2011 [Fan Article]

From My Seat: Wigan (H)

by Ken Buckley : 17/09/2011 [Column]

Played Well - Big Mistake!

by Peter Fearon : 17/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Does the Europa matter anymore?

by Richard Dodd : 17/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Whose Fault Is It?

by Matthew Lovekin : 17/09/2011 [Fan Article]

Beer goggles......

by Mike Hughes : 17/09/2011 [Talking Points]


by Gaute Lie : 17/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Borderline insanity

by Peter Laverty : 17/09/2011 [Talking Points]

The Fan's Forum

by Steve Guy : 16/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Forgive and forget?

by John Keating : 16/09/2011 [Talking Points]

We need more songs

by Michael Ward : 16/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Love or money?

by Andy Crooks : 15/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Bill Dreamed a Dream

by Anthony Jones : 15/09/2011 [Fan Article]

What if we could have...?

by Andrew Nelson : 14/09/2011 [Fan Article]

Going forward

by Jimmy Sorheim : 14/09/2011 [Talking Points]

A different angle on an old story

by Joe Rimmer : 13/09/2011 [Fan Article]

Tx - Testing Times

by Steve Green : 13/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Is it time to be co-operative?

by Shaun Sparke : 13/09/2011 [Fan Article]

New Strac Song

by Nick  Edwards : 13/09/2011 [Talking Points]

If you love this club.....

by Peter Fearon : 12/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Barkley and the poaching of young players

by Clive Lewis : 12/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Top ten is more than mediocrity

by Liam Appleby : 12/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Is Everton stagnating?

by Ben Jones : 12/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Support for Kenwright

by Neil Mulhearn : 12/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Everton, a relic of the good old days

by Alan Clarke : 12/09/2011 [Fan Article]

The solution could hardly be clearer

by Blue Union : 12/09/2011 [Fan Article]

Another Update Please Bill

by Steve Guy : 11/09/2011 [Talking Points]

No change ? even away from Goodison

by Phil Roberts : 11/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Just imagine... serious question

by Jim Burns : 11/09/2011 [Talking Points]

A Sad Day to Be an Evertonian

by Richard Gillham : 11/09/2011 [Fan Article]

Cheering for Kenwright

by David Cartwright : 11/09/2011 [Talking Points]

One Late Lapse from Victory

by Lyndon Lloyd : 11/09/2011 [Column]

From my seat: Aston Villa (H)

by Ken Buckley : 10/09/2011 [Column]

Moyes's Weaknesses on Display

by Peter Fearon : 10/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Normal Service Resumes

by Nick Entwistle : 10/09/2011 [Talking Points]

The march is the message

by Lyndon Lloyd : 10/08/2011 [Column]

Protest helping our team?

by Jimmy Sorheim : 09/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Man Up

by Steve Guy : 09/09/2011 [Talking Points]

A Break For The!

by Lee Mandaracas : 09/09/2011 [Fan Article]

Protest March

by Geoff  Smith : 09/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Everton's Union Blues

by Michael Kenrick : 08/09/2011 [Editors' Blog]

Timed to perfection

by John Daley : 08/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Everton's Union Blues

by Mark Murphy : 08/09/2011 [Fan Article]

The Yobo Fiasco

by Christopher Kelly : 08/09/2011 [Talking Points]

11th time lucky

by Andrew Fair : 07/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Prince Rupert's Spin

by Dave Randles : 06/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Can Rodwell play right back

by Brian Swift : 06/09/2011 [Talking Points]

If Bill had balls

by Howie James : 05/09/2011 [Fan Article]

Who's Gonna Start?

by Lee Courtliff : 05/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Effete Evertonians...

by Trevor Mackie : 04/09/2011 [Talking Points]

An interesting question...

by Steve Guy : 04/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Youth is the future

by Steve Cotton : 04/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Trust Everton? vs TrustEverton!

by Derek Thomas : 04/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Everton unleashed

by Dan McKie : 03/09/2011 [Talking Points]


by Leung Chi Ho : 03/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Nine thoughts on Arteta's move.

by Peter Hall : 03/09/2011 [Fan Article]

The Buck stops at the top

by Des Kenny : 03/09/2011 [Talking Points]

It's not just about the money

by Ged Dwyer : 03/09/2011 [Fan Article]

Evolution and Revolution!

by Stephen Kenny : 03/09/2011 [Fan Article]

What does Moyes think?

by Andy Crooks : 02/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Follow the Money

by Nick Armitage : 02/09/2011 [Fan Article]

Selling Beckford?

by Michael Grundy : 02/09/2011 [Talking Points]

This is what we?re all about

by Adam Cunliffe : 02/09/2011 [Fan Article]

Dining at the heartbreak hotel

by Mike Dillon : 02/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Push the button?

by Philip Rodgers : 02/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Let's all have a Sing-Song!

by Mike Green : 02/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Everton to finish 4th shock!

by Alun Willis : 01/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Mikel Arteta

by Gavin McGarvey : 01/09/2011 [Fan Article]

Does Moyes have any personal ambition?

by Jim Feeney : 01/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Dear Mr Kenwright....

by Scott Montgomery : 01/09/2011 [Fan Article]

My letter to the Editor of the Echo

by Tony Horsfall : 01/09/2011 [Fan Article]

Friends like these?

by Peter Laing : 01/09/2011 [Talking Points]

The dust settles

by Sam Hoare : 01/09/2011 [Talking Points]

The Talented Mr Rossy

by Anthony Newell : 01/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Post-transfer team analysis

by Marcus Choo : 01/09/2011 [Talking Points]

Wake up to smell Reality

by Ged Alexander : 01/09/2011 [Talking Points]

The future...?

by Martin Paice : 31/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Something's rotten Holland

by James Davies : 31/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Yakubu and Beckford

by Anthony Jones : 31/08/2011 [Talking Points]

How Can We Compete?

by Brian Harrison : 31/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Rodwell ? Where was he on Saturday?

by Mike Oates : 30/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Good Chairman, shame about his advisors!

by Richard Dodd : 30/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Who do you think you are........

by Mark Yeomans : 30/08/2011 [Talking Points]

The Price is Right!

by Andy Riley : 30/08/2011 [Talking Points]

We Need Strikers

by Adrian  Phuah : 30/08/2011 [Fan Article]

What is Bill Kenwright Hiding?

by Andrew Earlam : 30/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Tactics holding us back

by John Gilfoyle : 29/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Misery Loves Company

by Chris James : 28/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Just suppose...

by John Keating : 28/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Learning from mistakes?

by Allan Jones : 28/08/2011 [Talking Points]

From my seat: Blackburn (A)

by Ken Buckley : 27/08/2011 [Column]

No need to panic, not yet!

by David Robinson : 27/08/2011 [Fan Article]

We All Bleed Blue

by Paul McAllister : 26/08/2011 [Fan Article]

A Time for Sharing?

by Jimmy Stenson : 26/08/2011 [Fan Article]

Ross Barkley

by Sunil Mudgil : 26/08/2011 [Talking Points]

A few suggestions

by Grant Smith : 26/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Mr Prentice goes to Town

by Steve Guy : 26/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Rupert's Tower

by Mark Jensen : 25/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Sustainable future

by Ciaran Duff : 25/08/2011 [Fan Article]

Phil Jagielka

by Franny Porter : 25/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Match Information Display

by Kevin Worthington : 25/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Six Years and One Day

by Nick Entwistle : 25/08/2011 [Talking Points]

A Touch of Spanish Magic

by Luke O'Farrell : 25/08/2011 [Column]

I'll Bring Back the Quid

by Paul Traill : 25/08/2011 [Column]

End of Beckford?

by Mat Smith : 24/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Another take on That Meeting

by Steve Sweeney : 24/08/2011 [Talking Points]

A road to the promised land?

by Tommy Gibbons : 24/08/2011 [Talking Points]

A bit short notice but hey?

by Adam Cunliffe : 24/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Kenwright, Money & Moyes

by Chris Moris : 24/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Are we partly to blame?

by Rob Lyons : 23/08/2011 [Talking Points]

'Table Football' football?

by Chris Rudd : 23/08/2011 [Fan Article]

Arrested Development

by Paul Holmes : 22/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Not a 'real fan'

by Alan Chadwick : 22/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Is Loyalty Killing Us?

by Al Reddish : 22/08/2011 [Fan Article]

?Margin Call...? addendum

by Lyndon Lloyd : 22/08/2011 [Column]

Time for a shake-up?

by Mat Smith : 21/08/2011 [Talking Points]

The morning after...

by Andy Crooks : 21/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Live by the Cahill; Die by the Cahill

by Mohammed  Horoub : 21/08/2011 [Talking Points]

All Too Depressingly Familiar

by Lyndon Lloyd : 21/08/2011 [Column]

Outstanding Manager

by Peter Carpenter : 21/08/2011 [Talking Points]

From my seat: QPR (H)

by Ken Buckley : 20/08/2011 [Column]

Lord Grantchester

by Danny Broderick : 20/08/2011 [Talking Points]

New Season, Same Old Problems

by Luke O'Farrell : 20/08/2011 [Fan Article]

Bolshevik Stratagems Required

by Dominic Bobadilla : 20/08/2011 [Fan Article]

Moyes to Blame for This One

by Peter Fearon : 20/08/2011 [Talking Points]

In Response To Mr Kenwright...

by Charlie Percival : 20/08/2011 [Fan Article]

The First Step Back

by Christine Foster : 20/08/2011 [Fan Article]

Is Kenwright the new David Icke ?

by Trevor Mackie : 20/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Lay off the Scapegoats

by Ciaran Duff : 19/08/2011 [Fan Article]

The Fallout

by Chris Ashton : 19/08/2011 [Talking Points]

EFC Major Shareholders

by Gary Rowlands : 19/08/2011 [Talking Points]

The insane society of science

by Matt Woods : 19/08/2011 [Fan Article]

Nil satis...?

by Richard Barnes : 19/08/2011 [Fan Article]


by Steve Guy : 19/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Am I a knobhead ?

by Ged Simpson : 19/08/2011 [Fan Article]

Everton Ladies

by Dave Trudgeon : 19/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Does ToffeeWeb Matter? (part 2)

by Andy Crooks : 19/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Can't WE do something?

by Steve David : 18/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Would you sell Beckford

by Simon Smith : 18/08/2011 [Talking Points]

The week that was?

by Paul Niklas : 17/08/2011 [Fan Article]

Lying Partners

by Dan McKie : 17/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Team selection v QPR

by Eddie Tully : 17/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Ship the kids out...

by Stephen Kenny : 17/08/2011 [Talking Points]

History repeating itself?

by Vinnie Chang : 17/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Get behind Kenwright & the team

by Paul McMullan : 16/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Something doesn't add up

by Steve Cotton : 16/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Beckford & Leicester City

by Anthony Jaras : 16/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Bohemians 1 - 1 Everton

by Ger McNally : 16/08/2011 [Fan Article]

Any Clues?

by Dick Fearon : 15/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Fellaini: the key man?

by John Daley : 15/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Enough is enough!!!!

by Paul Niklas : 15/08/2011 [Fan Article]

Jagielka and Arsenal

by Peter Hall : 14/08/2011 [Talking Points]

No-one to fear

by Andy Rowlands : 14/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Is there anybody there?

by Christine Foster : 14/08/2011 [Fan Article]

Retirement Announcement

by Paul Kish : 14/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Players linked to & missed out on

by Peter Keating : 14/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Sucker for Punishment

by Dave Arrow : 13/08/2011 [Fan Article]

BBC and the 'Big Six' bias

by Errol Stafford : 13/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Building from the back

by Stephen Kenny : 12/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Barkley or Gueye, who will shine?

by Jimmy Sorheim : 12/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Talk to us, David Moyes!

by Jimmy Sorheim : 11/08/2011 [Talking Points]

I wonder who this could be???

by Tommy Davis : 11/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Why is it the right decision, Seamie?

by Geoff Harrison : 11/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Dead on Our Feet

by Tony Marsh : 10/08/2011 [Talking Points]

What if it all goes right...

by Lewis Barclay : 10/08/2011 [Talking Points]

The Numbers that count says it all.

by Everton Parchment : 09/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Nothing but the best, Bill...?

by Phil Burkert : 09/08/2011 [Talking Points]

All things Moyes

by Sean McKenna : 09/08/2011 [Fan Article]

Fans' Support Essential

by Brian Harrison : 08/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Team against Spurs

by Tom Bowers : 08/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Crouch for Rodwell??

by Rob Williamson : 08/08/2011 [Talking Points]

DNP: Great Expectations

by Jamie Levitt : 07/08/2011 [Fan Article]

Just a thought

by Tim Kelly : 07/08/2011 [Talking Points]

The future's not so bleak

by Gareth Smith : 07/08/2011 [Fan Article]

Here we go again

by Ken Buckley : 06/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Zombie Football

by Ray Said : 06/08/2011 [Talking Points]

They Say Travel Broadens the Mind?

by Dave Brooks : 06/08/2011 [Fan Article]

Pathetically Pedestrian

by Jay Harris : 05/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Booing Hibbert???

by Jamie Carroll : 05/08/2011 [Talking Points]

The Lack of Sense

by Daniel Hutchinson : 05/08/2011 [Fan Article]

Maroune, Jack & Joey

by Scott Jenner : 05/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Are we special?

by Chris Jones : 05/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Big Club? You Betcha!

by Paul Traill : 03/08/2011 [Column]

Kitbag's failure

by Paul Brannan : 03/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Stanley Park Lease

by Henry Jones : 03/08/2011 [Talking Points]

A question from the Locker Room

by Alun Willis : 02/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Putting some money in to the club

by John Chambers : 02/08/2011 [Talking Points]

The next England Manager

by Des Kenny : 02/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Beckford!!? As IF!!

by Eugene Ruane : 02/08/2011 [Fan Article]

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

by Andrew Earlam : 02/08/2011 [Fan Article]

Good effort, Yakubu!

by Andrew Herbert : 02/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Don?t sign ?Dick? Barton

by Ed Fitzgerald : 01/08/2011 [Talking Points]

'Being careful' could prove reckless

by Andrew Earlam : 01/08/2011 [Talking Points]

Jack Rodwell: Stay or Go?

by Richard Reeves : 30/07/2011 [Fan Article]

This season

by Terry Downes : 30/07/2011 [Talking Points]

The best ever...

by Andy Crooks : 29/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Euro Super League... and EFC

by Tim O'Connell : 28/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Jagielka ? Will we get it right?

by Mark Tanton : 28/07/2011 [Talking Points]

N'Zogbia stalling for us?

by Nick Parker : 28/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Presenting their case...

by Steven Flavin : 28/07/2011 [Talking Points]

The silent majority

by Gary Rimmer : 27/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Time to show some balls

by Andrew Earlam : 27/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Flag for Bremen

by Alan Ferguson : 27/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Blues go Bump...

by Robert Daniels : 26/07/2011 [Talking Points]

My Kingdom For An Everton Mug

by Paul Matthews : 26/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Be careful what you? no REALLY!

by Dave Brooks : 26/07/2011 [Fan Article]

Midsummer Madness?

by Steve Guy : 26/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Michael Ball

by Rob Sawyer : 26/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Plenty to be excited about!

by David Chait : 25/07/2011 [Talking Points]

What's the difference?

by Brian Waring : 25/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Mentioned in Dispatches

by Matt Traynor : 25/07/2011 [Fan Article]

Time to make a move?

by Chris James : 25/07/2011 [Talking Points]

If I could invest in Everton....

by Stuart Downey : 24/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Not a lot to get excited about

by Paul Traill : 24/07/2011 [Fan Article]

Why is Moyes still at Everton?

by Jake Temuera : 24/07/2011 [Talking Points]

The Current State of Affairs

by Matt Lavery : 22/07/2011 [Fan Article]

No Business Idea

by Mike Hargreaves : 22/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Fan vs Customer

by Phil Martin : 22/07/2011 [Talking Points]

All Things Everton

by Ian Adams : 21/07/2011 [Fan Article]

Le Coq Sportif - What next?

by Rob Sawyer : 20/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Cautious Optimism

by Stephen Kenny : 20/07/2011 [Fan Article]

Silence is Golden

by Daniel Johnson : 19/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Shirt Names Missing!?!

by Paul Hughes : 19/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Who's got the Blues?

by Neil McCloskey : 19/07/2011 [Talking Points]

You Don't Know What You're Doing

by Paul Knox : 19/07/2011 [Talking Points]

A Plan B

by Jay Harris : 19/07/2011 [Fan Article]

Yak Back! Well No Actually!!

by Si  Harwood : 19/07/2011 [Talking Points]

If it came to it.....

by Anthony Jaras : 18/07/2011 [Talking Points]

The colour of Everton's money is Green

by Peter Laing : 17/07/2011 [Talking Points]

We've got the Blues

by Adam Luszniak : 17/07/2011 [Fan Article]

Is it really as bad as we think.....

by Anthony Jaras : 17/07/2011 [Talking Points]

The Sky is Falling?

by Julian Wait : 16/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Once again a summer of discontent!

by Ryan Thompsom : 16/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Our Strikeforce, 2011-12

by Anthony Jaras : 16/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Hallam Hope's goals needed?

by Karl Meighan : 16/07/2011 [Talking Points]

What is a fair price for Everton?

by Andy Riley : 15/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Is The Grass Greener on the Other Side?

by Jake Wilson : 15/07/2011 [Talking Points]

The Sweet Smell of Great Sorrow

by Dave Wilson : 14/07/2011 [Fan Article]

Top 3 Goalscorers

by Tom Brown : 13/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Love wins over bigotry and hate

by James Finlay : 13/07/2011 [Fan Article]

I'd rather keep the rags

by James Martin : 12/07/2011 [Fan Article]

It?s not all Kenwright?s fault!

by Adam  Cunliffe : 11/07/2011 [Fan Article]


by Mike Prendergast : 10/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Fellaini's Contract

by Steve Sweeney : 10/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Seventh IS the new Top!

by Richard Dodd : 10/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Where's Wally?

by Philip Jones : 09/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Bored of the Board

by Si Harwood : 09/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Pride of the city?

by Ben Jones : 08/07/2011 [Talking Points]

The Kids are Alright

by Alasdair Mackay : 08/07/2011 [Fan Article]

LFC Echo

by Thomas Williamson : 08/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Youth is our Hope

by Jimmy Daly : 07/07/2011 [Fan Article]

Without Risk We Cannot Improve

by Jeff Adams : 07/07/2011 [Fan Article]

The Future's now!!!!

by Andrew Fair : 07/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Ain't No Sunshine

by Tony Marsh : 07/07/2011 [Fan Article]

The Peoples Group

by Grant Smith : 07/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Everton: a special case

by Andy Crooks : 06/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Owen Hargreaves, Pay as you play?

by Anthony Jaras : 06/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Last significant signing?

by Ben Howard : 06/07/2011 [Talking Points]

A little too comfy

by Shaun Sparke : 06/07/2011 [Fan Article]

Design Joke?

by Rob Wilkinson : 05/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Arsenal, Liverpool, and Us

by Anthony Jones : 04/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Dale Jennings

by Michael Kenrick : 04/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Yobo's proctracted transfer

by Philip Jones : 03/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Missing a trick again?

by Gavin Ramejkis : 01/07/2011 [Talking Points]

Reap What You Sow

by Rob Riddal : 01/07/2011 [Fan Article]

Everton: One Big Family

by Paul Traill : 01/07/2011 [Fan Article]

Summer Signings ?? No Chance!

by Tommy Heske : 30/06/2011 [Talking Points]

The Current Crop: June 2011

by Graham Holliday : 30/06/2011 [Fan Article]

Rodwell's Best Position

by Tony Cornmell : 30/06/2011 [Talking Points]

The moral high ground?

by Jeremy Benson : 29/06/2011 [Talking Points]

Transfer Trash Talk #7

by Stephen Leary : 29/06/2011 [Talking Points]

Our Bright Future

by Chris Bentham : 28/06/2011 [Fan Article]

5 years from relegation

by Phil Martin : 28/06/2011 [Fan Article]

Transfer Trash Talk #6

by Tony Cheek : 28/06/2011 [Talking Points]

Player Shortages

by Mike Oates : 27/06/2011 [Talking Points]

A Giant Falls... A Lesson to Learn?

by Adam Bennett : 27/06/2011 [Fan Article]

Another disappointing season

by Rob Williamson : 26/06/2011 [Talking Points]

Neville?s Positive Attitude

by Alex Buckley : 26/06/2011 [Talking Points]

Does playing count for anything?

by Richard Dodd : 25/06/2011 [Talking Points]

Would you if you could?

by Andy Callen : 24/06/2011 [Talking Points]

Fulfilling expectations

by Roman Sidey : 23/06/2011 [Fan Article]

The Best Things In Life Are Free!

by Anthony Jaras : 23/06/2011 [Talking Points]


by Liam Reilly : 23/06/2011 [Talking Points]

Tim Cahill takes on the Defence

by Tony Anetts : 23/06/2011 [Talking Points]

Everton in the Lion City Cup

by Darryl Ng : 22/06/2011 [Fan Article]

Psychology of Everton

by Col Wills : 22/06/2011 [Talking Points]

Striker? No, a midfielder

by Colin Malone : 22/06/2011 [Talking Points]

Transfer Trash Talk #5

by Sam Hoare : 22/06/2011 [Talking Points]

Everton Summer Con - Deja Vu...

by Bob Skelton : 21/06/2011 [Talking Points]

Progress!! (??)

by Kevin Lucas : 21/06/2011 [Talking Points]

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